Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wednesday wishlist: The massive birthday edition! :)

So it's my birthday in less than a week (29th April to be precise) and I should be getting on with lots of uni work so I can relax and have fun when my friends come up, but actually I'm just compiling a massive wishlist of all the things I would like for my birthday/ things I would generally just like to have! I'm not gonna get any of these cos my mums already taken me shopping for a few bits, and my boyfriend likes to keep my pressies a secret, so I guess this is just a list of things I should really save up for!

Paperchase ribbon sketchbook - £5.00
How cute and cheap are these sketchbooks?! I really want to start cutting and sticking photos instead of having them all just splashed on Facebook. What if Facebook gets deleted one day, or my computer crashes? I want them to be stored too like my parents have of me and my sister :)

Busy Bee candle in 'Turkish Delight'  - £7.95
I love candles and I light my Yankee candle basically every single night.The thought of a candle in the flavour of turkish delight though sounds amazing!

Topshop crochet side sun dress - £36.00
Such a simple pretty dress for a Summer's day. I love crochet ♥

'You look lovely today' washbag - £20.00
What a lovely thing to wake up to every morning when you look rough as hell and you're putting on your make up hahaha ;)

H&M heeled boots - £29.99
I have literally been looking high and low for these boots! Ever since I saw them popping up on random blogs, I have been determined to find some in every H&M store I visit, so far my task isn't complete :(

Topshop mix and match shift dress - £25.00
I loved this dress when it was full price, and now at the sale price it is ten times more tempting!

La Moda black tassel bag - £18.00
This bag is so pretty. I've been looking for a tassel bag for a while now and this one seems perfect! It's so cute yet would be great for a night out too :)

Asos 'Maisy' elephant loafers - £22.00
I love loafers and I love elephants, so these shoes are pretty much perfect?!

Ikea flower pots/ make up brush holders  - £2.00
I really need to get myself to Ikea next time I go back home! I know everyone has these, but for £2 how could I say no?! I want one for the pens on my desk and one for my make up brushes, at least ;)

Asos pug t-shirt  - £22.00
Now who on earth wouldn't want a t-shirt with a giant pug face on it?!

Topshop horse print skirt - £28.00
I wouldn't exactly say I'm a fan of horses (I've never ridden one before) but I absolutely love the print of this skirt, and the style really reminds me of Black Milk clothing. It looks a bit more like a unicorn anyway ;)

Marc Jacobs daisy perfume - £45.00
I don't really need this, as I have lots of perfume to get through, but it looks and smells so gorgeous!

Topshop embellished crop top - £26.00
This little gem crop top is super cute and would look lovely with all my maxi skirts :)

Rimmel London Apocalips in 'Big Bang' and 'Eclipse' - £4.99
I've heard totally mixed reviews on the apocalips range, but I really love the colour of these two. The Big Bang red in particular, it looks so vibrant red and pin-up :)

Asos navy smock dress - £38.00
Quite expensive, but so pretty! I would wear it the exact same as the model; on a Summer's day with no coat, no tights and a cute little necklace.

iamVibes black third eye beanie - £25.00
 So I do want basically every single item from iamVibes but this beanie is quite high up on the wishlist :)

Boots clear travel bags - £8.00 for all three
I first saw these on Essie from Essie Button's blog post, and it literally blew my mind. How on earth had I not thought about buying a see-through make up bag before?! I'm always rummaging around the bottom of my make up bag trying to find things, thinking I've lost them. This would make my life so much easier!

Red Rock daisy tits tee  - £24.00
Summer's coming, so whack out the crop tops and why not get one where your boobs are replaced with some daisys?!

Linzi Shoes black suede wedges - £35.00
These are practically the exact same as the Topshop wedges but more than half of the price! They come in a cream with a wooden wedge too, so tempting to splash out on them both! 

I know I've been banging on about this dress for AGES. I went to go buy it the other day and it was sold out in my size :( remember that if you want anything from, get 20% off with my discount code 'floraldanielle' :)

Thanks for reading :)
Which items do you like the most?
Love Dani

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday summary #3 Winnie the Pooh trail, ombre nails and I met Proudlock! :)

Hello everyone :) I hope you've all been getting lots of sun recently like I have! (Not that I've had the time to go outside and enjoy it, but the sun does make me happy!)

I've been super duper busy recently so have missed out a few Sunday summary posts, but I will catch up the past few weeks and try to keep posting every Sunday. It's my birthday on 29th April, but my friends are coming to visit next weekend for it, so I've been rushing to get all my uni work done before then! We're currently making a magazine in groups which is fun, and means lots of fashion photoshoots! I will definitely do a post of them once the magazine is complete :)

These pictures were swhen I was still at home for Easter, omnomnom Mini Eggs! :)
My big collection of chocolate, even though I was supposed to start a diet!
Even-ing it out with grapes and Copella!

Me and my boyfriend Joe went to the farm at home, he made friends with the piggy!
We went on the Winnie the Pooh trail! It was so cute! :)
I bumped into my friend Clementine there, we looked for Winnie the Pooh together :)

I managed to find my lost eyelashes!
My gorgeous floral bunting :)
I met Proudlock in a club in London, he gave me a kiss and was actually lovely!

My new little make up brush holder! I featured it in my recent haul :)
The drive back to uni with my Dad was lovely and the sun was so bright!
Arriving back home to my uni room door :)

I visited my friends Fine Art exhibition...
I dyed my hair dark brown again, cya ombre!
Nothing quite as nice as brand new bed covers :)

I'm new to Snapchat, and can't get over how funny it is! :')
Eating healthy now that I'm back at uni :)
My gorgeous new studded wedges, can't wait to wear them!

It was National Siblings Day, so here's some pictures of me and my sissy :)
My friend James tempted me with a Percy during our photoshop classes!
This makes me sad :(

Some Sunday morning research in bed :)
Looking at inspiration for my upcoming photoshoots.
The gorgeous house we were looking at for a photoshoot!

I had to put up photo of my Mumma, she is so gorgeous! Tell her she should've bought this shirt!
My first attempt at ombre nails :)
I'm in love with my new Topshop dress!

My housemate (not naming names) left her chicken fillets on my door! :')
I didn't know red cabbage leaked in blue!
This MotelRocks code ends today, go treat yourself! :)

Thanks for reading :)
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Love Dani

Thursday, 18 April 2013

My new Sewlomax lipstick make up bag :)

I was recently contact by Emma from SewLomax about reviewing one of their make up bags, and I was literally over the moon! I've wanted to buy one of their bags for ages, as they have so many cute little quirky designs! They had found my blog from when I'd posted almost a year ago, so it was really nice for them to notice and offer me the chance to review one!

 How gorgeous is it?! I chose this lipstick make-up bag to store my favourite lipsticks in. I might also use it as an overnight make-up bag as it's small enough to fit just your favourite pieces in, but big enough to have what you need :)

Each canvas bag is ethically sourced and is treated with Scotchguard to protect from stains, critically it also means you can wipe clean your SewLomax bag. They are all loving finished by hand which makes them that much more special! :)

Every single piece of detailing is embroidered instead of printed like most other bags. As a Fashion Design student I really appreciate all sorts of textiles and crafts!

I've currently been using it to store my favourite Rimmel Kate Moss and Mac lipsticks! I have so many red lipsticks so this bag does kinda look like my own collection! :)

It's a really lovely size and a really lovely brand! I will more than likely buy a few pieces from Sew Lomax to give as pressies for my friends and family! There are so many different sizes, designs and styles that there is bound to be one for everyone! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Would you buy this make up bag for your lipsticks collection?
How do you store your lippies?

Love Dani

Saturday, 6 April 2013

A very naughty collective haul: From January to now :)

So I haven't done a haul post in absolutely ages, but we all know that I love to go shopping every so often, so I have lots of lovely new bits since starting 2013 and I'm gonna shove them all in one massive haul post. Some of the items I've already worn so I will try my hardest to remember the prices! This does look like alot of stuff, but in three and a bit months it's not too much! :)

I eventually managed to get my hands on that Topshop coat that everyone wanted! It was around £120 when it first came out, but when I saw it reduced to £55 in my local Topshop I couldn't say no. I had needed a new coat for months, and had my student card and some Topshop vouchers so ended up getting myself a total bargain! I also recently treated myself to (yet again) that Topshop pinafore playsuit. I think it was £40 before student discount, but I know it will be a staple in my wardrobe and get lots of wear so it's okay ;)

I bought myself a pair of American Apparel disco pants in the 30% off night, making them around £50. They are a teeny bit too small at the moment, so they are the 'I will fit into them' item that will make me want to do some dieting! I also got my hands on this Topshop dress which I had wanted for ages, but at the full price of £65 I would never have a good enough reason to buy it! When I managed to find it in my size, for £20 I was overjoyed, and even more-so when it turned out to be £15 at the till, with student discount on top! I also bought my first ever beanie hat from Ragged Priest for £15 :)

Me, my sister and my mum visited the massive new Primark in Milton Keynes the other week, and these are the bits I picked up: The grey shirt for a casual day at uni with a statement necklace - £9, the gorgeous embellished neck tops - £12, hamsa hand necklace - £2, and the gorgeous rose gold embellished hair band (like those in H&M) - £2.

I treated myself to these gorgeous pillow cases from Priamrk the other week for only £1.50 each, and then my mum picked me up the floral duvet cover set for my uni bedroom. I can't wait to get it on, it's literally the perfect thing for my room :)

I absolutely love maxi and midi skirts at the moment. I found this black maxi slit skirt in Primark for only £8 and this Topshop glittery midi skirt for £10 in the sale :)

I have found so much bargain jewellery these past few months! These cross earrings and cross ring were both £1.50 in the Topshop sale, and the silver earrings and big gold necklace were only £1.50 in the Miss Selfridge sale! Such bargains!

I found another £1.50 bargain in Topshop with this rope and diamond necklace which I think will look lovely under shirt collars. This shirt was £12.99 from H&M, and I love the slight detailing. I will layer it under a nice thick jumper for uni, and the weirdest thing is, the sleeves are jersey while the rest is normal shirt material, but it is so comfy!

I was heartbroken when I managed to break my black wedges from New Look which I wore every night out, so I was happy when I found some in Select (random, I know) for about £15, and then their student discount was either 15% or 20% so they ended up being really cheap! I also ended up getting Beyonce's perfume 'Midnight heat' because it was on offer of around 70% off in Savers!

Lots of lovely clothing items have been picked up these past few months! I found this oversized sequin hamsa hand vest in the River Island sale for £8, and the galaxy print maxi dress was £12 in the sale. In the centre, the black floral tea dress was £13 (I think) and the blue shirt was £12 (I think again), both from Primark! Lastly was the black and gold velvet glittery skater dress from Topshop that I had lusted over all Christmas, and I managed to find it in the sale for £25, with student discount on top so I had to grab it :) it's been nice and warm for some recent nights out!

Lastly, I bought myself a cute gorgeous little homewear bits for my uni room! Firstly was this glass jar from Wilkinsons for a bargain £5! I've currently got my Lush bath bombs in it, and I think I will purchase another to store all my nail varnishes in! I popped into Hobby Craft to get some arts and crafts bits and found the wedding section which was full of gorgeous and cheap white pieces, which is the colour I like in my bedroom which was perfect! I found this heart tin for only £2.99 which I'm going to use for my make up brushes, and these photo holder for £1.49 each which I'm going to have on my window sills :)

Thanks for reading :)
Which of my recent purchases are your favourite?
Have you got any of the same bits?
Love Dani :)

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pinspiration #1 - Bedroom decor inspiration!

This is a bit of a different post to what I usually post. I'm constantly moving room, between living at home with my Dad during the holidays, to living in my university room during term times, and then also visiting my boyfriend and mum at their houses when I can! I constantly pin photos onto my Pinterest boards for decoration inspiration but I can't wait to move out properly with my boyfriend and be able to decorate my whole house exactly as I wish!

Anyways, these are photos I have taken from all over the web; some are straight from Pinterest, some are from other bloggers and some are from tumblr, but I thought I would make a little post of them for you as they could inspire you for your own bedroom or house if you've already moved out! :)

I'm constantly looking for new and interesting ways to use vintage frames around the house because they are so pretty and you can get hold of them so cheaply! On the left, the glass has been left in the frame but no image, and then you can use a whiteboard pen to write notes on it and wipe it off. It would look lovely and stylish in a kitchen when you need to write the things to remember to buy during the week! On the right, Jazmine has put a frame up on the wall but left it empty, and I love the way it looks with clothes hanging off it. You could use it as a 'what I'm going to wear in the morning' space! :)

I absolutely love the idea of having a really white room with white accessories and a few splashes of colour. My bedroom at home at the moment is black, with black vintage patterned covers and black floral wallpaper, which is gorgeous but makes the room look so small! I love this light pink floral string of flowers which could be tied around a bedframe, or around the edge of a mirror.

I love this 'photo washing-line' which I came across in Milly's bedroom tour on her blog. It is so simple to buy some string and some pretty little pegs to create your own little washing line of your favourite images, tickets of places you have visited and notes from friends :)

I have so many lovely little floral teacups and plates from multiple carboot sale trips, but I had never thought of using them like this to hold my jewellery. They hold the hanging earrings well too so you'll never lose a pair and can quickly grab them, so cute! :)

Recently Abby has been uploading lots of blog posts about her bedroom as it's being redecorated, and every single one makes me so jealous as she has the most beautiful bedroom and wardrobe! This image in particular caught my eye though as she had placed her nail varnishes into a glass pot and I thought it looked so lovely!

Thanks for reading :)
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Love Dani
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