Saturday, 25 March 2017

Mother's Day gift guide!

So it's come around really quickly again, and this Sunday we will be celebrating Mother's Day. This year is going to be a special one because not only do I get to spoil my own mummy, but my little sister is spending her first Mother's Day as a mummy herself! I've collated together a little gift guide to give you some last minute inspiration if you haven't already got all the bits you need to treat your mummy to a lovely day.

I love picking out a card for my mum for Mother's Day. Sometimes I go for lovey dovey, sometimes I go for funny and sometimes I go for a pretty design. This one is definitely pretty design - I love the background print!

How cute is this little rose gold bath tub?! I would keep it to use in my bathroom afterwards for sure! I love the sound of Baylis & Harding's new pink prosecco range, and I'm sure that my mum would too!

I treated myself to this eyeshadow palette last year and I have used it every single day since. The colour palette ranges from subtle light pinks to a dark brown and burgundy. I feel that the neutral tones are the perfect gift for a mum who wants to try experimenting with their eye make up and they can gradually get darker as they get braver! :)

With Spring/Summer just around the corner... (well hopefully, this weather has been a little all over the place), a pair of new sunglasses are the perfect gift. These are a little expensive but a pair of Raybans are going to last you a very long time. I absolutely love the shape of this style. They have a vintage feel to them and I think they would suit all face shapes.

My mum has actually already been spoilt to these slippers by my sister. I must say though, she absolutely loves them and she will definitely be able to wear them for many more years to come. Her and my sister have matching pairs and I think I'm going to have to treat myself to a pair. I know this is an expensive present, but it's definitely a worthy investment as they last forever.

I swear by this lipstick ever since I tried it. I think it is the perfect shade for a young lady or an older woman. Mac lipsticks are a lovely little present to treat someone you love. 

How yummy do the flavour of these sound?! You really cannot go wrong with treating your mumma to some chocolates on Mother's Day.

Although these may be an expensive choice for flowers, you can always get a bouquet to suit your own mums style and to fit in your price range. I love a big bunch of flowers and coming into Spring this is the perfect time.

The lovely people over at Baylis & Harding sent me over a couple of their Pink Prosecco & Cassis range* to give to my mum for Mother's Day. As I mentioned before it is my sister's first Mother's Day so I will give one to her and one to my mummy. I'm rather tempted to keep them though, how lovely does pink prosecco and cassis sound?! I love the rose gold and cut-out packaging details and I hope that they love them as much as I do!

Thanks for reading :)
What have you got for your mummy this Mother's Day?
Love Dani x

Sunday, 19 March 2017

My latest dressing table addition: a light up mirror!

I absolutely love getting ready in the morning at my new dressing table at my Mum's house. I usually do my make up in the bathroom mirror as the light in the bedroom is a little bit too dark with not much natural light (and no one wants the horrible foundation line on your neck eh?!) but I have a new little addition which has made doing my make up at my dressing table possible.

Not only does this mirror light up my whole face and dressing table area, but even when the light is switched off, it works as a great magnifying mirror. The perfect mirror for plucking your overly bushy eyebrows and getting a good ol' look at your makeup-less face. I absolutely love the design of this mirror. It is actually supposed to be a bathroom mirror, but I 100% love the look of it on my dressing table in the bedroom.

As a child, I always dreamed of having a big light up mirror like the movie stars have in their dressing rooms, and while this may not be exactly that, it's a fairly cheap and cute alternative. The quality of the mirror is great (it is really heavy and sturdy) but I also think that it looks expensive and sophisticated.

With the main bedroom light off, it even makes a lovely little side lamp when you only want a little bit of light for reading etc. It has a wire that plugs into the wall so you don't need to worry about buying batteries and them running out.

Thanks for reading :)
Do you have an illuminated mirror?
Love Dani x