Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas gift ideas #4 - Debenhams jewellery!

I had always kind of assumed that Debenhams would be somewhere that my mum would find loads of clothes and jewellery that she loved, and that I would find nothing, but after being given the chance to review a few pieces of jewellery, my opinion has totally changed! I actually found loads of sweet bits of jewellery that I love! They're not anywhere near as expensive as I'd have assumed too, making them perfect for your Secret Santa or stocking filler ideas!

I absolutely LOVE how this necklace looks with a little collared shirt! As you all know, I've only really worn silver jewellery in the last six months, and I'm so glad I've made the change from gold to silver, how nice do these two shades of grey look together!?

I've been on the look-out for some nice pearl earrings after wearing my Primark ones to death, I decided that it was time to get some which wouldn't turn my ears green! These earrings are a lot smaller than I had realised when I ordered them, but I actually prefer them! This cross brooch is absolutely gorgeous too! I have pinned it to my leather jacket and it adds such a lovely detailing to a plain outfit!

 I'm on a mission to start collecting lots of sterling silver rings because I'm sick of always having rusty fingers by the end of the day! This raindrop ring is the perfect start to this collection! I absolutely love the shape of the teardrop and it looks great with fingers full of other silver rings too. These stacked rings are lovely and super duper cheap. They're great for when you're in a rush and want that stacked rings look, and you can pick the colours that go best with your current outfit too!

Thanks for reading :)
Do you ever buy from Debenhams?
Which is your favourite piece of jewellery out of my picks?
You can get your own pieces from Debenhams jewellery range here! :)
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #12 - Oh My Love clothing! :)

I've been on the lookout for the perfect Christmas/New Years Eve dress for a little while now and it's turning out to be a much harder search than I first thought! I'm just not really sure what I'm after to be honest though! Do I want something sparkly or something simplistic? Do I want something lacy, or sheer, or velvet?! Anyways, during my dress hunt, I have come across some gorgeous pieces on Oh My Love, and not even just for Christmas and New Years, but for all year around. All of the items I've picked are either black or monochrome, but you literally can't go wrong with black, and the little details on each garment are so nice! I'm also going blonde again this Monday (yay it's been years!) and I love the way blonde hair looks with black clothing and red lipstick :)

How gorgeous is this dress?! It has a really 'For Love & Lemons' vibe to it, and I love how it looks styled with an oversized floppy hat. Like most of these garments, it could cater to both Summer and Winter. In Winter it would look lovely with a fur gilet and tights!

This two-piece is so simplistic and lovely! They would look great as separate pieces too with a coloured top or skirt instead, but I love the look of them as a pair. The top would look nice tucked into the skirt with a little concho belt!

I love the triangular cut out in this maxi dress. I think that it has been placed in a really flattering place, as some cut-out dresses can look a bit much. This dress looks a bit chilly for Winter, but with some black tights and a fur coat you might be able to get away with it!? I'm tempted to order it in advance for Summer though, as it would look so nice with layered up necklaces and beach hair. I have a brown feather patterned version of this dress from Oh My Love last Summer and it is so lovely on!

Everyone needs a few simplistic smock dresses to chuck on for a day at uni with a nice big cardigan and a few necklaces. I'm sick of buying cheap dresses and them falling apart or shrinking after a few washes, so I think I'm gonna treat myself to this one. It doesn't break the bank but would be of a high enough quality to not need to be replaced! I love the curved seam line too :)

I think that if kimonos are layered up enough they can be worn in the Winter without being freezing. I love the print of this black and white floral kimono, and it would look so nice with a long sleeved polo neck and skirt! 

This is probably my favourite item out of this wishlist. The simplistic lace insert detailing down the middle front of the dress is so pretty and I love the lace hem too. I'm very tempted to order this as my New Years Eve dress! :)

I can't seem to go a wishlist nowadays without adding in a pair of black chunky heeled boots. I know I need to invest in a pair eventually, but finding the perfect pair is had because there are so many lovely ones out at the moment! I love the heavy tread sole on these and they could be worn all year round :)

Thanks for reading :)
Have you managed to find your perfect Christmas dress yet?
Do you own anything from Oh My Love?
Love Dani :)

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas gift ideas #2 - Ryan Gosling edition!

Okay so if you know me, you know I'm slightly obsessed with Ryan Gosling. I'm not sure when or how it happened (after the Notebook, before Drive and Place Beyond the Pines) but it happened and he is just gorgeous. His character in Place Beyond the Pines was probably what tipped me over the edge though - Ryan Gosling covered in tattoos and riding a motorbike... perfection!

Anyways, I was recently contacted by a company called Mr Nutcase asking if I would like to review an iPhone case on my blog so I jumped at the chance. I had been meaning to get a new iPhone case for a little while now and I was allowed to put a picture of anything onto it. So guess what I chose, yes a nice big picture of Ryan Gosling so I can look at him whenever I put my phone down.

Mr Nutcase personalised iPhone case - £14.95*

At only £14.95 including postage, I think that for creating your own iPhone case, this is an absolute bargain, and a great Christmas present too! It could literally be the perfect present for anyone - a picture of the family for your mum, a picture of all your best friends as a leaving present for someone at uni, the list goes on! I've had this phone case on my iPhone since the day it arrived, and I've had so many compliments on Ryan's lovely face :)

Secondly, I was contacted by the lovely people at Roo's Beach about reviewing a product from their website. After browsing for a good while, I came across so many cute and reasonably priced goodies! Everything from stocking fillers to clothing and accessories, but I knew that I had to pick a notebook of Ryan haha!

 Roo's Beach Ryan Gosling 'Hey Girl' notebook - £7.00*

This journal makes me laugh every time I look at it! The cute/funny quotes on each page are hilarious and there are even some pages where you can fill in what he's saying yourself. If you know a Ryan Gosling enthusiast like myself, then at only £7.00 this is definitely one for their stocking!

Let's just take this moment to appreciate how good looking Ryan is in The Place Beyond the Pines. And in general. But even more so with tattoos.

Thanks for reading :)
Who would you have put on an iPhone case?
Or would you just have to get Ryan yourself?
Love Dani :)