Monday, 29 September 2014

Urban Decay 'Naked Basics Palette' giveaway :)

Hey guys :) I recently celebrated my blog's second birthday and I thought it was time to do something for you guys - the people who spend the time to read my blog and comment. I haven't held a little giveaway in ages and I've saved up a bit of money from full time work so I decided now was the time. I recently treated myself to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (which I'm yet to try out as it arrived at the same time as this) but the colours are literally incredible. As I was getting to the checkout I felt really naughty but decided that I would add a little something extra to the cart - the Naked Basics Palette for one of you lucky guys! I've wanted to try out this myself for ages so I was very tempted to keep it haha!

It is made up of 6 natural shades that would look lovely on anyone, and it is a popular make-up bag favourite amongst the bloggersphere. I just want to say one last time, thank you so much to every single one of you who reads my blog and takes the time to comment and reply, whether it be since the very beginning, or even if you started reading last week :) scroll to the bottom to enter the giveaway! I have created it so that it ends on Halloween, so one of you will be getting a very exciting Halloween email from me :D good luck!

The only MUST with this giveaway is that you're following me on either BlogLovin or GFC. The rest are all extra ways for you to follow me on social media and get extra points meaning you're more likely to win! This giveaway is in no way sponsored, I paid for this with my own money. Thank you again and good luck! :)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

OOTD - Disasterpiece.

Oh my goodness, an outfit post... is this real life?! Haha it is indeed, I'm actually going to be posting my outfits on my blog from now on, as well as all the random beauty, fashion, vintage and lifestyle posts I currently write. I have about three wardrobes worth of clothes, and I'm constantly buying more, so I may as well put them to good use and plaster them all over my blog :). This particular outfit was when I visited London last week for a mooch around LFW and then I met up with my friend Jess in the evening for a Fashion Futures show.

Black felt fedora hat - H&M
Black sheer maxi dress/kimono - Miss Selfridge (via carboot)
Small rose cameo necklace - Vintage
Long crystal quartz necklace - Waiste Vintage
Paisley smock dress - Urban Outfitters
Black Birkenstock-esque sliders - Next

Yawning puppy :)

Thanks for reading :)
Do you like the idea of me posting my outfits on FloralDanielle too?
Link me your blogs below, I need some new ones to read! :)
Love Dani :)

Wednesday wishlist #18 - The first A/W wishlist of 2014!

Last week I wrote a guest blog post for the lovely Gem over at Flutter and Sparkle. Despite it being the end of August/start of September, the weather is already starting to feel like it's properly Winter. A few weeks ago I was fine in a tiny dress and kimono, and now thick black tights are still making me feel cold! I'm starting to browse Autumn/Winter clothes online more, and I'm definitely liking what I see, lots of lovely pieces I'd love to add to my wardrobe! :)

If you'd like to see where all these lovely bits are from, then head over to Gemma's blog for my full blog post including prices, places and what I think of them :) do remember to let me know what you think too!

Thanks for reading :)
Which was your favourite item from my wishlist?
What is on your A/W wishlist? Or are you not quite ready for the cold yet?
Love Dani :)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Reading Festival 2014! And a new YouTube video :)

A couple of weeks I went to Reading Festival with some of my best friends and it was so fun. I knew from the beginning that I was going to be recording the majority of it because I was seeing some of my favourite bands and spending it with people I might not see for a long while! You can scroll straight to the end if you'd like to see the YouTube video I made with the footage :)

 There was loads of people there I knew and I camped with loads of my friends from uni but we all ended up splitting up when it came to deciding which bands we wanted to see! Most of my time was spent with my best friend Courtney, my cousin Joe and my friend Alex from uni as we all wanted to see the same bands. Me and Courtney shared her GoPro the whole time, and the boys enjoyed borrowing it to run through the audience and crowd surfing whilst recording themselves which ended up with some funny footage!

 My favourite bands there were Die Antwoord, Blink 182, A Day to Remember, issues and letlive. I also really enjoyed Jimmy Eat World, Deaf Havana, Queens of the Stone Age, Paramore (surprisingly really good even though I hadn't listened to them in about 6 years), Papa Roach, Hactivist, Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, Lonely The Brave... and the list could go on! There was loads more bands I hadn't heard of before which I ended up falling in love with!

It was such a fun weekend and such a nice break away from full time work, I can't wait to get back to my next festival! I'm fingers crossed that I can go to Download and Glastonbury or Bestival next year as they seem really fun! :)

 We also enjoyed recording ourselves whilst on the rides, and the footage from that was pretty hilarious (especially all the screaming!) I'm lucky that I can borrow my best friends and my boyfriend's GoPro cameras when I like, but I definitely need to invest in one for myself. If you don't know what they are, they're little cameras which you can get waterproof casing for, and you can attach them to your head, chest, or arm and not worry about them falling off! They give a funny fish-eye lens effect which I love and they're not too expensive so they're perfect for day-to-day videoing which I hope to do some more of, for both my blog and so that I have somewhere to look back on all my funny old memories!


Thanks for reading :)
Did you get to go to a festival this year?
Let me know if you have a YouTube channel also, I need some new people to subscribe to! :)
Love Dani :)

Saturday, 13 September 2014

FloralDanielle is 2 years old! :)

In some ways, it feels like two years is such a long time, and in some ways it feels like it's nothing at all. This time two years ago, I had started reading blogs daily and loved the idea of starting my own, so one day I randomly created a blogger account with no idea what it would bring. I feel like I've been reading my favourite blogs forever. It was the first Summer since I had started uni and it was just a little hobby that I really enjoyed, nowadays I still feel the same although I have had the chance to work with some amazing brands and make friends with some lovely people along the way! :)

I have really lost my blogging mojo recently though, it's been a weird mix of finishing uni (even though I had no time to blog or read blogs at all in third year), getting a full time job almost straight away and spending any spare days I had seeing people I'd missed! I know I recently blogged about getting my full time job, but after just two months there I was really unhappy and decided to hand in my notice and have some 'me time' to sort my life out a little, finish unpacking from uni and setting up my own little studio. I really want to start blogging regularly again though as I have missed it, and I've missed having the time to catch up on all my favourites too! I've become a YouTube addict in the last year also watching ridiculous amounts, so I've started videoing a lot of days out here and there so I'm hoping to combine the two and continue with blogging as well as branching out into YouTube.

Anyways this has turned into a bit of a long post when it was supposed to be something quick and fun to celebrate my two years of blogging! I just want to say a little thank you to anyone who's been following my blog, whether it be from the beginning, from a week ago or just reads it once in a blue moon, and hopefully there will be lots of exciting things to come in the future :)

I was sent this gorgeous little cake* from the lovely people over at Baker Days to celebrate my blog's birthday. It is so cute and tiny, and it can fit through your letterbox so is the perfect gift idea for someone and can be totally personalised! It was super yummy and came with some balloons, candles and a whistle to get the partay going ;)

Thanks for reading :)
Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of blogging this month!
Thank you again Bakers Days for this yummy cake :D
Love Dani