Saturday, 27 July 2013

John Lewis homeware wishlist!

I only have one year left at university now, and I can't stop thinking about moving back home and then eventually moving out with Joe! I try my hardest not to buy loads of homeware because I really don't have the space at the moment at my home and uni house, but it's so damn hard when there are so many gorgeous pieces out there tempting me! I usually let myself buy something if I see it at a carboot sale or in a charity shop because I know that if I don't buy it then, I literally never will be able to again, but sometimes it's okay to treat yourself and make your bedroom look pretty at the same time! :)

I have always loved browsing the homeware at John Lewis, even as a kid, and nowadays when I pop in with Joe, we always seem to find 100 things that we say "oh we can add this to our house when we move in together", so I thought I would start doing homeware wishlists more often, as I love reading them myself, and I love getting excited about moving into my own little house!

Typhoon Tea, Coffee and Sugar Storage Set - £30.00
It's actaully sad how excited I am for little things such as buying tea, coffee and sugar storage for my kitchen! I love the simplicity of this set, and would really like to have simple pastel colours in my kitchen with some vintage advert signs hanging on the walls.

Cath Kidston Provence Rose Milk Jug - £7.00
I cannot go into John Lewis without having a little browse of the Cath Kidston range! With the mugs at only £6.50 each, and some of the other kitchen supplies at just £7/8 each, I am slowly but surely starting to build up a lovely little collection! I absolutely love the pattern and colours of this pouring jug, and would have to get the mug in the same pattern to match!

As you all know (and judging by my blog name) I love all things floral! I particularly love this lamp with the floral pattern on the bottom half, although I would probably change the lampshade into a pink tasseled vintage one to go with all my other vintage finds! John Lewis have so many gorgeous table lamps for all around the house, and I know that I'm going to end up with a house full of pretty little lamps!

Newgate Cola Wall Clock - £35.00
I absolutely love this clock! I love finding genuine vintage items for my future house, but I also love finding brand new items with a vintage feel. This has such an American Diner feel and would be so lovely in the kitchen!

Little Blossom Patchwork Cushion - £15.00
How cute is this patchwork pillow?! I love the ditsy patchwork materials mixed with some gingham and dotted patterns too! I love all the different pink and purple shades and think this would look so lovely in a white and pink bedroom!

Cath Kidston Pink Large Spot Towels - £4.00 - £32.00
Another thing that really caught my eye from the Cath Kidston collection was these dotty towels! I usually just go straight to the chinaware and haberdashery sections, but these towels are actually so damn cute! I definitely know where I'll be buying my towels from when I move out! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Which bits do you like best from my wishlist?
Do you have a homeware wishlist post on your blog too?
Love Dani :)

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Cable and Cotton 'Marshmallow' fairy lights!

I've been on the lookout for some cute fairy lights to put around my bed headboard at uni for some time now. The lighting in my room is quite dark so it would be nice to have some extra lighting in the form of little fairy lights! When I came across these gorgeous delicate lights by Cable and Cotton I absolutely had to have them! You can pick individually which colours you would like on your string of lights, or choose from previously selected sets of colours which I did, and these ones are called Marshmallow! I love the light colours which will go so perfectly in my uni room when I move back!

When they arrived, they were placed separately in the box with the fairy lights next to them. It meant that you could choose the ordering of the colours, either having an ombre effect of light to dark, or having them in a light-dark-light effect like I have, or even a totally random effect! They are really simple to put together too - you simply twist each ball onto the individual light bulb. The price for a set of 20 lights is £22.95 which I think is really reasonable as it doesn't break the bank and they are such a lovely touch to a bedroom!

How absolutely adorable do they look when they are lit up?! They become more of a neutral pastel, creamy colour when they are lit and I absolutely love the shade of light they give off! They make me feel really young like I should be in a little bed-cover den with fairy lights! I am having a BBQ tomorrow and these will definitely be in the conservatory towards the end of the night to light up the place so look out for a blog post about that and pictures of the lights in action! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Do you have some Cable and Cotton fairy lights?
Which colours would you get them in?

Love Dani :)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

#VintSetFest - An evening of vintage blogger loveliness!

Last night, me and Sara decided to trek down to Birmingham for a bloggers event we had been invited to by the lovely Charlotte from The Vintage Set. It was quite a long journey (2 hours each way) but it was totally worth it and we both had a lovely time! There was so much fun stuff to do while we were there including getting some lovely nail art, browse all the vintage clothing and jewellery stalls, hook-a-duck to win a prize, there was a BBQ outside, goodie bags for everyone, a live band, a Q&A session with people from The Clothes Show Live and lots more!

The first stall when you walk in was The Vintage Set's stall who is run by the lovely Charlotte who put on the event. There was honestly so many gorgeous little vintage blouses and floral pleated skirts, why do I have to be so skint?! Don't worry though as she has an Asos Marketplace and I will definitely be placing an order in the future as they're so adorable and so affordable too! I also took part in the bloggers style challenge where we had to style a model using the clothes and accessories from around the event which was fun! :)

There was so many lovely other stalls to look at too selling everything from clothing and accessories to hair products and iPhone cases! I was very tempted by a couple of the rings, the granny sunglasses and the £5 treasure box full of clothes!

We were all lucky enough to receive a goodie bag full of lovely samples and products, we could grab some sweeties from the Candy Bar and we all queued up to get our nails done by Rosie from Nails By Rosie who is super talented, and I really want a whole set of sunflower nails now!

The cute little #VSF bracelet that we all received before the event / My sunflower nail art that I had done at 'Nails By Rosie's stall / All the lovely goodies I picked up at the event!

Thanks for reading :)
Did you go along to the event too? Please leave your link below if you did!
If you look up the hashtag #VintSetFest on twitter and instagram you can see lots of lovely pictures from all the other bloggers which went along too!
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wednesday wishlist #5

This Summer I have way too many things I'm lusting over and way not enough pennies! This weeks wishlist seems to be a lot of white and light floral/patterned pieces. I'm going to be selling some bits on eBay so maybe this can fund for a couple of treats for myself ;)

Topshop lace waist maxi dress - £46.00
I only seem to have black maxi dresses and skirts, which isn't the best colour to be wearing in the sun as it attracts the heat! This maxi dress is really plain, and would look lovely with some layered necklaces. I love the detailed waist which would look nice with a tanned belly!

Il Centimetro measuring tape bracelet - £55 
I have recently come across this company, and they sell the loveliest measuring tape bracelets made out of authentic leather digitally printed. As a fashion design student, I absolutely love this and would wear it every single day! They have plenty of colours to choose from, but the white is definitely my favourite :)

Missguided white studded flatforms - £26.99 
I've seen alot of people with the black version of these flatforms, but I have way too many black shoes already, including a pair of black studded flatforms (which I blogged about here). I absolutely love this white pair and think they'd look lovely with a maxi dress or a pair of high waisted trousers!

Dixi crystal bullet necklace - £16.00
I've started creating a nice little collection of necklaces, long and short, and have recently gotten over my fear of silver jewellery! Okay, so it wasn't actually a fear, but I only ever used to buy gold jewellery and really hated the thought of silver, but now silver is my new favourite! I love bullet necklaces and love the dip-dye/ombre effect on this one!

Urban Outfitters elephant crop top - £20.00
How cute is this crop top?! I have a proper thing for elephants, and recently bought myself the most gorgeous elephant rug which I'm sure I'll feature in a haul sometime soon! This crop top is so cute and simple and would look great with a maxi skirt or some shorts!

Oversized 'Monday I'm in love' floral clutch bag - £18.00
I love love love this oversized clutch bag! It's on the Oh My Love website, and I love so many of their things already (including Waiste, of course!) Obviously we all love the song 'Friday I'm in love' by The Cure, and I love this phrase as Monday. I now also love this brand!

Thanks for reading :)
What have you got on your wishlist this week?
Have you already bought any of the things on my wishlist?
Love Dani :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday summary #5

It's been almost a month since I've last posted a Sunday summary post, and this is very naughty of me as I told myself I would do them every single Sunday! I've been home for Summer about a month now so all of these photos are since being home from university and all the random things I've been up to! I've been on a few mini getaways to the beach and to see friends, I've caught up with my besties and had lots of yummy food which is always nice when I'm used to student living for the rest of the year!

 Joe brought us home some lovely beers to have with our dinner! I've kept them to put flowers in after :)
My gorgeous elephant rug from the Urban Outfitters sale!
My cutie little boyfriend Joe - he made me sit on the uncomfy chair cos he wanted the throne!

I love my Juju jellies! I want to get myself some in black now :)
My Minkpink dress, gold Casio watch and some Budweiser for a roadtrip!
Me and my bestie went to London Dungeons - it was terrifying and so much scarier than when I was younger!

Starbucks almost got my name right! I actually spelt it out D-A-N-I and they still got it wrong!
My gorgeous new cake stand all ready for a tea party :) I review it here
This week I made some lovely necklaces for Waiste clothing, you can buy them here :)

Me and Joe on our little getaway at the caravan!
My current sunshine read - it was only 99p in the charity shop :)
I finally went ahead and deleted Candy Crush! I got to Level 102 and realised how sad I was!

I ordered some gorgeous new bits off Little Teacup Jewellery - go check it out, everything is so cheap! 
Gotta love having some Pimms and snacks in the sun!
Cameo and crochet!

Some lovely little carboot sale finds from last weekend - crochet and paisley!
I need to try some of these Monsters Inc cereal!
The other night out, we ordered a pitcher, and they gave it to us in a giant duck! :)

My lovely black (fake) nails! I will definitely be reviewing these as I loved them!
Yummy 'Sex on the beaches' with ice and strawberries in the sun :)
How lovely is this Waiste jacket?! I'm absolutely loving my internship so much!

Thanks for reading :)
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P.S. I promise I'm not an alcoholic, these were taken over a month ;)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Favourite bloggers of the month #3

This is technically my favourite bloggers for the month of June, but I've had a super busy month and have had to post this slightly late! How gorgeous has the weather been lately though?! I've been enjoying relaxing in the sun loads, had a lovely weekend away in Nottingham with some friends, been for a weekend away with my boyfriend, and have been drinking a stupid amount of ice cold beer!
My first favourite blogger of the month is the lovely Helena from Bell's Fashion. I haven't been following Helena for too long, but I have quickly fallen in love with her style and amazing collection of clothes! She has such lovely printed outfits and I'm super jealous of her mum making her some gorgeous one-off two-pieces, I might need to try and make some for myself! :)

Introduce yourself and your blog?
My name is Helena but called Heli by most people and I am 21 years of age. I'm currently living in Portsmouth with my mum and 5 cats! I started my blog as a uni summer project but loved it so much I decided to carry it on!

Where does your blog name come from?
Aswell as being nicknamed heli, I also have the nickname helibells which is then abbreviated to just bells, which is why it's called 'Bells Fashion' I don't really like the name but really uninventive when it comes to things like that so just left it!

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories?
I mainly buy second hand and vintage clothes from charity shops and carboots but high street wise my favourite place is probably Asos.

Do you have a favourite style icon?
Without a doubt my style icon(s) are the amazing sisters Jess and Stef from How Two Live.

 Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently?
Arctic Monkeys- Do I wanna know? Just to listen to Alex Turner's dream of a voice really.
Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently?
Hmmm can I say shoes? If so then my Jeffrey Campbell Nextranes even though they squash my feet to bits they just seem to go with everything!

Don't forget you can also follow Helena on Twitter and instagram :)


Secondly is the lovely Amy from Amy Valentine. I've been following her blog for quite a while now and I'm obsessed with her pink hair and super long legs! She must have the most amazing wardrobe full of clothes and jewellery, and I love her music taste too!

 Introduce yourself and your blog?
My name is Amy and I'm 18 from Reading.  I started my fashion blog as an outlet for my creativity and love for styling up outfits!

Where does your blog name come from?
My blog name is pretty simple really, my full name is actually Amy Valentine Joslin so it's literally just my name!

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories?
High street-wise I like shopping in Topshop, Primark and Urban Outfitters, but they can often be quite expensive, so I prefer shopping online as you can find everything a lot cheaper and use discount codes, as well as pick up some great finds on eBay. I also try to go charity shopping when I can!

Do you have a favourite style icon?
I usually take a lot of my style inspiration from other bloggers and street style photos, I can't really think of a single style icon!

 Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently?
I'm really loving Memphis May Fire at the moment, specifically the song 'Miles Away' featuring Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens, another one of my favourite bands!
Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently?
Since I bought my Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Coltranes not so long ago I haven't been able to take them off, I love them so much!

Don't forget you can also follow Amy on Twitter, Like her Facebook page and Fan her on LookBook :)

Lastly is Sara from Waiste. I had already picked her to be on my third favourites post before I even applied to intern at Waiste clothing! But now I have the internship and I'm seeing her weekly, I feel like I know Sara really well, and she's so lovely that I want to feature her even more now! She has the most amazing collection of clothes including lots of patterned pieces and gorgeous jewellery too!

Introduce yourself and your blog?
My name is Sara, and I'm a 20 something girl living in East London. I basically started my blog as an online outfit diary because I could never remember what I wear, and it all went from there after I realised I quite liked blogging and people seem to quite like my style!

Where does your blog name come from?
My boyfriend thought of it!

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories?
Charity shops, carboots, markets and eBay. Love a bargain!

Do you have a favourite style icon?
Mary Kate circa 2006 ish, Stevie Nicks and Vanessa Hudgens is my current one.

Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently?
Tom Odell on repeat. I'm a little bit in love with him (sorry Dan) I saw him at the airport in NY and that's when my crush started. His music is beautiful.

Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently?
Anything crochet of course! 

Don't forget you can also follow Sara on Twitter and instagram :)
Thanks for reading :)
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Love Dani
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Friday, 19 July 2013

Home decor: My new floral cake stand!

I've been on the lookout for the perfect cake stand for ages now, and I just couldn't seem to find one which took my fancy! They look so lovely as jewellery stands in the corner of your bedroom, and are the perfect centre piece for a little tea party with friends! When I was contacted by the lovely people at to ask if I wanted to review an item, I absolutely HAD to choose this cake stand! It has three layers, of three different patterns and colour, and it has a lovely vintage feel about it.

How gorgeous is it?! And it was the perfect excuse to have a little tea party with lots of yummy cake goodies! There are so many lovely things sold on the website, and I'm particularly in love with the vintage french furniture range, I would love the white dressing table in my bedroom! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Do you have a cake stand in your house?
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My internship at Waiste - #2

So I'm back with a blog post about what I've been up to for the past two weeks at Waiste clothing. It's been a hectic few weeks with lots of orders and lots of exciting news, which I'm sure you will be hearing about soon via the Waiste twitter! We've created a new bloggers mailing list which is exclusive for you guys, full of news and discount codes, so if you'd like me to add you to it, leave your email in the comment box below :)

We spent the week sewing, dyeing, designing, photographing the stock, making necklaces, delivering orders, creating lookbooks and so much more! I'm loving my internship at Waiste and am really enjoying being behind the scenes seeing the company expand and improve. I have my eyes on a few of the dungarees too (especially the Lazy Daisys) so I know what I'm going to be investing in next payday! I've already got my hands on one of the ying-yang necklaces and I haven't taken it off since!

This week I wrote a blog post for the Waiste blog on how to style the Waiste dungarees. I included lots of our favourite brands including MINKPINK, Jeffrey Campbell and Topshop. You can read the full post here :)

I spent the day making these lovely ying-yang necklaces! Get your own for only £5 / How lovely is this outfit?! I need to get myself a crochet crop top to wear with some Waiste shorts! / Check out the website for all these Waiste denim jackets / Mega babe Georgia May Jagger was spotted out wearing Waiste to her dad's 70th birthday / Gorgeous blogger Lua wearing her custom-made black paisley dungarees. You can email us at Waiste and we can get whatever you like made! / All the gorge new denim shorts being made, with lots more designs coming soon! :)

I have so much love for Sara's cat Hershey! He likes to hide around the house, but when he does make an appearance he likes to help us take photos of the stock and watch the shorts get tie dyed outside :)

Thanks for reading :)
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