Thursday, 17 April 2014

Cheeky little eBay finds #7

I can't believe I haven't written one of these eBay finds posts since JUNE 2013! They used to be my favourite style of posts, to write and to read, and they always proved really popular, so I thought I may as well bring them back! Here are a couple of my latest finds, some of which I have ordered, and some of which are currently on my wishlist :)

I've been on the lookout for a black floppy hat for AGES now (to channel my inner witch after watching American Horror Story: Coven) and for less than a fiver, I really don't think you can go wrong here!

After featuring the gorgeous, yet quite expensive, Wildfox Lolita deluxe gold heart shaped sunglasses on a recent wishlist of mine, I've been searching for a cheaper dupe to wear religiously this Summer, and I really do think these are the ones!

Black stretch tattoo necklace, bracelet and ring - £2.99
I'm pretty sure we all had one (or ten) of these when we were growing up in the 90s right?! For less than £3 I am more than willing to buy one of these and wear it around all the time. I think the necklace would even look so cute just poking out the top of a turtle neck top.

Black lace trim shorts - £9.40
Zara style black shorts for under £10 - where on earth can you go wrong with these shorts?! This is the closest image I could find to the actual ones being sold on eBay, but I'm definitely gonna be ordering these bad boys soon. The lace shape on them seem to be similar to these gorgeous ones from Oh My Love which I have been drooling over for a little while too :)

Black chunky sole platform wedges - £23.98
I go through black wedges like mad. I've had about five pairs during my 3 years at university and I've literally worn them all to the point that either the strap breaks, the wedge falls apart or I nearly break my ankle falling over in them! These look really nice and won't break the bank either! The velcro strap will make it a little bit easier when you've had a bit to drink too!

Star and moon celestial iPhone case - £2.99
I have found my perfect iPhone case! I ordered this a few days ago, the moment I laid eyes on it I knew I had to have it! I like the switch my iPhone cases around quite a lot as I get bored, or the corners snap off, but I'm hoping this one will be around for a while!

Thanks for reading :)
Are you happy with me bringing back my eBay finds posts?
Would you like me to make this a monthly post again?
Which item is your favourite in this post?
Love Dani :)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

The perfect Sunday in...

I recently ordered myself these gorgeous candles from Flamingo Candles and I'm so happy that I did! I'd been following them on Twitter and instagram for a while now, and kept meaning to buy myself some but just never got around to it. The second term of third year was a pretty stressful one which included writing my dissertation, so I just decided to take the plunge and treat myself!

The two flavours of candle which I went for were Black Cherry Gluhwein (on the left) and Vanilla & Black Pepper. The scents are so strong and lovely! I love that the jars have a little screw lid on top which keeps all the smells inside and when you open them the gorgeous smells leaks out!

The scents are so strong and lovely! I love that the jars have a little screw lid on top which keeps all the smells inside and when you open them the gorgeous smells leaks out! Their packaging is gorgeous and I would definitely recommend them as an awesome gift for family and friends, especially someone who's moving to uni or into a new house!

I love the gorgeous little flamingo designs on the side and the lid of the candles. There are such a wide range of colours and scents that I will definitely be buying them again for myself and for presents! The next flavour scents on my wishlist are Candy Floss and Vanilla Milk Bottles, how yum do they sound?!

I also picked up these two scent melts for £2 each. I recently bought myself a little buddha oil burner which you can melt them in, and the sound of Pink Lemonade was just too much to resist, and I definitely wasn't disappointed! The best thing about these is that you can break them off a little bit at a time to make them last longer. I also bought the Ginger Supreme as one to keep for next Christmas, as ginger is such a lovely Christmas scent.

Overall I am really pleased with these candles and think they're definitely worth the price for the scents and the burning time. These two were the perfect little addition to my all white uni bedroom and hopefully these yummy scents will keep me sane during these last few weeks left at uni! :)

Thanks for reading :)
What's your favourite candle to burn?
Which flavour Flamingos Candle would you purchase?
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wednesday wishlist #15

Another week, another wishlist, and this week in particular I'm feeling rather poor. My obsession with Pinterest is almost out of control as I'm on it daily pinning inspiration for clothing, home decor etc, but that's for another post! Another thing it's been doing though, is make me lust over some designer brands which I wouldn't necessarily even glance at normally. Therefore this wishlist contains some expensive, 'out of my budget by far' items. It's not too long before I finish uni now though and can actually get a job and money for some lovely new bits!

Motel Missouri Wrapover Skirt in White Waffle - £30.00
Get 20% off using discount code 'floraldanielle' :)
I really like the wrapover skirt/skort trend but I like this one in particular as it's high waisted too! I can see myself wearing this loads over Summer so it might need to be an investment. I bought a few things in the Motel sale (the discount code works on sale items too) and I do not regret it one bit!

Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner - £6.00
I've heard lots of good things about this eyeliner and I'm in need for a decent eyeliner so I think I might give this one a try. I've actually never been disappointed with anything from Soap and Glory that I've bought before, so fingers crossed this'll be as good as everyone says it is!

Dixi Nova Crescent Moonstone Ring - £24.00
I'm pretty much in love with everything from the new 'Thunder in our hearts' collection by Shop Dixi. This crescent moon ring with a moonstone added is my favourite of the lot!

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in the shade 'Retrofuturist' - £10.80
There's been such a hype around Lime Crime products recently, in particular their lipsticks. I do love spending a bit more money on lipsticks as they're my favourite piece of make up and my Mac lipsticks are the best! I'd probably start off with a red shade at first, then venture into some bolder colours if I like them a bit later. Please comment me if you know where I can buy Lime Crime in the UK :)

Wildfox Lolita deluxe sunglasses - £120.00
Okay so judging by all my charity shop and carboot sale blog posts, you can probably tell that I'm not someone to spend £120 on a pair of sunglasses, but I'm a teeny bit in love with these ones! I don't know if I could wear them though, I'd be scared of breaking them or sitting on them 24/7!

Mulberry willow tote in black - £1600.00
And if I thought £120 on some sunglasses was bad, then £1600 on a bag is definitely out of my price range! But a couple of my best friends have invested in Mulberry bags recently, and I must admit I'm a little jealous! This 'Willow' style is definitely my favourite as it's essentially a 2-in-1 bag as the front bit unzips to become a clutch bag!

I already have one of these clothes rails, and it is one of the best things I've ever bought! It holds the majority of my clothes, but when I finish uni and move back home I'd love to get another to put all my massive coats and Winter clothes onto, and then keep one for more Summer-y stuff as my current one is pretty stuffed full!

Topshop hydrate black and gold sandals - £22.00
I like to get myself a new pair of sandals when Summer finally arrives each year (my lovely Juju jellies swam off into the sea last year!) and I think these are gonna have to be the ones! With student discount added on top of this already cheap price, they're a right bargain and they look so much more expensive than they are!

Elegant Touch House of Holland 'Heartbreaker' nails - £7.99
I've been meaning to buy these nails ever since they came out, but being a fashion student you can't exactly get much work done with long nails, so I think I'm gonna buy them when I finish uni in May! They are such a cute little design! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Which was your favourite item?
Link me your own wishlist posts if you have them!
Love Dani :)

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday summary #8

Yet again, it's been forever since I've done a Sunday Summary blog post! I've tried to leave out any uni related photos so that I can do another post specifically on my fashion work (you can see the first one here), which has been rather hard as I feel like that's all I'm doing right now! I'm both happy and sad that the weather's starting to warm up - happy because I absolutely love the sun, but sad because I have to enjoy it from inside, or occasionally at the weekend :)

I watched the entire five series of Breaking Bad this term in less than a month. I was totally hooked and I'm pretty sad that it's over forever now, but I'm gonna watch it again from the start one day. It amused me how much the blue Jolly Ranchers look like Walter's blue crystal meth!
I'm starting to do some more beauty related posts on my blog recently, as I love doing my hair and make up as much as any other girl, so why not share my thoughts on products! The first of many is this review of the Model's Own new Hyper Gel nail polishes which you can see here :)
 We have a balcony on one of the bedrooms of our uni house, so on Sundays we like to all hang on there for an hour or two in the sun. #balconybants

I've recently left the dark side and gone blonde. It still needs one or two more sessions until it's the proper blonde that I'd like, but I'm loving it already! This photograph was taken when I was testing out my new Benefit Lollitint so if you'd like to see the full review you can see it here :)
 How gorgeous are these vintage locks!? I found them when fabric shopping in London and I think I'm gonna have to go back and purchase one! They're about as big as my palm, and the keys work on them still, I just need to find something I can lock up!
Primark have got it absolutely spot on with these My Little Pony pajama bottoms!

Some little outfit details - the skirt is from Topshop and the rings are from Waiste Vintage.
A recent black and white Wednesday wishlist which you can check out here :) 
Have any of you guys been using these Carex hand washes?! I'm absolutely obsessed with them, the smells are so realistic! I picked up Strawberry Laces, Chocolate Orange and Cola Bottles flavours. The Strawberry Laces one is currently in my bathroom and it makes me happy every time I use it!

Isn't this just the cutest kind of graffiti you've ever seen!? I go to an arts university so I'm not sure if it was part of someones project, but balloon art on the walk home from uni definitely cheered me up!
My friend Tim works at the local Starbucks so he gave us personalised names on our cups haha!
The Kings Pub in Norwich has the cutest pin-up wallpaper in their toilets, I really want to do this in my bathroom when I get my own house!

Need to get yourself a new notepad? Then be sure to check out Wilkinsons, how cute is this little doggie one?!
I've given my blog a little makeover recently and I really like the way it looks now. It included a lot of searching on Google for how to use HTML (I used to be so good back in the Myspace days) but I'm definitely feeling like change is a good idea.
When Joe came to visit last month we went to Biddy's Tea Room in Norwich, which is basically my favourite place right now! For under a tenner you can get unlimited tea, a few huge sandwiches and crisps, then a cake of your choice, all served in mismatching vintage floral china. If you're ever in the area you should definitely go there for lunch, it's all so beatifically decorated too! :)

The nearer it's getting to Summer, the more I'm getting excited for bringing out my colourful wardrobe including some lovely pastels. This jumper is actually from Primark and it's one of my favourites lately. You can read this full blog post here :)
I've eventually got around to sitting down today and reading this issue of Company magazine including lots of lovely bloggers who's blogs I love anyways!
Lastly but not leastly, a very happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mummy! I love this picture of us so much, I'm such a squished little chipmunk!

In the last Sunday Summary post, I promised I'd start leaving my favourite song/band at the time. This week I booked my ticket for Reading Festival. It'll be the first time I ever go to Reading and I cannot wait, so many of my favourite bands are playing. I've only started listening to Die Antwoord recently but they are fast becoming another favourite, and I can't wait to see them live this Summer!

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Fluffy jumper and Dresslily necklace :)

With being so busy at uni all the time, I feel like I haven't had the time to really dress up much lately, so when we do have the occasional night out I love using it as an excuse to get really dolled up! I'll plan my outfits in advance and this combo is my recent favourite, it's definitely going to be used for the next night out, even if it is on my birthday night out at the end of April!

 Primark duck blue fluffy crop top - £10.00

I recently bought this jumper in both black and blue from Primark, and they're definitely my most favourite buys recently! They keep you warm on a cold night out, but they're light enough to be worn during a sunny day too! This blue colour is absolutely gorgeous too and I can't wait to wear them loads more! :)

I was kindly sent this necklace from DressLily and it has quickly become my favourite SS14 go-to necklace! There are so many pretty colours in it which means that it goes well with lots of different coloured clothing. I've had it go well with pink, blue, cream, white and black so far! The black roping is a nice detail too as it means that the necklace is slightly less formal and can be worn during the day too.

DressLily is an online shop which is based in China and ship internationally. I was slightly worried about how long the necklace might take to arrive, but it did arrive within a week or two. The best bit is that flat rate shipping (7-20 days) is actually free of charge, and you can pay via Paypal too which is always the safest way to pay for anything online!

I've enjoyed writing this blog post as it has gotten me really excited for Spring and Summer, and wearing lots of pretty pastel colours again! I'm sure both of these items will be making a comeback in my blog soon and I aim to start actually taking some 'OOTD' photographs this Summer as I've been far too lazy/scared to in the past! Wish me luck! :)

Thanks for reading :)
What are you looking forward to wearing this S/S14?
Would you wear this combo together?
Love Dani :)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Benefit Lollitint cheek and lip stain review and swatches! :)

I would describe my blog as a fashion, beauty and vintage blog, but it has been lacking in the beauty side of things recently so I've been trying to post a few beauty reviews here and there to spice it up a little! As a student studying Fashion Design day in and day out, it's quite nice to step back from it all and appreciate doing the little things like your make up for a night out! The course has been really stressful lately and I've been to busy that I haven't even had time to do my hair or make up properly in ages, so when we have the occasional Friday night out it's really fun to get to try some of my products I've had sitting in a make up bag waiting to be used!

 The product I've pulled outta the make up bag today is Lolli Tint from Benefit. It is a 'Candy Orchid Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain' which they recently released for S/S 14. This is actually the first cheek or lip stain I have ever owned, and I'm loving it so far. The first thing I noticed was how lovely the packaging itself was! Benefit always have gorgeous packaging, and I must admit that even though I'm not always the girliest girl, pink is definitely my favourite colour!

The instructions are quick and easy, literally just brush a little of the product onto your cheek or lips and quickly blend in. You can layer the product up for a darker look if you wish, but I usually find that just one little stroke is enough to give you a lovely colour. I love the words 'flirtiest flush' and 'dreamy sweetness' in the description of the product, and I most definitely agree!

The product itself almost looks like a little nail varnish pot and brush. I love the metallic finishing on the pot itself and it is nice and small so that you can easily fit it in your handbag. The colour itself actually happens to be the Pantone colour of 2014 - Radiant Orchid, which is a gorgeous purple-y pink, slightly more purple than Benefit Posietint.

How cute are the little fold-out instructions booklet that comes with these Benefit tints?! I really love the fashion illustrations with step-by-step pictures which are simplistic and stylish, just how I like it! :)


Here is a swatch of the product on the skin, and the product rubbed in. This swatch is on my arm so it will look slightly different on your face and depending on your skin tone, but you can see the lovely light purple shade that is left once it has been rubbed in. 

This photo was taken before a night out recently where I was wearing the Benefit Lollitint just on my cheeks. You can see even from a distance how lovely the colour is, and it has quickly become my go-to blusher/tint! It isn't the cheapest product at £24.50, but anyone who has bought a liquid product from Benefit before, will know that it literally lasts for about a year, or more, so I would definitely say that it is worth the investment, and that I would repurchase it again! For those of you who don't follow me on instagram (@floraldanielle), I have been starting to dye my hair blonder for the Summer!

Thanks for reading :)
Do you own any of the Benefit tints?
Would you invest in Lollitint?
Love Dani :)

TomTom Hands-free car kit for Smartphones review! :)

I was recently contacted by Tesco Compare to see if I'd like to review a gadget which made driving safer, and seen as I love gadgets, plus any excuse to go on a road trip, I most definitely said yes! The product itself was a TomTom hands-free car kit for smartphones. I wasn't 100% sure what the product was going to do, but I knew that along with my iPhone I could use it as a sat-nav and answer phonecalls while driving safely.

In the box came the hands-free kit, a charger which connects to the car (gotta love a charger in the car!) and some extra wires for changing the microphone. You can position the kit either on the window of your car itself, or on the dashboard using the mounting disk.


I don't really need to take phonecalls in the car, I will usually just wait until I next pull over to ring the person back, but my main reason for using this kit would be for a sat-nav. When I originally went to download the TomTom app, I didn't realise it would be quite so expensive (I will probably invest in it once I've finished uni though), so for now, the Google Maps iPhone app is what I used to get me from A to B.

The maps app actually worked perfectly with the hands-free kit for how we wanted it. We could see exactly where we needed to go next without any hassle or one of us constantly needing to hold the phone. The charging facility was an added bonus which I loved!

As per usual, Joe was very excited to be going on a road trip with me ;)

In conclusion, I really like this product! As I said, I wasn't 100% sure what this product would do for me, but it's now a daily essential in the car, whether it be used as a sat-nav or a charger. I'm excited to try out it's other features too as it can be used to make hands-free calls through blue tooth aswell!

Do you have a hands-free kit in your car?
Would you consider investing in one?
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wednesday wishlist #14

So I'm back with another Wednesday wishlist, because my life is literally all about wanting to spend money that I do not have! There's a lovely monochrome feel this week - since dying my hair blonder I seem to be wearing loads of black and white again because I don't look gothic anymore when I wear all black! And because they go with everything :) I'm starting to get really excited about leaving university now and thinking about moving out with Joe, or redecorating my bedroom and my sisters old bedroom in my house with dad into a studio/sewing room. I'll probably write a Pinterest inspiration blog post again soon as I've seen so many cool ideas!


 Okay so as per usual, the items in my wishlist are totally out of my price range. Well, as a student, nothing is really in my price range but we won't talk about that ;) BUT HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS DRESS!? Floral print, check. Maxi length, check. Cheeky bit of thigh on show, check. This is literally the perfect Summer dress for me and when the weather starts to warm up a little I may have to invest!

Since watching the third series of American Horror Story, I've really wanted to get a black floppy hat and join the coven! (I'm only halfway through the series so please no spoilers!) They're such a simple accessory to chuck on top of a plain outfit to make it a bit nicer! I'm so lazy with what I'm wearing at the moment as I'm literally going to uni, making clothes all day then coming back home to bed, but a nice hat is always needed! :)

(Get 20% off everything at using discount code 'floraldanielle')
Months later, I'm still obsessed with this sun and moon print! I have the long sleeved crop top and skater skirt combo which I love to mix and match, and now I've come across this backpack version I really want it! It's quite expensive for a bag but at least you can get 20% off with my discount code, and it looks nice and big to carry all my uni stuff to and from the studio!

I've nearly used up my whole large Yankee candle, but I did get it in first year of uni, and I'm now in my third so that's not too bad seen as I literally use it every day! I definitely think they're worth the price as the scents are so strong and nice! I like the sound of this white one, and I feel like it would smell really 'homely' but I need to smell it in store to check I like it. It's got 25% off online at the moment though so I might just grab it while I can ;)

I didn't know there was Zara homeware shops until my best friend started showing me all the lovely bits she'd started picking up from there! She then bought me a glass jar from there, pretty similar to this but circular, for Christmas which I have to fill up with memories from throughout the year, and I can't open them until Christmas next year! How exciting! I'm not sure what I'd use this one for, probably a very expensive cotton bud holder, but it's so lovely!

I've had my Pandora charm bracelet for a good few years now, and not many of the charms have WOWED me. I've got some lovely ones from my boyfriend including a 'mother of pearl' heart one, and my housemates bought me a cute little house charm which I love, but I haven't seen any in a while that I've felt like I really needed... until now! Keeping up with my celestial obsession, they've brought out a charm which has a moon on one side and a sun on the other... literally perfection! :)

I saw this cup on Pinterest a few months back and I knew that it would be something that Joe would love as he's into his pirate ships and krakens haha, but the more I look at it the more I actually love it! The pricing here is a bit weird as it's from America so I converted it to pounds, and I'm not sure how much postage would be, but I'd really like a cup with a little octopus in!

Aren't these shoes to die for?! I recently actually invested in them as the styling for my graduate collection photoshoot, and I intended to take them back, but the only problem is though, that the model has the same size feet as me, and these shoes are lovely! So I think I might just end up keeping them to be honest! :)

Thanks for reading :)
What is currently on your wishlist?
And which is your favourite thing from my wishlist?
Love Dani :)

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Models Own Hyper Gel nails review and swatches! :)

I'd hear loads of good things about Models Own's new collection of nail varnishes called 'Hyper Gel's, so when they did a 50% off sale on the website to launch the products, I knew I needed to get my hands on a few of them! They're only £5 to begin with, so to get them for £2.50 each was a total bargain. I only bought my favourite 4 out of the 10 to choose from, but I went for the four I thought I would use the most. I bought a couple of other Model's Own goodies, but for now I'll leave those until another day!

I'm really happy with how the nail polish came out. The gel shine finish really does give off the professional look of a salon finish. All these colours are literally after only two coats and they are so thick. Perfect for if you're in a rush and only have a small amount of time to throw on some nail varnish.

I decided to go for a red shade as you literally can never have too many red nail polishes! I love having red lips and nails at the same time and I feel like it literally will go with any hair colour! It's a really glamorous pin-up style red and I can't wait to wear it out :)

I've recently dyed my hair blonder and it's made me realise I love pink again (oh dear!) but I thought I may as well treat myself to a girly pink shade of nail polish. I love the bubblegum/pastel pink colour of this nail varnish and I'm sure I will be getting lots of use out of it!

I absolutely love this nude shade! I don't really own many natural coloured nail varnishes and I think this will look lovely with a simplistic monochrome outfit. It's a really lovely shade for Spring too actually and I'm sure I will get loads of use of it too!

I'd been after a white nail varnish for a while now so I was really happy that there was a bright white shade in the Hyper Gels range. I know to some people it'll look like I've just put tippex on my nails, but I really like that look! The white shade is actually the only one that I've had the chance to wear out yet, and I must admit that it did start to chip the next day BUT I do study a fashion course which requires me to be hands-on all day everyday... AND I didn't use a base coat or a top coat, so I'm definitely willing to give them another go as they're such gorgeous colours! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Which is your favourite shade out of the four I bought?
Do you own any of the Hyper Gel nail polishes?
Do you think I should do some more beauty posts on my blog?
Love Dani :)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Favourite bloggers of the month #4

Yet again, I'm super duper behind with my 'Favourite bloggers of the month' post! It's turning into more of a faves of the season post, and for this I apologise! I'm literally swimming in third year uni work, and I will be until I finish in May, but I promise that once I'm all done for good, blog posts will be regular, hopefully even daily, which should be fun! :) I do love doing these blog posts though, it's lovely to be able to show you some of my favourite bloggers who influence me, and it's also nice to go back through their blog and find some of my all time favourite outfits of theirs!

My first favourite blogger of this month is the gorgeous Sade from In My Sunday Best. I've been a fan of Sade's blog for what seems like years now, way back when she had a little pixie crop! She literally suits every single hairstyle I've seen her have too, jealous. She has so many lovely clothes, and I love the way she mixes vintage and modern finds together (including loads of cute shirts and charity shop bargains!) I love how cute she is in her natural smiling photographs too!

Introduce yourself and your blog?
Hello! I'm Sade and I blog at I started my blog during my first year of univeristy as a method of coping with boredom and loneliness and it has spiralled into so much more! :)

Where does your blog name come from? 
My blog name comes from Ebony Bones "The Muzik" lyrics! "Sitting on doorsteps... In my Sunday best" - I love that song and it just fits perfectly.

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories? 
Everywhere and anywhere that fits my student budget to be honest but I'm partial to a good bit of vintage, ASOS, Warehouse and Zara! 

Do you have a favourite style icon?
  So many! From Dorothy Dandrige, to Audrey Hepburn, sometimes it's patterns or colours even feelings that inspire how I dress.

Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently?
I've been listening to "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit on repeat lately.

Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently?
I've been wearing my new Camel coat from Warehouse obsessively lately. I just love the colour and how well it goes with everything, plus it's a boyfriend fit which makes it even better!

 Don't forget you can also follow Sade on Twitter, Instagram and Like her page on Facebook :)

My second favourite blogger from this month is the babe that is Charlotte from IAmCharlotteMartin. I am obsessed with her simplistic, monochromatic wardrobe with an odd splash of colour. She posts her OOTDs, hair tutorials, fashion posts and more. She has lovely bleach blonde hair and legs to literally die for.

Introduce yourself and your blog?
My name is Charlotte Martin, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Newcastle Upon Tyne but currently finishing up my last year studying in Nottingham. I started my blog quite simply as a way to record different outfits, inspiration etc I was already using platforms like Tumblr and Polyvore and it seemed like a natural progression to record what I'd actually worn.

Where does your blog name come from?
My blog name 'iamcharlottemartin' is pretty much self explanatory. The Charlotte Martin domain was already taken so I just went with the next best thing. I have a certain air of smugness when I hear people saying how much they hate their blog names.

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories?
My favourite places to shop for in terms of budget are Monki and H&M but I also do a lot of searching online using eBay.

Do you have a favourite style icon?
I wouldn't say I have one particular style icon but Debbie Harry is a dream.

Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently?
Anything by Interpol is on repeat (especially PDA) at the moment as well as Age of Consent by New Order and the Jacques Green remix of Body Party by Ciara.

Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently?
I never stop wearing leather jacket and my leather jacket of choice at the moment is a slightly cropped, boxy piece from Missguided.

Don't forget you can also follow Charlotte on Twitter and Instagram :)

My final favourite blogger this month is the lovely Megan from What's New Pussycatt. I'm absolutely in love with Megan's sense of style. She literally suits everything, and I'm so jealous of her oversized coats collection. Particularly the blue outfit below, it's not something that I would've ever thought to put together myself but it's such a nice look. Not forgetting to mention she's absolutely gorgeous too! :)

Introduce yourself and your blog?
Iyaaaaaaa, I'm Megan and I write fashion blog, I'm 21 and from Manchester. My blog is approaching it's first birthday hurray, I initially started my blog as a little online diary to keep track of my adventures as a fashion uni student, whilst on my placement year from uni. It is just kind of took off from there, where I, as cheesy as it sounds, pretty much fell in love with blogging and the whole little community that comes with it!

Where does your blog name come from?
I have no idea why I chose the name of my blog, to be completely I honest I don't like it anymore! I'd love to change it!

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories?
My favourite shops are Topshop & Zara, hands down! However, for me though ASOS is my one stop shop for clothing, they do no wrong in my eyes!

Do you have a favourite style icon?
Alexa Chung has been my style icon since I was about 14 years old, I remember first getting my hair cut like hers and feeling super cool! Now I only take aspects of her style into mine, and I have deffo found my own personal style. But I think its great to be influenced! I also love Laura Jackson, she is deffo on Alexa's tail in the style stakes!

Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently?
My favourite singer at the minute is Keaton Henson, he has the most beautiful voice, if not a little haunting and heart breaking! It's the perfect album to chill out to!

Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently?
A statement coat is my piece of the season, I have acquired way too many; I'm worried my door is going to fall off it's hinges under the strain of them all!

Don't forget you can also follow Megan on Twitter and Instagram :)

Thanks for reading :)
I hope you've found some lovely new blogs to follow!
Did you already follow all these girlies?
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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday summary #7 - A bit about being a fashion design student and my final collection :)

I thought I should probably do a blog post at some point about my final year at university so far and my final collection, seen as it's the only thing I seem to be doing nowadays! If you didn't already know, I study Fashion Design at university and I'm in my final year. From now until May, I shall be finishing my six outfit final collection, which is both super fun and super scary at the same time! Some outfits will only contain one or two garments, but some will contain three or four plus accessories so there is a lot to think about!

Sketchbook work has been the bane of my life for the past three years. I have a totally love/hate relationship with sketchbooks though, I find them tedious to do but once I look back at them I actually love them! They're good for working through your projects from start to end and developing ideas though :)

I really need to invest in a proper mannequin after uni, these ones are so good as they have lines already on them for bust point, centre front etc. I'm literally working on a mannequin 24/7 nowadays too, which is really fun but stressful when the mannequins are slightly bigger than the actual model so you need to change all the sizes again!

This was an initial line-up idea for my final collection. It has been a lot more refined now and has changed loads, but I still like to look back to this and see what some of my original designs were.  My initial ideas came from India and jellyfish, not that you can see that much in these designs either, but everything moves and develops so quickly!

Pinterest quotes have been keeping me going! I go through stages of using Pinterest and at the moment I like to go on once a day for some daily pinning and lots of inspirational quotes! You can follow me here if you also have a Pinterest, but be warned I post alot ;)

I've had fun this term experimenting with textiles and other ways to design which I hadn't done before. Even just setting up an overhead projector and projecting your chosen image onto a mannequin can inspire some new ideas!

Here are some of my initial print ideas, some are more literal and some have been kaleidoscoped (if that's a word) to make them a repeat pattern and a bit more interesting. I'm still not 100% which style I like the best yet, but I do think I should only have one or the other, as the non-repeat one looks a lot more organic.

I spent a good few days creating this curved collar but I'm really happy with how it has turned out. I'm going to have a printed version of this shirt somewhere in my collection for definite as I love it, and I need to have some simplistic garments in my collection to balance out the smocking and embroidery.

Lastly, I have been experimenting with smocking different materials and draping it onto the stand. I love how this experiment has turned out, and it would look great as a top on it's own, or simply as a neck-piece. I've always loved the look of smocking techniques and the ruffles goes back to my initial research when I was looking at jellyfish tentacles.

I've literally been backwards and forwards to London sourcing fabric so many times in recent times, which is rather annoying when my hometown is 30 minutes from London and my uni town is over two hours away! But I've been enjoying choosing my final fabrics and experimenting in them, even if it is burning a hole in my pocket! I've also come across so many gorgeous fabrics that I want to make clothes in for myself when I finish uni - How gorgeous are these tartans?!

Pattern cutting day in and day out has also become a part of my daily routine. I recently invested in a pair of fabric scissors which nearly cost me £100... but they're so worth it as they feel like I'm cutting through air, and they'll last me a lifetime! My little floral apple pin holder is from my boyfriend's nanny and I love it!

I love treating myself to a fashion magazine or two at the weekend while I do some sketchbook and watch some Breaking Bad! You definitely have to chill out a bit at the weekends otherwise you'll literally go crazy.

Here is a preview of my first outfit in final fabrics. I'm sure everything will change loads as I go on, but I'm loving the high-waisted trousers so far and just need to decide on my final print :)

And last but not least, here is my favourite image to describe the past few months of my life. It literally is all fun and games until the bobbin runs out haha! There is nothing worse than sewing a garment and the bobbin running out halfway through, athough I've had it before where it ran out before I even started, and I didn't realise until I'd finished that seam... that was very annoying!

Thanks for reading :)
I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my life and a slightly different Sunday summary!
I will be updating my blog with more final collection posts as I continue my journey :)
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