Sunday, 30 June 2013

Carboot haul #6 - His and hers :)

As I'm now officially back home from uni for the Summer, me and Joe will more than likely be going to the carboot sale every single Sunday morning! I thought it would be nice to include some of his buys too as he's just like me when it comes to shopping and loves a good bargain piece of clothing or home decor. The weather today was absolutely gorgeous and it made me remember how much I love going to the carboot! I'm pretty sure I sunburnt my hair parting though, but we were pretty lucky with our buys this week as we got lots of goodies! :) 

There were so many stalls today because of the lovely weather, and it was nice to stroll around in the sun as we've gone before when it's been freezing cold and it's nowhere near as fun! There was a lovely cake stall which I hadn't seen before so we treated ourselves to a mid-morning snack :)

 I found this lovely white crochet bottom top for only £1 and I can't wait to wear it! I also found this cute little paisley scarf for £1. It's the perfect size to tie in my hair or wear around my neck and I really want to get some more paisley into my wardrobe. Lastly, I found this un-opened Karl Lagerfeld bottle of coke for 50p. They're about £1.50 new anyways and I've started making a collection of the fashion designer coke bottles on my window sill including the Jean Paul Gaultier ones. I want to collect all of them!

I picked up this lovely Topshop skater dress in my size for only £2 and Joe picked up this aztec print camera strap for his collection for £1. He recently graduated after studying Photography at uni so he has a lovely little collection of cameras and camera accessories, he always manages to find himself some nice bits at the carboot!

Joe found this lovely ship painting framed in a burgundy and gold frame for £3, got the three packs of film for 50p and the ten pack of Polaroid film for £1. Even though the films are out of date, he likes to experiment with them and you can sometimes get really unusual colours from out of date film! I found this un-used Balmi in the Blackcurrant flavour for only £1. I was so happy when I found this as they RRP for around £5 and I've been wanting to try one out for ages!

Joe never really seems to find that much clothing as the carboot, so he was pleased to find a Vans checkered shirt and a Stussy t-shirt for only £2 each. They were both in brilliant condition, and the shirt was so soft - I will definitely be borrowing it in the colder months!

Lastly, and most probably leastly, I found this little pig mug! Me and Joe are both obsessed with pigs, and plan to have only vintage floral and piggy mugs in our house! He's a bit naff, but for 20p I couldn't resist him!

Thanks for reading :)
Which is your favourite find from my carboot haul?
Have you been to any good carboots recently?
Love Dani :)

Friday, 28 June 2013

My internship at Waiste - #1

This week I started my three month internship at Waiste Clothing, and I'm absolutely loving it! I've been an avid fan of Waiste Clothing and reader of Sara's blog for a long while now, so when I saw they were looking for an intern I literally HAD to apply. The mix of blogging, fashion design and vintage clothing was perfect for me, and I was so happy to find out I'd got the internship!

How cute are all of the dungarees?! I've been styling some of them up this week, which are your favourite pair?

How cute is the doggie in the window!? We had a fun outing to Brick Lane on Thursday - I will be writing a full blog post about it on Waiste's blog tomorrow so keep an eye out for it! Who watches Breaking Bad and can see Walter White in the graffiti?

I love this little lover's lock wall that we found! I really want to go to Paris with my boyfriend and visit the original lover's lock bridge which is filled with thousands of personalised locks!

Thanks for reading :)
I'm sure you'll be seeing lots more posts about my internship at Waiste and all the fun things I get up to!
Do you own anything from Waiste?
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wednesday wishlist #4

Yet another week has flown by, and yet another Wednesday Wishlist! I have absolutely no money as I'm saving for a possible holiday to Amsterdam with my boyfriend at the end of Summer, and I'm saving for final collection at university next year where I will need hundreds, actually probably thousands of pounds to spend on fabrics and materials! Anyways here are the things I have recently added to my bookmarks and have been lusting over this week :)

Henryka sunflower ring - £4.80
 I've been looking for some new rings to add to my collection and this one really caught my eye. It's in the sale and was originally £12.00 so this is a bargain! It is made of silver too so it won't turn your finger green and I think the little sun pendant is so cute :)

 Henryka sunflower cord bracelet - £37.00
I absolutely love this bracelet. It is also made of silver and is matching to the previous ring. I think it would match all types of lovely outfits, and could be something that you wouldn't have to take off in the shower!

Urban Outfitters heart soap dispenser - £14.00 
Okay so this isn't really necessary anyways, and especially not when I have no money, but this soap dispenser is really cute. It's exactly the kind of thing I can imagine having in my bathroom when I have my own house :)

Sewlomax embroidered lipstick pouch noir - £28.00
How cute is this embroidered lipstick make-up bag?! I absolutely love the black version and might need to invest at some point, even though I already have the cream version which I blogged about here, but a girl can never have too many lipsticks right!?

Waiste 'Lazy Daisy' dungarees - £50.00
Okay so I do want all of the Waiste dungarees, but these ones have to be my absolute favourite! I love black denim and I love daisys, so put them together and you've got perfection! :)

Asos elephant smock dress - £36.00
This smock dress from Asos really reminds me of the Minkpink smock dresses, but for half the price! I love all things elephant, and have a massive elephant wall hanging in my uni room. So really I just need to add this to my collection already!

Asos elephant rug - £12.00
 I've always thought that a nice little rug would go perfectly in my room, and at £12.00 this isn't exactly going to break the bank! If I manage to sort out my bedroom of all the crap stored in the cupboards and under my bed, then I might treat myself to this!

Mac 'Please Me' lipstick - £14.00
 I have a nice collection of  Mac lipsticks starting to build up, and the latest one I'd like to try out is 'please me', which is a dark-ish baby pink. I love how Mac lipsticks are matte but don't totally dry my lips out, and last for ages!

Thanks for reading :)
What's on your current wishlist?
Do you have any of these items on your wishlist already?
Love Dani

Monday, 24 June 2013

Sunday summary #4

I haven't posted a Sunday summary post since my birthday in April, but I'm back to posting regularly now I have the time during the Summer, and that includes these posts :). These are a few weeks worth of instagram photos, and you can follow me @floraldanielle. I'm really happy to be back home, I've missed my family and friends so much! I also have some really exciting news - as of next week, I have an internship in London for the next 3 months! I'm sure I'll be posting about it so keep an eye out for that :)

My first three Disney DVDs, the start of a big collection! :)
Joe came to visit me at uni and is growing out of my head!
My little baby Meg is so cute! :)

 My new denim pinafore dress from River Island
The lovely pink blossom in Norwich :)
A sausage and a half!

My carboot sale finds - I've written a blog post here :)
One of our last nights out at uni this year!
The work from my final uni hand-in this year!

 The lovely DIY floral headcrowns I made. You can read the full post here :)
Trying to eat a bit healthier now it's Summer!
My new favourite thing on my bedside table - a little light up bunny!

A spooky looking restaurant me and Mum went to :)
My outfit for a night out - Topshop pinafore and Mac 'Lady Danger'
The Norwich University of the Arts Graduate Fashion Show - it'll be me next year!

 My lovely instagram polaroid prints - you can read more here :)
My view from inside my umbrella! :(
The morning after the night before at uni!

The lovely view from our uni balcony :)
I found a bathroom covered in My Little Pony wallpaper!
Joe bought all the Game of Thrones books - I shall be borrowing these!

 My lovely new Zara silky paisley shorts :)
I eventually found one with my name!
New bedding is the best feeling in the world!

Some new MotelRocks goodies - get 20% off with discount code 'floraldanielle' :)
I love my speckley nails :) I've used L'Oreal Confetti Top coat.
Hahaha this is so true! :)

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Charity shop finds #1

I'm an avid fan of charity shops. Me and my boyfriend can charity shop for hours and I'll often pop into all the charity shops in town, just for a browse. I love how you never know what you're going to find. You can't go online and browse what you're going to try on like in Topshop, it's going to be a surprise, and a 1/4 of the price too. The worst thing though, is that if you're undecided about an item, you know that it more than likely won't be there when you go back, so I always tend to buy things even if I'm not 100% sure on them! But they can always go on eBay at a later date if I decided I didn't actually need that 40th granny shirt! Anyways here are some of my latest finds:

Blue wire heart wall hanging (I might spray it white) - £1.50

Pink vintage blouse - £2.00
White cut-out blouse - £1.50

Primark collared dress - £2.00
Mickey mouse t-shirt (I'm going to cut it into a crop top) - £1.00

Floral photo frame - £1.00
Floral dish (I'm going to use it as a ring holder) - £1.50
Pink vase (currently my copper holder) - £1.00

White embroidered blouse - £1.50
Navy embroidered blouse - £1.50

Mint green embroidered blouse - £2.00
Floral tin - 30p

Thanks for reading :)
Would you like to see more charity shop finds posts?
Which is your favourite thing I found?
Have you found any nice bits in a charity shop recently?
Love Dani :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Cheeky little eBay finds #6

I have such a love/hate relationship with eBay. Sometimes I will continuously find loads of cheap bits I love, order them and use them all the time, and then sometimes I can't find anything cheap, or I keep getting outbidded and I feel like I hate it! The absolute worst thing though is when you forget to bid on something, then you go and check your watchlist and see that it went for SUPER DUPER CHEAP! Recently though, despite a few outbiddings, I have been loving eBay, so luckily for you guys I have a new eBay finds posts, and I'm going to try and post them regularly cos I know you guys love them! :)

I'm definitely gonna buy this at some point, it looks as lovely as the Topshop ones! I've got loads of shirts that would look so nice with it :)

Cat face dress - £7.69
How much of a bargain is this cat dress!? The Topshop original was £28 and this is almost identical. It's not really my thing (I'm a dog person) but it is super cute! :)

I've just ordered myself the cream version of these shorts. I had seen this picture so long ago on Tumblr and I've been on the lookout for them ever since! I've seen alot of people in the black pair but not so many in the cream pair. I found some on eBay for a few pounds less than this, but the quality looked horrible, so I hope these are nice when they arrive!

How perfect is this for all us bloggers!? Just slip it onto the back of your door and have all your jewellery and beauty products on view and in easy grabbing distance!

I don't know what it is about this jacket but I really like it! I used to really be into skulls, but now that has transformed into being obsessed with floral things so I probably won't be investing in this, but I think it's so nice!

I've been wanting this necklace for a little while now so have kept searching to find it cheaper because at first I could only find it for about £11. For £2.75 this is an absolute bargain! I think it would look so cute under a plain collared shirt :)

I love things that are designed to look vintage-y but are actually really sarcastic! This would be the perfect present for my best friend as we love a good old wine night together!

This is just basically a cheaper version of the Topshop velvet skater dress. They have some lovely colours available, my favourites being the burgundy and the dark green.

The same as the skater dress, my favourite colours available are the burgundy and the dark green. I might invest in them so I have them for this Autumn/Winter.

The large Yankee candles are usually RRP £19.99 so this is a great saving of £6. Quite a few of the scents have sold out already, but I might treat myself to the Clean Cotton flavour for my uni house next year and as a celebratory gift for completing my second year!

I love all things cameo and have a nice little collection of genuine vintage cameos from various vintage fairs and carboot sales. I like this ring though as an everyday ring and it would look so lovely with a little lace dress.

How cool is this iPhone case?! It's like the little magnetic drawing boards we used to have when we were little (but I can't for the life of me remember what they were called, help?)

Thanks for reading :)
What is your favourite eBay purchase that you've made?
Will you be adding of these to your watchlist?
Or do you already have some of these?
Love Dani :)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Carboot haul #5

I'm so excited that it's coming up to Summer and the car boot sales are back on again! I have been waiting all year for these, they literally make me so happy! :) I've only been to two so far because I'm still in my uni town and the closest ones are a car ride away, but when I go home for Summer, me and my boyfriend tend to go every single week. I've picked up a few bargains so far, and I'm so excited for all the goodies I'm gonna find over this Summer.

This lovely floral silk shirt was only £1 and I think it will look lovely for a night out with some black disco pants.This tapestry bag was also £1. I already have lots of little tapestry bags and boxes, but this one had a little mirror in and I thought it could replace my tatty Primark make up box I've been using :)

This burgundy checkered shirt was brand new and had a label on for £9.99 but when I asked how much it was the lady only wanted £2. I've been looking for a burgundy checkered shirt on the high street recently so this is perfect! I also bought this striped shirt (for a bargain 50p) as it is similar to one I've seen in the Topshop sale and will be great to chuck on with a statement necklace and leggings for uni. My boyfriend says it reminds him of his work uniform but I like it.

I'm such a fan of granny blouses and I'm pretty sure I don't need any more, but for 50p and £1 you can't go wrong! I couldn't find the tag on the left one but I'm sure it's just from Primark or another high street store. I love the colour and detailing on it, and will definitely be wearing it with lots of gold jewellery. I love the simplicity of the white shirt with the big gold button, and I'll be wearing it to uni with a little cardigan :)

Lastly, I picked up two little pieces for my uni room. The first was this Yankee Candle mini for £3. The man was selling loads of them so he obviously bought them in bulk as the small ones are usually £8. I wish I'd picked up more to be honest as they make lovely presents and smell gorgeous! Secondly was this lovely little floral sewing machine ornament for 50p. I study Fashion Design at university so I spend a majority of my time on a sewing machine, and I love all things floral!

Thanks for reading :)
Which of my finds was your favourite?
Please let me know if you have any carboot haul posts, I love reading them!
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wednesday wishlist #3: The festival edition!

This gorgeous sunny weather has really got me in the mood for Summer and festivals. I don't actually have any festivals planned for this year, although I may be going to a smaller one called Brownstock which is based in Essex, but as next year is my last year at university I need to be saving as many pennies as I can for my final collection, and festivals are almost as expensive as a holiday nowadays! Either way, I have been lusting over some gorgeous Summer-y items and think these could easily make a full festival outfit for day or night :)

I absolutely love the pastel colours in this dress. I haven't seen any other galaxy prints in a pastel shade and I love the way it looks. This dress isn't the cheapest but I think it could be worn for lots of occasions and dressed up with some tights and heels.

I've been wanting these rings for ages and would like to build up a little collection of midi rings. I've always loved the idea of a wishbone and the rose gold colouring is lovely :)

 I already have a little black leather backpack but I've totally fallen in love with the tassels on this cutie! I'm very tempted to invest in this one and sell the other as this is just so pretty!

I first set my eyes on this gorgeous cardi when Sara posted a photograph of herself wearing it over on her instagram and I fell in love instantly! It would be perfect for a Summer's day with a pretty little floral dress and layered necklaces.

How cute is this necklace!? I love the yin yang symbol and meanings, and love daisies too so this necklace is just perfect and would look so lovely with the Evil Twin dress!

I'm so in love with this bag! As a fashion student, I'm pretty sure I could quite easily make a bag like this for myself, so I'm gonna be on the lookout for some lovely patterned or elephant material from now on! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Are you going to any fun festivals this year?
And are any of these bits already on your wishlist?
Love Dani :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Repurchase or replace? #1

Since I've been at university, I have realised that I have a lot of products lying in draws and baskets that need to get used up, rather than me just buying new products when I run out of the ones I'm currently using. I am trying to step-by-step declutter my life, and my beauty products is going to be part of that too! I've been collecting up these products to review for quite some time now, and I thought that I had enough empty bottles in my bathroom now and I should probably just actually review them! It felt really nice to throw all these away (and recycle the necessary, of course) and I can start collecting for my second empties post ;)

I had an argument with my dad over Easter as he managed to throw some of my empties into the bin when I was out, and he didn't seem to understand why I was so annoyed hahah! To be honest, if someone told me they were keeping loads of empty bottles of beauty products I'd be pretty confused too! Either way, this is what I have been left with, and I shall let you know what I thought :)

L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Conditioner
 Before uni, I never really bought anything special to use on my hair, I would just whatever was in the bathroom haha. I've been trying out new shampoos and conditioners, that are still in a student's budget, and I'm really happy with this one. It's usually around £4 to buy, but I bought it on offer for around £2 and the bottle is huge. After using it, my hair feels as soft as using a serum on it, so when I use both this conditioner and a serum, my hair is lovely! :) Repurchase or replace? I would definitely repurchase, in fact I already have! It was on offer again so I bought two bottles full, this is definitely my new favourite conditioner!

 LOreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Crystal Sparkling Shampoo
 I bought this product after I already started using the conditioner. By then, I already knew I liked the brand, and I was definitely drawn in by the fact that this product was pink and has tiny little bits of glitter in it! :) It wasn't as amazing as I expected though, and didn't quite give me the wow factor that the conditioner did, it was quite a standard shampoo really! Repurchase or replace? I have replaced this with another shampoo as I want to keep trying new ones until I find one I really love!

Original Source Shea Butter and Honey Shower Gel
Okay, I know that reviewing three Original Source shower gels is a bit boring, but they were all such different scents I thought I might as well! This one was a really sweet honey smell and I really enjoyed it. Repurchase or replace? I have replaced my shower gel with a Soap and Glory one which seems to be lasting FOREVER, but having said that, I would definitely buy this again as I really liked the smell :)

Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel
I think this might actually be my favourite smelling shower gel ever! I opened the cap in store for a quick smell and knew immediately I was buying it. It's a lovely sweet smell that reminds me of ice cream and Summer. Repurchase or replace? As I've said above, I have replaced it, but I would and will most definitely be repurchasing this shower gel again! :)

Original Source Limited Edition 'Winter' Almond and Black Cherry Shower Gel
Unlike the other two flavours above, I wasn't really a fan of this shower gel. It took me absolutely ages to finish this product as I really didn't like the smell so kept avoiding using it! I think I would describe the smell as a more 'manly' scent, and it just wasn't to my taste! Repurchase or replace? For this one I would definitely say replace, but that's just my personal choice, some of you may love it!

Lipcote has always been a favourite of mine, and I haven't seen any other product like this on the market (let me know if you know of any!) I featured it in my 'Favourite products of 2012' blog post, and I still feel the same about it. It's almost like a clear nail varnish that you put over your lipstick to keep it on for a night out. Even though the taste and initial stinging sensation isn't the nicest, it really does make your lipstick stay on. Repurchase or replace? I will continue to repurchase this product forever I think, it has saved me on many nights out! :)

Natural Collection Pressed Powder
As you can tell, I have been using the Natural Collection pressed powders for quite a while now! I use the shade 'Cool' for when I'm a bit paler during the Winter months, and the shade 'Neutral' which is a bit darker when I have fake tanned or during the Summer. They are only £1.99 each and last for quite some time so I've never really thought to change, but I'm going to give some new ones a try as I'm sure I can get a much better one for a few quid more. Repurchase or replace? As I said, I'm going to try and replace this product for a better one, but I have no problems with it to be honest so I would happily repurchase it at some point again too!

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
A bit like the Natural Collection pressed powder, I have been using this foundation for a while now. I have a lighter shade 'Light Porcelain' for when I am a bit paler, and the shade 'Cameo' for when I have fake tanned or during the Summer. I use my Real Techniques foundation brush to apply it and have had no problems with it at all, but it is quite thick and I was thinking about trying out some new lighter foundations. Repurchase or replace? Yet again, I'm going to try and replace this product for something new, but I have been happily using it for years so would definitely repurchase it again in the future as I do love it!

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub
I felt like this product seemed to last for ages! Which is obviously a good thing and I was using it every single day in the shower. I found  I got a bit bored of it and was excited for it to run out so I could try something different. It has tiny beads in the product which burst as you rub them into your face, and I would often find them in my ear or in my hair when I got out of the shower haha! It did work well and exfoliated without being too harsh. Repurchase or replace? With this I would have to say replace, but I think I would try it out again a few months down the line.

Intu Style Brunette Dry Shampoo
I bought this product on a bit of a whim as I usually only use Batiste Dry Shampoo, but it was in the 99p store so I was really intrigued to see if it would work. I once bought a cheap dry shampoo and it ended up making my hair look more greasy than before! I was actually really pleasantly surprised with how good this product was, and for so cheap too. It worked just as well as Batiste I would say, and for a third of the price you can't really go wrong! Repurchase or replace? I would definitely replace this product. I've yet to go looking for it but I will stock up on a few when I find it! :)

Dove Original and Invisible Dry Deodrant
I have been using the original version of this product for years, but only recently have I been using the invisible dry version too. I have to say I absolutely love them both. I featured them in my 'Favourite products of 2012' post too, and I don't think I'll ever find another deodorant I love as much!
 Repurchase or replace? Repurchase every single time!

Thanks for reading :)
What do you think of this sort of post? I want to start including beauty more in my blog.
Do you use any of these products yourself?
Love Dani :)

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Instagram polaroid prints :)

I absolutely love instagram and I post photos pretty much every single day. As much as I love it being a digital app, I have always loved the thought of having some physical prints of these photos. I have so many funny memories and photographs on it, and the fact that if it broke down I would lose them all is really sad! I'd always wanted to get some printed but I thought they'd be really expensive like most things nowadays, but I was pleasantly surprised by just how cheap it is to have these printed!

To get some printed yourself, they are only £8 for a set of 18, £10 for a set of 27 and £12 for a set of 36. The delivery is also free so if you order 36 prints, they work out at 33p each, which is a bargain seen as most Polaroid film costs about £1 per image nowadays! I've also been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the prints themselves and the paper they are printed on. It's a thick card so they are sturdy and I plan to stick mine all on my uni wall to make it feel a bit more homely :)

I feel these are a great bargain for what you get and can be used for many purposes! I plan to buy a bulk of them and use them to make my own birthday cards for the people in the photos, put some into photoframes for my friends, and put some into photoframes for myself! The ordering online process is also really easy and can be done from the comfort of your bed, so next payday I'm going to treat myself again so that even if instagram does one day go down, I know I have the photographs safe for myself!

Thanks for reading :)
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