Monday, 6 February 2017

Topshop sale picks!

I go through stages with Topshop. It was one of my favourite shops when I first started earning money and buying clothes, and a solid favourite during my time at uni, but then I discovered Asos and didn't really shop anywhere else for years. Recently I've fallen back in love with Topshop, especially when they have a sale on! They have quite a good one at the moment so I thought I would share my favourite pieces with you :)

Quilted Puffa Jacket - Was £65.00, now £45.00
Floral Ruffle Top - Was £45.00, now £25.00
Scallop Peep Underwear - Was £10.00, now £5.00
Bella Heeled Boot - Was £39.00, now £15.00
Canton Leather Clutch Bag - Was £30.00, now £15.00
Bardot Cold Shoulder Top - Was £35.00, now £7.00
Grey Platform Mules - Was £32.00, now £7.00
Metallic Rose Gold Mules - Was £52.00, now £15.00
Snake Eyelet Leather Skirt - Was £95.00, now £50.00
Glitter Wrap Midi Dress - Was £39.00, now £18.00
Belted Wrap Midi Skirt - Was £48.00, now £15.00

Thanks for reading :)
What is your favourite piece from the Topshop sale?
Love Dani x

Monday, 16 January 2017

Favourite songs I discovered in 2016!

I've never really talked about my music taste before on my blog, but I feel like this last year I've discovered so many good new bands. I've had my current job for just over a year now, and I spend most of my days in the office so I have lots of time to listen to the radio and discover new music. I mostly like to listen to rock/metal music, but I genuinely will give anything a go - I won't even try and deny that I definitely became a Beliber in 2015. I thought it would be nice to do a little round-up post of some of my favourite bands and songs that I discovered this year and hopefully you can find something new that you like too! I think I discovered most of these listening to Radio X and triple j, let me know your favourite!

Spring King - Rectifier

Blossoms - Charlemagne

The Last Shadow Puppets - Used To Be My Girl

The Black Queen - Ice To Never

Sticky Fingers - Liquorlip Loaded Gun

Violent Soho - Outsider

The 1975 - The Sound

Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better


Thanks for reading :)
What was your favourite band/song that you discovered last year?
Do you have any music suggestions similar to my songs above?
Love Dani x

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Why 2016 wasn't all bad...

Well 2016 has been eventful to say the least! And although it's been a terrible year in some aspects, it's also been pretty awesome. I'm feeling really positive and excited for this next year so I thought I'd end on a high and list a few things that made 2016 a good year. Bring on 2017, I've got a feeling it's gonna be a good'un! :)

  • I got to see some of my favourite bands live and discovered loads of great new bands to listen to
  • My mummy got married
  • I ticked off some of my bucket list by going on some awesome holidays and road trips including Paris and Marrakech
  • I found out that I'm gonna be an auntie and went to my sister's baby scan
  • I caught a Jigglypuff
  • I got my first tattoo finished (nearly 10 years later)
  • My school friends surprised me with a sausage dog cake and pressies for my birthday
  • My best friends surprised me with a spa day and afternoon tea for my birthday
  • I rekindled some friendships that I'm so grateful for
  • I learnt to do my eye makeup properly
  • Leonardo won an Oscar
  • I laughed every single day

Thanks for reading :)
What was your favourite bits of 2016?
Love Dani x

Thursday, 6 October 2016

ASOS sale - my top picks... #blogtober Day 4

Asos is literally my favourite place to shop for clothes ever. They have the perfect mix of cheap basics and gorgeous quality pieces to splurge on. And every single month I manage to find a few new bits that I NEED to add to my wardrobe. They currently have a sale on so I thought I would create a little post of my favourite pieces (and there is no doubt that half of these will be making their way to my shopping basket also!)

Vans White Logo T-Shirt - Now £12.00 / Ditsy Midi Cami Dress - Now £13.00 / Lace Up Swing Dress - Now £10.50

Glitter Wrap Maxi Dress - Now £11.50 / Sequin Bodycon Dress - Now £14.00 / Monki Spotty iPad Case - Now £4.50

Rust Cord Pinafore Dress - Now £25.00 / Monki V Neck Midi Dress - Now £18.00 / Crochet Trim Maxi Dress - Now £13.00

Have you bought any goodies from the sale?
Thanks for reading, hopefully see you tomorrow :)
Love Dani x

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A little Summer 2016 round-up and haul... #blogtober Day 3

This Summer has literally been one of the best of my life, but it has also been the one I've taken the least photographs of! I've done lots of fun things that I may do separate blog posts for - visited Paris with some of my best friends, was bridesmaid at my mum's wedding, picked up many bargains at the carboot sales! I've put together a little summary post of some of my favourite times and some of the things I've treated myself to recently.

Me and my sister took my step-nephew to see The Jungle Book, but I think that we may have been more excited than he was! I finally treated myself to The Great Frog 'Michael Rodent' ring that has been on my wishlist for so long. I bought it on my 25th birthday and I've worn it most days ever since. I went to go see The Last Shadow Puppets with one of my best friends and it was awesome. After many failed attempts at getting tickets and months waiting for the actual gig, it was so worth it!

How pretty are these flowers?! I had never seen them before until me and my friend went on a little power walk. Turns out they're called Passion Flowers, and I'm definitely going to convince my dad to plant some in our back garden! I went on my first sunny holiday in about 5 years this year, so I had lots of fun shopping for that. One of my most worn items was these Vans sliders - they're actually from the mens section if you just size down one or two sizes! I also treated myself to some new make up brushes as I've never really bought myself a full set. Beforehand I just used a random selection of Real Techniques and others I had gathered over the years, but these rose gold set from Spectrum Brushes are so lovely and great quality.

This was definitely the highlight of my whole Summer - me and my best friend ever went to Marrakech. It was literally so fun that we barely took any photographs! We spent every single day sunbathing, in the wave pools and on-sight water park, browsing the markets for gorgeous hamsa hand ornaments and just generally relaxing. The food was great, the people were great, the entertainment was great, the weather was great - I could really have happily stayed there for a long time.

I finally got my first ever tattoo finished, which has been on my Bucket List for a long time! My friend first tattooed me when he started his career and we were about 16 years old, and then this Summer at the age of 25 we finally completed it, and I love it! I got to see one of my favourite bands Slaves in a really intimate 'Back of the Van' tour and it was one of the best, sweatiest gigs I've ever been to in my life. Have you watched the Netflix Original: Stranger Things? It was so addictive and very 80s, I binge watched it all in a couple of days and I cannot wait for the second series to come out. 

This Summer was the year I started getting acrylic nails done. I know they're bad for your nails, and they're expensive, but they just look so cute and it means you don't need to worry about having chipped nails for weeks on end. Me and my friends had an afternoon of tie-dying which was so much fun and I definitely want to do it again soon. Lastly, and definitely most importantly, I found out this Summer I'm going to be an auntie! :) My little sister and her boyfriend are expecting their first baby and I literally couldn't be more excited!

What fun things did you get up to this Summer?
Thanks for reading, hopefully see you tomorrow! :)
Love Dani x