Monday, 17 September 2012

My first year at university.

I am just about to go back to Norwich for my second year at university. The first year and summer has literally gone so quickly! I'm super excited to go back to see my friends again, but I'm not so excited about uni 5 days a week and working 2 days a week, but it's what's gotta be done! I've only had my blog a few months now, and that's been during summer, so I thought I'd compile a post of a few of my favourite photographs from my first year at university, and I thought it might let you guys get to know me a little bit better!

These first few photos are of the 5 girls I lived with during my first year at university. They were all so lovely and lots of fun to live with! These photos were taken during freshers week, and a very fun freshers week it was. It wasn't as crazy as some of the bigger unis, but it was good for getting to know each other, dressing up and drinking loads of cheap drinks!

These photos were also from Freshers week,and the theme was 'Shipwrecked.' It was fun dressing up as a Baywatch girl, but if they do the same theme this year I wanna be a sailor haha! :)

This photo was from Halloween, as if you hadn't already guessed ;). I went as a 'dead Snow White'. We all ended up very drunk and scary looking because we had white contact lenses in haha.

Christmas was really fun in the house, decorating four levels of staircases and the Christmas tree and communal area :)

This was a 'famous TV and film stars' and I went as Frenchy from Grease :)

I celebrated my 21st birthday during my first year of uni, but I've written a longer post about it before which you can read here :)

If you're off to your first year of university, I am very jealous of you and you're gonna have lots of fun! I can't wait to get back to my little uni room and see my housemates again :)

Thanks for reading
Love Dani

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Carboot haul #4

Hello my beautiful readers! Sorry for the lack of blogging, as you can see from my previous post, I have been abroad in the land of Turkey for a week, and as much fun as I had, I majorly missed my blog, and reading everyone's daily posts! But alas, (saying that always reminds me of Dumbledore in the first Harry Potter) I am back in cold England, ready to give you guys a few new posts :)

These photos are from a carboot sale I went to the Sunday before I went on holiday, and it was one of the best carboot sale hauls I've been on in a while! Hope you enjoy my finds :)

I've wanted a quilted pinboard thing for my room for ages, and this one is so pretty! It's white with pink floral for you to put pins in (the white dots are just on the plastic wrapping) and the ribbons allow you to tuck things under them such as reciepts and photos! This was an absolute bargain at just £1.50 and it is brand new too! It's massive aswell :)

 I love this floral hat box and it matches the pinboard too! I have a pile of 4 sunflower circular boxes in my uni room which get smaller in height, but I thought I might give those away and just have this one big one. It's absolutely massive so I'll be able to fit lots of lovely bits in it :) and it was only 50p!


I ended up with these two floral china pieces, the one on the left a plate and the one on the right a bowl. I bought the plate first, at only 30p, as I thought it was gorgeous, and I was going to use it as a jewellery plate on my desk, but then I found the bowl a few rows later, also at 30p, and thought it was a nicer design and I could fit alot more in it! I'm gonna keep them both though, they're so cute! :)

I had to say yes to this little heart bowl! I'll probably use it as a jewellery or storage bowl in my room to be honest, but for 50p I thought it was so cute! :)

I was so happy when I found these! I had wanted the dress on the right for SO LONG, and it was in my size and at only £1! It's a Topshop dress with a peterpan collar, and it looks so cute on. I already own the top on the left, but I had bought it on eBay in a size 16 thinking that it would look really cute oversized, but infact it just looked too big. So when I found this in a size 10 and for only £1 I couldn't say no either :)

I am actually such a granny when it comes to clothes, jewellery, decor and storage! I absolutely love this little jewellery box/ note holder. It came with these little oval pieces of paper and a pencil, but I may use it to keep my earrings in. It was only 50p and I'll keep it on my desk at uni :). I also love this little shell! My friend bought them in a pack of 4 and gave me one, to keep earrings or pins or something in!

I love this vintage jumper so much! I have many black vintage jumpers that I have bought over the years, but this one is so cute and plain, unlike some of my other ones, and I love the pearls on it! I love that the detailing is only on the shoulders, so it will look nice with a pair of leggings, plain black or patterned. It was only £1 too :)

These belts were a funny deal. At first he said 50p for one, then he said 50p for two, then he said £1 for the lot, and then he told me "you have no self control" hahah! But for £1 who would say no?! I love the bottom two and they're going to go nicely with so many outfits! :)

I never usually find that many clothes at carboots, it's just luck if there's any Topshop or nice bits. I managed to find this embroidered and crochet H&M smock blouse in my size for £1 for holiday, but I ended up putting it in the wash and forgetting to take it! I'll definately end up wearing it thought so it's okay :). I also found this dress on the same stall, which was also £1 and is Topshop. It's actaully from the maternity section, and is a midi dress, but I think with a nice belt it will look nice!

I am yet to try out these hair curlers, but I have wanted to try some for so long! At 50p though I thought I may as well give them a go, and I can't wait to see what my hair looks like curled! These magazines were only 10p each, I wish they had more Vogues!

Here is all the lovely jewellery I managed to find from many different stalls! I love finding little jewellery pieces and I got some beauties this time! :)

I have wanted gold shell earrings for so long, and I found these for 50p! They look so cute in the little shell from my friend too :)

I have wanted a cross/ crucifix long necklace for ages, and I thought this was a bit different to all the ones you find on the high street. This was only 50p and it hangs to about my chest so will look nice over the top of dresses and jumpers :)

Ah I was so happy when I found this! I have wanted a sewing machine necklace for so long! I think they had made the necklace themselves beforehand as there were two charms on the necklace (a horse shoe aswell as the sewing machine) but I think I'm just gonna put the sewing machine on a different chain. This was 50p too :)

Do you recognise this at all? It is the exact same as the ring and earrings I bought in my London haul a few weeks ago! At only £1 I had to get it :) 

The jewellery in their new home :)

I found myself another gorgeous duvet and pillow set! These were £2.50 for the set, and they looked almost brand new! I can't seem to find any nice/ not really expensive ones in high street shops, and my other favourite set I already have are from a carboot sale! :)

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How cute is this baby Iron Maiden denim jacket!?

My friend Georgia who I usually go to the carboot with, and she's using the same bag I bought in my recent haul and it looks so cute on her!

Well that's it for this week! If you would like to continue reading my carboot sale finds, read my previous one here from last week, which includes a few tapestry bags, a vintage embroidered jumper, topshop dress and vintage crochet shirt :)

Also, I only have 3 days remaining on my giveaway which contains make up, jewellery and nail wraps. Please enter the giveaway here :)

Thanks for reading :)
What do you think of my carboot finds?
Do you go to the carboot sale yourselves? Link me if you have any carboot hauls :)
Love Dani

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I'm off to the hotel with 16 slides! :)

In a few hours time, this is the hotel I shall be at, and I literally can't wait! I haven't been on a sunny holiday in three years, and I cannot wait to get into my bikini and onto the beach, or down those flumes haha! :) I hope I get a nice tan but we'll just have to see as I'm pale as a ghost right now!

I am going away with my lovely boyfriend Joe and we are going to Turkey for a week! :)

I also have a few little things to say. Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who has entered my giveaway so far! It will be running through out this week while I'm away, so everyone just keep entering! There is the option to tweet about the giveaway, and you can do that every single day for extra entries. If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, it includes nail wraps, make up and jewellery so click here and go do it now!

Another thing, is that I have somehow gone from doing an 100 follower giveaway and being totally surprised I had 100 followers already as I've only been blogging for a month, to now having 200 followers! Hello new followers, please come say hi :), and thank you to everyone who has commented and  read my blog, it really does mean so much!

Lastly, I have been super duper busy these past few days, and my best friend suprise visited me yesterday so I didn't have time to do all the blog posts that I said I would done. That doesn't mean that they're not still coming, it just means they're a little bit delayed :)

You can look forward to:
- A cupcake nail review
- A carboot sale haul
- A shoe sole review
- Many beauty product reviews

And I'm sure I'll have many posts about my holiday!
I'll even try to do some outfit posts ;)

Thanks for reading and I'll see you all in a week!
Don't forget to keep entering the giveaway and I'll reply to everything when I'm back :)
Love Dani