Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday summary #2

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend full of chocolate, roast dinner and spending time with loved ones! I know that I have! :)

This is only the second of my Sunday summary posts but I feel that they are definitely something that will be sticking! I love the idea of having a random post to write about anything which wasn't really worthy of a full post on it's own, and I can fit a few things into one! I will be rounding up the week, including my instagram pictures and any giveaway winnings from that week!

 I love being at home from uni for Easter. Tea and scrambled eggs omnomnom :)
Primark have some lovely bits in at the moment! Will include these in my next haul post!
I definitely made the most of all the '3 for 2' offers!

You can't really see in the picture, but Joe walked in the snow (more like sleet) to come visit!
I found an interesting wing bone on my dog walk!
My crazy pups having a tug of war with a stick, and Spot looks mental!

This Easter morning I lost my 'The Walking Dead' virginity! I'm loving it :)
My dad cooked a gorgeous roast dinner!
Lots of lovely Easter treats, including a Lush bath bomb :)

Thanks for reading :)
How has your Easter been?
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Love Dani
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Favourite bloggers of the month #1 :)

So today I have a lovely new feature for my blog, my favourite bloggers of the month! I enjoy reading other people's blogs just as much as I enjoy writing my own, so I thought I should start sharing with you some of my favourite! I am going to interview and write a little bit about 3 bloggers per month, and I hope you enjoy finding some new blogs to read!

Firstly is Robyn from The Robyn Diaries. I have followed Robyn for quite a while now and I really like her mix of outfit posts and personal posts. She is similar to me in the sense that she wears both high street and vintage pieces, and I am envious of the gorgeous clothes in her wardrobe! I love how her posts are so personal, many ending with a YouTube video of her current favourite song.

Introduce yourself and your blog?
Hello! My name is Robyn and I am 23 years old and I currently live in Hampshire. I started my first blog over five years ago before I even knew about blogspot. I started ‘The Robyn Diaries’ in July 2010 as I love to document things and thought it would be the perfect way to do so. I love fashion and music and wanted a place to share that with other like minded people. 

Where does your blog name come from? 
My blog name ‘The Robyn Diaries’ symbolizes the kind of content I post. I love to document everything so I include everything from outfits, wish lists and adventures I have been on to songs I am loving. I always kept a diary when I was younger so I started ‘The Robyn Diaries’ as an online version to share. 

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories? 
Working for Topshop I do tend to walk out the door dressed in it head to foot far too often, however I also love vintage shops and charity shops. I really like tracking down independent shops online too and supporting them. Recently I have been coveting Waiste, Empty Casket, I Am Vibes, Roses and Clementines and almost everything from Yayer.

Do you have a favourite style icon? 
I think other bloggers have become my style icons more than celebrities as they are easier to emulate. However having said the the Olsen twins will always be a firm favourite. I also really like Chloe Norgaard’s and Amanda Hendrick’s style at the moment.  

Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently? 
Far too many to mention! 
The Strokes - All The Time: One of my all time favourite bands, The Strokes can do no wrong in my eyes. 
Fidar - Wake! Skate! Bake!: Dirty Californian pop punk at it’s finest, what more could you ask for? 
Bastille - Pompeii: This song is on our playlist at work and I sing along every time it comes on.

Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently? 
Pinafores! I have three now which I adore. A burgundy one, a black denim one and a blue denim one. They are so versatile and look great with crop tops, jumpers and buttoned up shirts underneath. 

Don't forget you can also follow Robyn on twitter and instagram :)


 Secondly is Jaz from Jaz Xo. I have followed her for quite a few months now, and I always look forward to her outfit posts and hauls. I have very similar taste to her in the sense of clothing and accessories, and also the cute little homewear bits she seems to find! I love her simplistic outfits, with big necklaces and studded pumps. She also loves her Topshop skater dresses, which are a favourite of mine!

Introduce yourself and your blog?
 Well my name's Jasmine but most people call me Jaz, hence the blog name! I'm 18, I live in London and I'm a Vet Nurse Assistant. My blog is a mixture of personal style, beauty and lifestyle. I also mention my rabbit Pippin a lot! I started my blog after reading various blogs a few years ago and wanted somewhere to vent my love for fashion and moan about how much I want to buy! 

Where does your blog name come from?
 Well the Jaz is from my name and the 'xo' is just kiss/hug in text speak so I thought that would make it a bit more interesting/catchy rather than just Jaz.

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories?
I love Topshop when I can afford it for both clothes and accessories, I love H&M for jewellery, so reasonable but still great quality and if you read my blog you'll know I'm loving Primark at the moment too!

Do you have a favourite style icon?
There's no one that really stands out but I love Fearne Cotton's style and I love a lot of other bloggers style like Lily Melrose from LLYMLRS( and Emma from Milkteef ( amongst many others.

Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently?
Freedom by Paloma Faith!

Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently?
My new bargain Topshop leather jacket that I got from eBay :)

 Don't forget you can follow Jaz on twitter, bloglovin and instagram :)


Lastly is Georgia from Georgia Holly Edwards. I have followed Georgia's blog for a good few months, and I haven't once read a post I haven't loved! I would go as far as to say she's one of my favourite bloggers ever, her taste is just stop on! She suits every single hair colour she's tried out, and her shoe collection is amazing!

Introduce yourself and your blog?
Heyyy guys, I'm Georgia, I'm 19 and I live in Ellesmere Port, unfortunately. Nearish Chester/Liverpool for those interested! I think it was around a year ago I started my blog now, I started coming across other blogs and was like, well this is cool, I wanna do it!

Where does your blog name come from?
My blog names, my name. I just couldn't think of anything! Great story i know.

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories?
I live on Asos, the delivery mans like my best friend, he comes to my house so much. However that's for the likes of my accessories, going out clothes and my basic crop tops and all that jazz. However Unif is the love of my life! My T-shirts are mainly from there then I love to go to charity shops to find like cool printed stuff and vintagey things. Oh and Bitching and Junkfood, fave UK brand, best shorts everrrrr!

Do you have a favourite style icon?
I like Rita Ora's shiz, mainly because she wears a lot of bitching and junkfood so I see what she wears through their instagram. However I really can't think of any other style icons that are famous, my style icons are bloggers. They're the ones that inspire me and they're my go to's for outfit inspiration.

Which songs/song do you have on repeat recently?
Everyone's that's on the big reunion atm! I'm such a sucker for all that stuff, the spice girls as well, I'm loving it all again!

Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing at the moment?
My Unif Playdead Tank, I just keep finding myself reaching for it in my wardrobe, I'm finding it goes with bloody everything and I need to find something to replace it with so people don't think I just own 1 T-Shirt!

Don't forget you can also follow Georgia on instagram and twitter too :)

Thanks for reading :)
I hope you've found some lovely new blogs to follow!
Did you already follow all these girlies?
Love Dani
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Monday, 25 March 2013

Some cheeky little eBay finds! #4

I used to browse eBay alot more than I do now, but tonight I decided to go on a massive eBay shop and I managed to find lots of lovely bargains and pretty things! The previous three eBay finds posts were probably the most popular posts I have ever posted, and I love reading a good eBay finds post too, so I'm going to try and post alot more of these, for mine and your benefit! :)

I absolutely love these style tops in Topshop but for basically half the price I'm tempted to order these in loads of colours! They basically got with everything, and I love wearing a big chunky necklace over the top of polo necked tops and dresses :)
I recently included this jumper in one of my wishlists, and I still long to get it but with my birthday in April I'm not going to buy anything until then as I know someone will ask me what I want and I never know what to ask for!
Okay so it's not the cheapest t-shirt in the world, but who wouldn't want a tee of a cat, wearing a crown and a cape, on a galaxy print background?!

I absolutely love the peplum trend. I think it's so flattering; sucking you in at the smallest part of your body and giving you curves. They can be dressed up with a big chunky necklace, disco pants and heels, or dressed down with a cardigan and jeans :)

I have been meaning to buy some of these french manicure nail tips to do this 'reverse french manicure' nail art but I had no idea they would be this cheap on eBay! I'm excited to order some and start experimenting with my nails :)

I recently got my own black bucket bag from Matalan, but would definitely invest in this one too, because I know when my one eventually falls apart I'm gonna want a new one, it's the love of my life and literally goes with everything! :)

How ridiculously cute are these?! I'm not 100% sure what they are, I think they're more lip balms than lipsticks and they smell fruity and hydrate your lips! :)

Okay how cute are these nail varnishes as well!? I really want to try out the mint colour but it's currently sold out, so it's been added to my wishlist!
Most nail wraps that sell in Topshop and other high street stores are priced around £7, so these for only £1.99 are a bargain. I really like the simple black and silver pattern too :)

I've been looking for a pretty armlet for a while now, and this one is not only gorgeous, but ridiculously cheap too!

Thanks for reading :)
Sorry I kept you guys waiting for MONTHS, I promise there'll be more eBay posts very soon!
Do you have any of these already? Will they be added to your wishlist?
Love Dani

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday summary #1

So today I took part in the #bbloggers chat, and Daria suggested that I do a 'Sunday summary' post once a week. I loved the thought of doing that; a weekly round-up. I can include pictures from nights out that week, a few pictures from my many instagram snapshots, any competition wins etc!

This week I have been back at home for my first of three weeks off for my Easter break and I've done lots of catching up with my besties, boyfriend and family. This week in particular though, I've barely taken any photos that I can show you, because I've been taking them all on film! I found two disposable cameras I've had lying around for months, so I made it my mission to use them up this Easter break and get them developed!

 I love coming home to my puppies! :)
Me and Joe went into town for a day of charity shopping!
One of the bargains I found, this book for £1! I'd been wanting to read it for a while so was really chuffed to find it on the shelf!

 I don't have a bath at uni, so I spent one evening having an hour-long bath, then watching Breaking Bad in bed. It was lush!
Me and the girls being very healthy...
Joe works at the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and one evening he brought me home the Horcrux Ring! (Such a geek hahaha) :D

I love being into the same music as Joe, so when he has a clear-out of old band t-shirts, he just donates them all to me :)
Catch-up with my school friend Aileen :)
Just a little reminder, that with discount code 'floraldanielle' you can get 20% off, so treat yourself for Easter! :D

Thanks for reading :)
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Do you like these kind of chilled Sunday posts?
Love Dani

Friday, 15 March 2013

MotelRocks Monochrome and 20% off discount code :)

I've always been a big lover of black clothing, and whenever I say 'I don't need anymore black', I seem to find lots of lovely black bits anyways! MotelRocks have some lovely bits in at the moment, and with my 20% off code I have a feeling they'll probably be on their way to me soon! :)

Black Halter Neck Skater Dress - £38.00 (£30.40 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
This halter dress reminds me of the American Apparel ones. It can easily be dressed up or down for a night out or casual day wear, and it would literally go with everything!

Cut Out Back Polka Dot Dress - £45.00 (£36.00 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
I love cut outs, and this looks like a really flattering cut out area on the back. I love the simplicity and pattern too :)

Black Sheer Babydoll Dress - £25.00 (£20.00 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
This is the dress that I like most out of them all and will probably end up ordering first! I'm not sure what I'd wear under it to be honest, but I love skater dresses and I love sheer, so this is the best of both! :)

Black Spandex Halter Crop Top  - £18.00 (£14.40 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
This ends up being so cheap with the discount and is such a cute, simple wardrobe staple. Crop tops come in so handy just to chuck on with a pair of disco pants or a high waisted skirt!

Black Spandex Wrap Dress  - £38.00 (£30.40 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
I am in love with this dress. It's really similar to a playsuit that MotelRocks had last year, but it would be 100 times easier to pee on a night out haha!

Unfortunately with these particular accessories you can't use the 20% off discount code but they're still some gorgeous monochrome pieces! I've only ever tried the MUA nail constellations, but would love to try out these Nail Rock ones as they have white, silver and gold beads together. I love the look of the snow flake Models Own nail varnish, and it's very relevant at the moment with all the March snow that's been falling!

Thanks for reading :)
You gonna be adding any of the new MotelRocks things to your wishlist?
Which is your favourite?
Love Dani :)

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler :)

Right now I'm sitting in bed, wondering why the hell it is March and it is snowing outside?! I swear this time last year we were all sitting out on the balcony in the sun with our glasses on! Anyways, I have a very exciting blog post today, a review of my lovely new hair curlers! :)

Before I got the Totem Curlers, the only two hairstyles I ever wore were up in a bun, or down and straightened. Now that my hair is starting to get longer, I really wanted to invest in a pair of hair curlers, and had seen a few blog reviews on the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler curlers. I loved the look of them, and with their multiple heat settings you can try all different types of curls, so when I was asked to review them, I jumped at the chance! I didn't want to write up this review until I had used them quite a few times and thoroughly understood how they worked, and I have used them many times in the last few weeks!

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler - £74.99*
I would go as far as describing these as the curler version of GHDs, or maybe even better because you can change the temperature and settings! They heat up properly in less than 10 seconds and have easy-to-use properties which I love! I have seen that they are currently only £45.99 here on Amazon so if you're thinking of investing, this is a good deal!

"Perfect for creating ringlets, bohemian curls or soft waves by encoding your look and adding style to short, medium or long hair. This next generation curling tool features a unique totem barrel that allows you to set the three zones to different temperatures using the encoder dial, resulting in an array of different curls."

I wait for the curling tongs to heat up and then I curl my hair section-by-section. The only setting which I have properly tried out so far is 1-2-3. The highest heat is 3 which means tighter curls, and the lowest heat is 1 which means looser curls, so this settings means looser curls on the top and tighter curls towards the end of my hair.

This 'mini clipper' is where you put the end of your hair that you are about to curl. It makes it so easy to twist your hair the whole way around the totem without getting tangled. The end of the styler also has a base that swivels the whole way around so they are really easy to use.

I absolutely love these hair curlers and have been using them for every night out I have been on since receiving them! The curls work really well once tied up in a ponytail too, and I'm really excited to play around with the settings and try looser curls and tighter curls when my hair gets a little bit longer!

I thought you might all appreciate this photo of how I used the curlers last week! I was Snow White, and this is my boyfriend, his sisters, sisters boyfriend and parents as the dwarves! :)

Thanks for reading :)
I will definitely be posting more blog posts about these curling tongs in the near future once I've experimented with some more of the settings!
Do you own anything from Enrapture UK? If not, what products are on your wishlist?
Love Dani :)

Monday, 4 March 2013

Weekly wishlist #2

I've had a lovely time at home this week, but it feels like I haven't blogged in ages! I've come across some lovely little bits I would love to get my mitts on though! :) Funnily enough they're all monochrome, which isn't usually what I would go for, but I love all of these! :)


I love this beanie. I recently bought myself the black Ragged Priest beanie, and now I want to build up a little collection!

I had some identical Chelsea boots last year but I ended up ruining them by wearing them practically every single day, so I would definitely invest in some more, and these Missguided look cheap and cheerful :)

I've always been a massive fan of Empty Casket, and now that they have restocked their Chanhell t-shirt, I want it more than ever!

I've needed an umbrella for ages and I keep putting off buying one, then getting soaked, so I really do just need to buy one! This is pretty expensive seen as I could easily buy one for a few quid, but it's so adorable!

I have seen this featured on a few beauty bloggers posts now, and I have convinced myself that it's something I need in my life! It looks so sweet on every single nail colour that I've seen, and jazzes up the simplest of nails :)

Being a fashion student, I love everything to do with sewing machines! I particularly love this little sewing machine necklace though, and think it would look so nice under a collared shirt.

Okay so I know it's not the cheapest, but it's so cute! It reminds me of something you would wear in primary school, and it would go with everything! I would love to wear it with my pug print sheer shirt :) I might just have to try and look for a cheaper alternative though!

This is such a cute little white china ring holder for all your favourite rings! I wanna have all white on my dressing table and this would be perfect :)

Thanks for reading :)
Are any of the items on your wishlist too?
What are you lusting over at the moment?
Love Dani :)