Wednesday, 17 October 2018

35 things to have achieved by the time I'm 35

It's been a long while since I've sat down and written a blog post. It has been a crazy busy year of working hard and saving my pennies up, and taking the massive plunge in deciding to go travelling the world for a whole year. I am now only 18 days away from embarking on my trip of a lifetime and I am such a mix of excited and nervous! My trip consists of South America, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia, so some of my bucket list below will be ticked off during this time.

Initially I had planned to do a '30 things to do before I turn 30 years old' blog post, but by the time I come back from travelling I will be almost 29 so that doesn't give me much time to tick off the rest! I am currently 27 so I have given myself 7 and a half years to complete the below list - I really hope I manage to do it!

I will be writing some posts regarding my route and packing list before I leave and then I am hoping to keep up the blogging whilst I am away, updating as often as I can - who knows when I will and will not have wifi?! If you don't already, you can follow me on instagram here as I am sure I will be posting photographs of my trip daily!

1. Climb Machu Picchu, Peru

2. Scuba dive in Fiji

3. Get a bamboo tattoo in Thailand

4. Sky dive in New Zealand

5. Move into my first home

6. Go on an American road trip including Route 66 and the Hollywood stars

7. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

8. Go white water rafting

9. Celebrate King's Day in Amsterdam

10. Adventure to Japan

11. See the Northern Lights in Iceland

12. Put a padlock on the Love Lock Bridge, Paris

13. Learn some sign language

14. Visit Copenhagen, Denmark

15. Ride a gondella in Venice

16. Take pole dancing/aerial aerobics classes

17. Go to Disneyland and wear Minnie Mouse ears the whole time

18. Visit Barcelona

19. Experience Christmas somewhere hot

20. Do a Tough Mudder obstacle race

21. Go to a Fright Night at Thorpe Park

22. Volunteer at an animal sanctuary

23. Go skiing

24. Train for a marathon

25. Learn a second language

26. Visit the Cirque du Soleil and gamble in Vegas

27. Go skinny dipping

28. Take up some new hobbies such as calligraphy, yoga, sewing and cooking classes

29. Totally dejunk my life of unnecessary homeware and clothes

30. Learn to change a tyre

31. Go for a night of Bingo

32. Be more experimental with my hair

33. Take a surfing lesson

34. Become a vegetarian

35. Take a ride in a vintage car in Havana, Cuba

Please let me know if you've accomplished any of these already!
Do you have a bucket list of things you're working towards?
Thanks for reading - love Dani :) x