Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My little Bucket List for 2015! :)

This year, I thought that instead of doing New Years Resolutions (that I always seem to fail in the first month), I should compile a little bucket list of all the things I'd like to do in 2015. I don't know if you already know, but I actually have a full Bucket List post that I like to update all the time, so I thought it would be good to try and tick some of those off my list this year!

- Complete 5 Pinterest inspired projects.
I'm absolutely obsessed with Pinterest and have been pinning ideas on there for the past few years, but I've been way to busy at university to actually carry any of those ideas out myself. I've got everything from cooking projects, to sewing projects to beauty products and my aim is to create at least 5 of those this year.

- Dye my hair pink.
 Last year I managed to go from jet black hair to blonde, and now I'm still blonde I'd like to grow my hair out a bit and dye it pink! It's something I've always wanted to do and I should probably do it before I get too old! :)

- Read 5 books.
I know that sounds like not many, but I don't read AT ALL and I never really have. I've bought myself a few books recently and I'd like to get through them, including Gone Girl and The Fault In Our Stars. I'm gonna aim for 5 but hopefully I can read more than that!

- Find a job I love.
I've had a job and a fashion internship since graduating from university, but I need to find a job this year and hopefully it'll end up being one I love! If I could get one just like my internship at Oh My Love, I would literally be over the moon!

- Be happy with my weight again.
I'm still carrying a bit of uni weight (way too many beers and pizzas were consumed through-out my three years at uni), so 2015 is the year to get back in shape and be happy with my weight again!

- Go to the Holi Festival of Colour.
I'm obsessed with India and used their intricate garments and bright colours as inspiration for a few of my projects at university. I first heard about the real Indian Holi Festial of Colour when watching the Indian episode of Karl Pilkington's An Idiot Abroad, and ever since I've found out they do a similar day festival in the UK I've wanted to go! It's not even that expensive, I've just been busy every time it's been on, so I'd really like to go!

- Save up for a Macbook.
I have a laptop which works, but it's pretty slow and can just about handle Photoshop and the internet being open at the same time. I need to get a job and save up for a Macbook which can handle Final Cut Pro properly. I have around 20 videos which I have shot and I'm yet to edit and upload to YouTube because my laptop won't let me and Joe's always on his computer!

- Post 10 YouTube videos.
As I said above, I'd really like to edit and upload some videos this year, as well as create some new content, so my aim is so get up 10 YouTube videos, but hopefully if I do end up getting a Macbook at some point I could upload more regularly than that! :) I have so many fun ideas for my YouTube channel!

- Go to Amsterdam with Joe.
Since starting this blog post, Joe has actually surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam as my Christmas present! We have wanted to go together for the past 5 years! He's been twice before with friends but I've never been before so I'm really excited :) we're going early January so if you have any fun places for us to go, please do let me know!

- Get a new tattoo.
I only have one tattoo at the moment, and it was done by my friend when we were 17 years old. Since then, I've never really had the money spare to get anymore, and there's SO many ideas I have to get. I want to get a job in the new year to pay for things I actually want, like a Macbook and some of my dream tattoos!

- Go to Fright Night at Thorpe Park. 
This is just another simple thing I'd like to do, but me and my friends have been saying we'll do it for years! I'd be absolutely terrified, but I love Halloween and I need to go one year! 

- Sort out all of my clothes.
Since coming back from univeristy I've had quite a few charity shop journeys with bags full of clothes, but I've decided I really need to get rid of 50% of my clothes, just for space and peace of mind! I read a quote on Pinterest the other day which said 'Cut down your wardrobe by asking yourself the question "If I was shopping right this second, would I buy this?" If the answer is no, then it goes.' I also saw an interesting article on How to create the perfect capsule wardrobe which says you can have between 24 and 37 items of clothing! I may end up with a few more than that, but a wardrobe overhaul is definitely needed! :)

- Go to Download Festival.
Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, A Day To Remember, Marilyn Manson, Lamb of God. Just a few of the reasons I'd like to go to Download Festival this year. I went to Reading Festival this year and saw some amazing bands, but the atmosphere just wasn't my scene at all and I didn't get to see my friends most of the time as they were seeing other bands! My best friend and I stayed together the whole time so I'd love to go to Download with her and some others this year round!

Thank you for reading :)
What are your New Year's Resolutions this year?
Do you have your own Bucket List? Link me to it if you do :)
What else should I add to my own Bucket List?
Love Dani :)

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New YouTube video - Winter Wonderland 2014! :)

This is the second year in a row that I've managed to go to Winter Wonderland and I absolutely love it! Although it's quite pricey and very busy, it makes me feel so happy and Christmas-sy! The tankards of beer, hot dogs, waffles and huge rides. The Christmas markets, snow machines and Christmas decorations. I just love all of it, and this year I decided to film some of my day too! :)

Watch it at the highest quality you can and in full screen for a better viewing! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you have one as I'll be uploading loads of new videos in 2015!

Thanks for watching :)
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!
Did you get to go to Winter Wonderland this year?

Love Dani :)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My internship at Oh My Love clothing ♡

As some of you may know, the reason why I was absent from my blog from a while at the beginning of this month is because I was interning at Oh My Love. They're a company I've loved for years, so to be able to work behind the scenes with them for a few weeks was a pleasure and I loved my time there!

The building itself is decorated so lovely! The sign and flowers when you first walk in made me happy every day and the desks are each personalised by each person including barbie dolls, pink sticky notes and heart shaped cup holders. I worked in the Web & PR section so spent most of my time at a desk working on Photoshop and behind the scenes on the website.

My internship actually started on the first day of December so this picture described how I was feeling perfectly. It was such a nice ending to the year after having graduated this Summer and working at a non-fashion related job for a few months too. One job I helped out doing was cutting up the 10,000 tags for the clothes to be sold at The Clothes Show Live!

 The Christmas tree went up whilst I was there and it was the sassiest Christmas tree I'd ever seen! Covered in sequined baubles, cat masks and barbie dolls! It was also the 'wear a Christmas jumper to work' Friday whilst I was there which was fun to have a workplace full of people wearing bright red glitzy jumpers and tinsel :)

 When you place an order, you often find a sassy sticker comes in your package. I personally love this one, clothes before bros forever! The photography studio room was absolutely gorgeous too, covered with inspirational photographs and a whole wall dedicated to accessories!

 Occasionally I got to help out with photoshoots shooting the new stock which was fun. There is some seriously gorgeous new pieces coming onto the website soon so keep your eyes peeled for them. I have a mega long wishlist of them all now! :)

I managed to finally get my hands on this velvet skater dress with a cut-out back and embellished neck after seeing it multiple times and drooling over it whilst working on the website! I wore it to my boyfriend's family Christmas the other day and it is just as nice in person as it looks online! I had such a fun few weeks and everyone who works there is so nice, I was definitely sad to be leaving!

I thought I'd make a little collage of my favourite pieces which are currenly on the website so you can grab yourself some! The first dress is the one I'm wearing in the above picture and it's just gone into sale so get it while you can, it's the perfect Christmas dress! :) The velvet kimono is next on my grab list, it's such nice colours and will be lovely in both Summer and Winter. The floral crop top is available as a two-piece and I have it as a playsuit which is gorgeous!

These fur jackets are to die for! Oh My Love have also just created little fur clutch bags in the same material so go check them out, I'm lusting over the light pink one! These two black dresses are also gorgeous, perfect as your Christmas LBD! I love how unique and intricately detailed the clothing is as Oh My Love and I've purchased many things from them over the years  :)

Thanks for reading :)
Have you got some bits from Oh My Love?
Which is your favourite piece from their website?
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wednesday wishlist #22

Another Wednesday means another wishlist! Apologies for not posting much over the past few weeks, I've currently been interning for one of my favourite brands which has been really fun and exciting, and I will definitely be blogging about it this week! :) But now I'm back to reality and can do some blogging (and hopefully YouTubing) catch up before Christmas! This will probably be my final wishlist of the year, and it can also be used as a last minute gift guide, so I hope you find something you might like, or something you can buy for others as gifts :)

How gorgeous is this watch?! I've been obsessed with Olivia Burton watches for quite a while now, especially the pale pink straps and the hummingbird designs, but this one definitely tops them all! The white and gold design with the floral pattern just works so perfectly together! *heart eyes*

I've been on the lookout for a cute little eye mask for a while now and this one is super cute with the lace trim! It might not be totally necessary right now as the whole day seems to be pretty dark at the moment, but in the brighter months this is exactly what I'll be needing :) I ocassionally pop into Peacocks, but this year they have a fab Christmas gift selection so it's worth checking it out!

I absolutely love my Pandora charm bracelet and adding charms to it! I don't add them too regularly, only if I'm bought one as a present, or I really like one so I buy it myself! I know this charm is particularly expensive, I think it's because it has the gold centre, but it would be a lovely charm to wear through-out the Winter and colder months!

These Mac glittery cameo packages are literally my dream come true. I love anything cameo related and these are just so perfect! This one I've chosen contains a beige eyes eyeshadow palette, a mirror and a double ended brush... the perfect Christmas gift, or cheeky little gift for yourself! :)

I've tried (and loved) my fair share of candles, but these Diptyque ones keep popping up everywhere and I haven't had the chance to try one yet! They have a lovely simplistic look to them so they would look perfect on your dressing table or window sill. The scent of this one is described as 'a sophisticated blend of rose, ideally balanced by the cool fruitness of blackcurrent leaves' which sounds to die for!

I'm a massive lover of Mac lipsticks and have an ever-growing collection, and since I've seen these limited glitter casing edition lipsticks, I knew I needed to own one! The colour I've chosen is an oxblood/burgundy which is perfect for the Autumn/Winter season, and can be worn by any skin colour or hair colour!

This dressing gown has actually been in my wishlist since last year! I wanted this but decided to go for the £10 Primark version which is all white and obviously a cheaper material. I have loved it all year round (the added teddy ears make it the cutest item I own), but I've decided that I've worn it enough that spending the extra £30 on a more luxurious one would 100% be worth my money! :)

You've gotta love anything to do with pineapples and this little gold frame from Paperchase is no different. I found this in store when I was Christmas shopping recently and I can't stop thinking about it, which means that I most definitely need to go back and get it!

I've been wanting to try this concealer/highlighter for a while now as I've heard such good things about it! My eyes are generally very tired looking haha, and we all get dark circles, but sometimes even my higher end products don't seem to work as well as I'd like them to! I'd love to give this a go and see if it really is worth the hype :)

Lastly, but definitely not leastly, is this gold pineapple iPhone case from Skinny Dip. As I mentioned before, I really like anything to do with pineapples, but I've also really wanted to get an iPhone case with a see-through back so you can see your white iPhone and the little apple symbol. This iPhone case is a mix of the both, and doesn't break the bank, so is perfect for me!

Thanks for reading :)
Which is your favourite item on my wishlist?
What are you hoping for this Christmas?
Love Dani :)

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Friday Deals 2014

I was compiling a little list of Black Friday deals for myself, friends and family so I thought I may as well turn it into a mini blog post for all to see and share! I did a bit of online shopping at midnight last night and got some awesome deals. I couldn't be bothered to go into town and face the Black Friday manic shoppers but you can still get some amazing discounts online so here is what I've found so far! I'll be adding to this through-out the day too :)

Abandon Ship Apparel - Up to 70% off, no code needed
Andrew WK Shop - 20% off with code 'BLACKFRIDAY'
Asos - 20% off everything using discount code 'CYBERWKND20'
Benefit Cosmetics - 15% off using discount code 'SAVE15'
Blue Vanilla - 20% off with discount code 'SPARKLE 20'
The Body Shop - 50% off and free delivery with code '38939'
Boohoo - Up to 30% off and free delivery with code 'FREEDEL'
Boux Avenue - 20% off, no code needed
Burt's Bees UK - Up to 50% off, no code needed
Cath Kidston - 15% off with discount code 'SNOW15' 
Fashion Union - 30% off with discount code 'WEEKENDER'
Gap - 30% off and free delivery with code 'BESTGAP'
Gifts and Pieces - Up to 50% off, no code needed
Glamorous UK - 30% off everything and free gift using code 'BLACKFRIDAY'
In Love With Fashion - 30% off using code 'LOVEBLACKFRIDAY'
Look Fantastic - Up to 25% off with discount code 'BLACKFRIDAY'
Missguided - 20% off with discount code 'CYBER20' 
Mr Nutcase Cases - 30% off with discount code 'BLACKFRIDAY'
New Look - Up to 50% off, no code needed
Oh My Love London - 30% off with discount code 'BACKTOBLACK'
Office - 20% off with discount code 'SNOW'
Paperchase - 25% off with discount code 'XMASGIFT20' 
Pretty Little Thing - 20% off with discount code 'BLACKFRI'
Regal Rose - 25% off certain items with code 'BLACK'
River Island - Up to 40% off, no code needed 
Sass & Belle - Up to 50% off, no code needed
Shop Dixi - 25% off, no code needed
Topshop - Up to 50% off, no code needed
Urban Outfitters - Up to 50% off and free delivery with code 'BFDELIVERY'
Waiste Vintage - 25% off with discount code 'BLACKFRIDAY25'
Whistles - 25% off, no code needed
Whittard of Chelsea - 20% off with discount code 'EVENT'
Yankee Candles - 15% off using code 'FRIDAY15' & 25% off large candles
Your Tea - 20% off with discount code 'BLACKFRIDAY'
Zatchels - Up to 40% off, no code needed

And a few goodies I've found so far:

Abandon Ship Shark Bait T-shirt - Now £12.00
Sass & Belle Woodland Fox Wash Bag - Now £4.98

Thanks for reading :)
Let me know if you've found any amazing items or discount codes!
Hope some of these are helpful for your Black Friday shopping!
Love Dani :)

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Vivabox Perfume Selection Box 2014 :)

This time last year I was lucky enough to team up with The Perfume Shop to review a lovely little perfume beauty box called the 'Vivabox'. The box itself was designed to be a miniature set of drawers where the top drawer contained 7 sample perfumes, and in the bottom drawer you received a voucher to claim a full sized bottle of your favourite scent. You can read my full blog post about it here, and it was a lovely idea for a Christmas present! I was delighted when they asked me to work with them again this year. The concept is still the same, although the perfumes are different and the box design has been changed.

I definitely prefer the packaging for the Vivabox 2014 version! How cute is the little pink bow detailing?! You slide off the cardboard packaging and then the box opens in half to reveal the 7 mini perfumes and a little envelope saying 'For her'. The voucher itself is valid until 30th June 2016 so you don't need to worry about it running out anytime soon! I just feel as though the design has been really thought about and is so lovely this year. It is also a lot more environmentally friendly as the drawer idea last year was cool but it used more cardboard than was necessary to create it!

The perfume inside this years box all have a black, white and pink theme to them. I feel like every single piece of the box has been selected to match and it is the perfect gift for any girl. You get plenty of information about each perfume inside the box so I'll just let you know which samples have been included this year - Hugo Boss 'Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme', Carolina Herrera '212 VIP', Jimmy Choo 'Jimmy Choo', Nina Ricci 'Nina', Paco Rabanne 'Black XS', Juicy Couture 'Viva La Juicy' and Kenzo 'Flower By Kenzo' :)

Joe has been a supportive boyfriend in regards to my blog since the very first day, so I was really pleased when Vivabox asked if I'd like to give a men's box to him! It's always lovely when company's take the time to see that you have a boyfriend and offer something for him too, so obviously I snapped up the chance as he deserves a little pampering some days too! :) As you can see below, the box has the exact same design for men as for women, although the colouring is blue instead.

The mens box is just as classy as the women's, with the colour blue reoccurring through-out the box and a lovely little 'For him' envelope including perfume details and the voucher itself. I do think this is such a great gift for men and women alike. If you're not sure what to buy someone for Christmas, you know that everyone likes scents! Then if you don't know exactly which perfume would be their favourite, you're giving them 7 to choose from, and a bunch of minis to use through-out the year too! :)


Just like the women's box, you get plenty of information about each perfume inside the box so I'll just let you know which samples have been included in the men's Vivabox this year - Hugo Boss 'Boss Bottled', Paco Rabanne '1 Million', Paco Rabanne 'Invictus', Montblanc 'Montblanc Legend', Carolina Herrera '212 VIP Men', Paco Rabanne 'Black XS' and Issey Miyake 'L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme' :)

Thank you so much again for the early Christmas gift Vivabox and The Perfume Shop, you've made us very happy bunnies! :) How cute do the two boxes look together?!

If you purchase a Vivabox in the next 3 days (before 30th November) they are £37.99, saving you a few pounds and making them the exact same price as last year!

Thank you for reading :)
Would you buy this for a family member or a friend?
Which is your favourite perfume choice?
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Men's gift guide/stocking fillers for Christmas 2014 :)

Eek writing this gift guide has just made me so excited for Christmas! I love giving people presents and seeing their faces as they open them up. I especially love buying for my boyfriend as we usually set quite small budgets and try buy lots of small little goodies for each other. I've made sure that this gift guide has a price range so that it can inspire you for expensive main presents as well as a few stocking fillers or secret Santa ideas! This is the first ever men's gift guide I've written on my blog so hopefully it will help me in years to come when I run out of ideas I can pop back onto this post for inspiration!

Asos Beard Book - £9.99
There's just something about beards. Men love having beards and complimenting others on their beards so I'm guessing that they'd also like reading about beards! This book contains images from World Beard and Moustache Championships so there will definitely be some interesting photographs and reading!

 So I haven't got off to the cheapest start here, but if you're looking to treat a man in your life to something a little bit more special, I love these Daniel Wellington watches. I featured a female one in a wishlist recently as I love both the men and women versions (hint, hint!) Another place to find some other fab men's watches is Oris Watches - it's not the cheapest but there's some lovely watches!

Bjorn Borg Wild Life Trunks - £25.00
How lovely are these floral print boxer shorts? As you all know I'm a massive fan of floral, and I love the colours on these. I think more men should embrace floral patterns, especially on their underwear! They're not the cheapest pants in the world so hopefully they'll be really good quality also :)
Topman Boxed Reindeer Crossing Christmas Jumper - £30.00
You've gotta love a good old Christmas jumper! I love the colours in this Topman one - burgundy and navy are my favourite colours around Christmas time. The reindeer pattern looks really cute and I love that it's presented in a little box.

I know men don't have as many toiletries as us ladies, but they do all need somewhere to pop the bits they do use. I think this checkered one from Topman is lovely. The plaid print is very Autumn/Winter and the embroidered logo is really nice. It looks like it can fit quite a few products inside and would be perfect for those weekends away.
River Island Heisenberg Ceramic Coffee Cup - £10.00
This one is specifically for all those Breaking Bad fans out there! My favourite bit of all is that the cup lid is Heisenberg's hat! Perfect for your dads or boyfriends on the go, who can make a cup of coffee at home in the morning then take this cup to work with them!

Calvin Klein Eternity Eau De Toilette 30ml Gift Set - £33.00*
This gift set is perfect for a loved one. It comes with a mens scent and body wash in the famous Calvin Klein 'Eternity' scent, which I can confirm is gorgeous! Why not make the men in your life smell absolutely lovely this Christmas?! :)

 Soap and Glory Men's Daily Double Gift Set - £8.00 
I was so excited when I found out that Soap and Glory were now doing products for men. I am a massive fan of Soap and Glory and I have been for years, so I would definitely buy something for my boyfriend. This little gift set won't break the bank and would be perfect as a little stocking filler or Secret Santa pressie!

 Lush Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar - £3.25
I'll let you into a little secret here, my boyfriend loves Lush bath bombs (Sorry Joe!) and I'm sure yours would too! He would never go out of his way to buying one himself I'm sure, but if I've ever picked him one up, he's never complained! This little penguin bubble bar isn't too girly, has a Christmassy theme and is just so cute! :)

Now you'll only understand this mug if you've watched Game of Thrones, and if you haven't watched Game of Thrones then I suggest you do! It's a play on the saying 'bros before hoes' and crow is a nickname for the men of the Night's Watch because they dress entirely in black. This is the perfect stocking filler for any Game of Thrones fans, and I know my boyfriend would love it! :)

 Paperchase Pack of 5 Panda Highlighters - £3.00
These highlighters make me so happy every time I see them! They are the perfect stocking filler for anybody. Whether your man works in an office and would use them daily, or will occasionally use them once every 6 months, they're such a cute little addition to a pencil case or desk. Who could be disappointed by receiving 5 happy little panda pens?!

Asos Christmas Pudding Beanie hat - £10.00
This is slightly more of a joke present, but if your man or dad is happy to wear a Christmas jumper every year, then why not keep his head warm with a Christmas pudding hat? I think it's quite cute really and the cherry pompom on top is hilarious!

If you don't know what to get someone, get them a timeless DVD. You can't go wrong with popular DVDs and you can get them so cheap online now! The Shawshank Redemption is one of my favourite movies ever and should be in everyone's home! :)

Another thing you can't really go wrong with at Christmas is chocolate! Lindt make absolutely gorgeous chocolate all year round, but at Christmas they have some lovely designs! One of my personal favourites is the chocolate bear, he's a right cutie!

The most obvious gift for the man in your life is pants and socks. These ones from River Island aren't too loud or vibrant, they're a mix of nice Autumn/Winter colours with a nice little dinosaur embroidery at the top.

Last but not least is this Jack Daniels tin filled with fudge. I do love a Jack Daniels drinks and I'm sure that the fudge is just as yummy! This is perfect for a Jack Daniels lover and is pretty cheap too :)

Thank you for reading :)
What will you be getting your boyfriend/brother/dad this Christmas?
I hope this gift guide helped you!
Love Dani :)
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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Gift ideas for a girly girl: Sass & Belle!

For a floral and shabby chic lover like myself, Sass and Belle is the perfect store. They sell everything from biscuit cushions to unicorn ring holders, and they're all at reasonable prices so they are the perfect place to look for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers! You can find them online at Sass and Belle, or you can find them in their little shop in London! I was lucky enough to get asked to review a few bits from their shop, and I will definitely be adding their pieces into my future wishlists as there is so many lovely bits I'm lusting over! :)

I wasn't actually sure what would be sent over to me, so you can really tell that the lovely people over at Sass and Belle took their time to look over my blog and see what I was into as they've managed to find goodies exactly to my taste! I love a good inspirational quote (I'm constantly pinning them over on Pinterest), and I'm currently turning my sisters old bedroom into a studio which will be full of inspirational quotes on the wall, including this cute little sign! :)

 Another inspirational quote in the same style as the plaque, but this was in the form of a little trinket box. I was thinking about using it to store all the buttons I seem to have collected over my years at uni, but at the moment it's being used to store my favourite rings! It makes the perfect little addition to my desk and it makes me smile when I see it :)

Lastly but definitely not least, is this cute little floral notebook! As a blogger, you are always jotting down blog post ideas, things to buy yourself and the dates of meet ups so this is just perfect! I love the pink colour scheme and the floral print, and at such a cheap price it's the perfect gift for any girl! I've already added it to my handbag so I'm excited to start using it :)

Thank you so much for all my lovely goodies Sass & Belle! I will probably be doing a wishlist post just of items from their shop as there really is so many that I'd like - especially all their Christmas decorations on the site right now!

Thank you for reading :)
Which is your favourite item in this post?
Would you buy your friends Christmas pressies from Sass & Belle?
Love Dani :)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cheeky little eBay finds #8

I've found some more eBay bargains recently so I thought I'd put together another little eBay finds post for you guys! I love eBay and it's bargains - I managed to find a few great pieces for Halloween last minute so I was really happy about that :). Whenever I want something, I look it up on eBay and 9 times out of 10 I can find a dupe or cheaper version so it's always worth having a look yourself!

I was really excited to find this top on eBay for such a cheap price as I'd been lusting over ones in Topshop and River Island for between £14-£20. Which I know isn't too expensive anyways, it's always nice to find a cheaper dupe! I'll get around to ordering this sometime soon and letting you know how good the quality is!

I loved these triangle bralets over the Summer season but I just never ended up buying myself one. At this bargain price I will definitely be picking up one, or maybe even a few different colours, to go in my wardrobe for next Summer!

These are the glasses that I wore for basically the whole of this Summer. Up until the point when the main guy from my favourite band jumped into the crowd at Reading Festival and broke them! I have since re-ordered them as I absolutely loved them! You can see a picture of me wearing them here :)

Another dupe that I was super duper happy to come across was this American Apparel style tennis skirt. They come in many colours so for the same price as an original AA skirt I could pick up about 3 different colours! Navy, black and white please!

I've been on the lookout for a burgundy fur stole for a little while now, and this is the cheapest I could find without actually looking too cheap. I'll probably order this sometime soon as I've been wearing my faux fur stoles every day now and I fancy a new one! :)

Everyone has become obsessed with thigh high boots this Autumn/Winter, including myself. I keep going to order them off websites and they either don't have my size or they're a little bit too expensive. I was willing to pay around £40 for a pair but they kept selling out so I ventured onto eBay and luckily I found these! They currently seem to have all the sizes in so I'll be placing an order very soon!

I don't actually know if this lip balm is much cheaper than buying it in other stores, but for £2.75 including postage you can just quickly buy it as a stocking filler or add-on gift without having to worry about adding lots of items to your basket to make up for the postage prices! I haven't tried this in a flavour yet, but pink grapefruit sounds so lovely! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Have you found any eBay bargains recently?
Which is your favourite from my post?
Love Dani :)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

OOTD - Winter is coming. A day in London with my sister :)

On Thursday, me and my sister Liv popped into London for the day. We had a couple of blogger events to go to, and we just fancied spending some time together so it was a really fun day. We don't live together and we don't end up spending that much time together when it comes to working full time and having busy weekends, so it's always nice to have a good old catch up day with your little sister :)

Fur stole - H&M
Camel coat - New Look
Turtle neck crop top - New Look
Textured skater skirt - Motel Rocks*
(Get 20% off using discount code 'floraldanielle')
City bag - Zara
Chunky black boots - Primark* 

Firstly we popped into the B Public Relations SS15 Press Day which was hosting some of the newest collections from many beauty and fashion companys. Some of my favourites included Missguided, Regal Rose, Glamorous UK, Olivia Burton Watches, Ciate Nails and Alphabet Bags. We met lots of lovely ladies, had a good old browse through the collections and had a few temporary hand tattoos done. 

This bohemian maxi dress was my favourite from all of the collections. It will be coming to the Glamorous website sometime this Spring/Summer, and I will definitely be refreshing the page until I can buy this beauty! The perfect festival outfit, it's already making me excited for the sun! :)

 I was literally in love with everything on the Regal Rose stand. They seem to create the most perfect pieces every season and it was nice to get a sneak peak into what will be launching on their website in the Summer!

Afterwards we headed down to a 'blogger gifting event' hosted by Etail PR, where we were showered with some lovely beauty and fashion products to try out, most of which will be featured on my blog in the coming weeks so keep an eye out! It was a super fun event, where I met loads of lovely new bloggers, I got to meet the faces behind the brands and I was allowed to pick some of my favourites pieces from each brand which was so exciting as I'd never been to an event like that before! I was actually having such a fun time that I forgot to take any pictures, but as I said I'll be featuring the products on my blog! Thank you so much again for having us Etail PR :)

Lastly, we met up with my dad in Covent Gardens for a drink. We found a lovely little pub which overlooked the area, and we had the perfect view of the giant Christmas tree. I do feel it's a bit too early to be getting merry, but it definitely got us in the Christmas spirit!

Thanks for reading :)
Did any of the pieces catch your eye?
Are you feeling seasonal yet or is it way too early?
Love Dani :)