Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wednesday wishlist #25

Another week means another wishlist. I'm always reading other people's blogs and getting inspiration for new things to buy myself. Regarding make up, I have a high-end make up wishlist as long as my arm. I treated myself to a Nars foundation recently and I've come to realise that you really do get what you pay for, so I'm going to treat myself every now and then to some more expensive products for my face.

As my love for silver rings has grown, my hate for cheap rings that leave your fingers green has grown. I've started to treat myself to more expensive rings that will last longer and have more meaning. So far I have a couple of Pandora rings, but next on my wishlist is a ring from The Great Frog. I've mentioned them on my blog before, and definitely featured some of their other rings in a wishlist, but this one is a definite favourite currently.

Empty Casket Crescent Moon Lariat Necklace - £9.00 
I've been a huge fan of Empty Casket jewellery for years. Their owner Lucy is so gorgeous (definitely check her out on instagram also @lucymagill_) and their cute witchy jewellery leaves me drooling every time I see a new product being uploaded to the site. I decided to place my first order the other night, for this gorgeous crescent moon necklace. I don't really need any more jewellery as I have loads already, but I loved how different, yet incredibly simple this was. I can't wait to wear it out :)

I only have one Tarte product, which is a blusher I won in a giveaway years ago. I must admit though, I do love it, but I've just never actually looked up any other Tarte products to see what they have on offer. I say this palette on Helen Anderson's July Favourites video, and then went on to watch some tutorials and fell in love a little bit. It has a highlight and bronzer, blusher and eyeshadows all in a really cute little palette with a mirror. I can't seem to find where to buy it in the UK though, so if you know then please let me know!

Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream - £25.50
I've been after an eye cream for a little while now and I've heard nothing but good things about this product. I use lots of Benefit make up but I've never tried a skincare product so I'll definitely be trying this out next time I'm at a counter!
I've said this before, but I only really tend to shop in Topshop if it's something that I really think is worth the money. Their stuff is always good quality so £12 for a basic top is a good buy as it won't shrink and have to be thrown away after one wear like some cheaper stores, but I can never really let myself spend £50 or £60 on a dress. This top though has a really cute detailing and I'll definitely be looking out for it next time I'm in town :)

 Topshop Feline Ankle Tie Sandals - £39.00
I like to get new sandals in the Summer and these ones are lovely. They're a little bit expensive for what they are, so let me know if you see any cheaper versions anywhere else! I love sandals that tie around the ankle though and would really like to find some this Summer.

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Colour-Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil - £19.00
The shade I'd like this pencil in is 'champagne diamonds'. I can't remember who's blog I saw it on, but it looks like such a quick and easy alternative to eyeshadow. This particular shade is gorgeous too :) 
This corduroy button-up skirt trend is one I've liked for a little while, but I wasn't sure which colour I'd like to go for. I bought a similar tan one from New Look recently in a more suede material and I love it, so I think this burgundy one would be perfect for the colder months. I love a bit of burgundy during Autumn and Winter, and this would look so fab with a black turtle neck sweater.

GoPro Hero4 Camera - £279.99
There's always some sort of gadget on my wishlist, and now that I've saved up for my Macbook - this is next! I've borrowed people's GoPros before and I've definitely decided I need my own. Now that I film 99% of the fun things I do, a GoPro is a must for those adventure and water scenarios.

La Moda Supa Dupa Fly Make Up Bag - £7.99
I've always had a thing for hamsa hands as my mum used to wear a hamsa hand necklace every day when I was growing up, but I've never really been that fussed by the print on any clothing. Saying that though, this month I managed to find a lovely Asos hamsa hand crop top (which I featured in a blog post here) and now I've found this make up bag from La Moda! :)

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Are any of these on your wishlist too?
Love Dani :)

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

House of Fraser menswear #StyleMelvin

As a Fashion Design graduate, I do love a bit of styling. I was set the challenge by House of Fraser to style one of two men who are 'undateables' and unlucky in love. I had to choose either Melvin or Jarrod and style them up for a date. Due to the fact he has a beard and is wearing a grandad jumper, I obviously chose to style Melvin. If you'd like to take part in this blogger challenge also, you can read the full details here

I have chosen to style Melvin for a first date of dinner then drinks. His Tinder description said that he's a keen traveller after a harem-pant-wearing hottie, so I don't think he'd want to go to a posh restaurant anyways, but I've dressed him as though he'd be treating her to a yummy meal and milkshake at an American diner, followed by some cocktails at a quirky bar. I've gone for a smart/casual look - more dressed up than your usual look but not a full-on suit.

I decided to choose black denim as it's a casual alternative to trousers but it can still look smart. The burgundy shirt looks super comfy and would look fab with the brown accessories. I also love burgundy and navy together so I've added in some navy in the desert boots and checkered boxers. I've treated Melvin to a new wallet and some expensive new cologne for his first date, that he can continue using for a long time afterwards. (Hopefully the date goes well, as the smell of the cologne will probably remind him of it!) Lastly, I've had to include an umbrella, as you never know what the weather is going to be like here in England, and he has to be prepared to keep himself, and his lady friend, dry if the rain comes!

Thanks for reading :)
Would you be impressed if your first date showed up wearing this outfit?
All products were picked from the House of Fraser menswear section.
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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Amsterdam 2015 - Day 2!

If you haven't seen my Amsterdam Day 1 blog post and video you can catch up here. Editing these photos is making me miss Amsterdam so much, it was definitely one of my favourite holidays ever and I can't wait to go back!

After a bit of a lazy first day, we got up really early on the second day so that we had the whole day for lots of exploring! I had a whole bucket list of things I wanted to do on my first trip to Amsterdam - the flower market, the Heiniken experience, Anne Frank's House, the sex museum. Unfortunately we didn't have time to do them all, but that's okay as it's an excuse to go back again! :)

One of the things that I knew I definitely had to do on my Amsterdam trip was visit the floating flower market. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I loved it! The ceiling was covered in hanging pink flowers, and there was so many cheap colourful cacti - if I lived in Amsterdam I would definitely be buying lots! :)

We did lots more exploring this day. We visited some cheese shops, some vintage shops, some souvenir shops etc! There is so much to photograph all the time - around every corner is a little hidden piece of Amsterdam that is so scenic! The canals are gorgeous and we got on a little tram to go visit the 'iamsterdam' sign :)

Fedora hat - H&M / Sunglasses - Vintage / Coat - New Look / Fur stole - H&M
Turtle neck jumper - Mango / Belt & skirt - Vintage / Boots - Primark / Bag - Zara

I'm absolutely obsessed with Amsterdam by night. I love the bright colourful lights and the fun vibes everywhere. One bar we went into had some kittens in! You can't tell by the photograph by they were absolutely tiny!

I also put together a little Amsterdam video/vlog. You can see all of my previous videos (including Day 1) here. Check back next week for my blog post and video on Amsterdam Day 3! I'm pretty new to YouTube so please like and subscribe :)

Thanks for watching :)
Have you ever been to Amsterdam?
Where were your favourite places to go if you did?
Love Dani :)

Monday, 29 June 2015

Asos sale - my top picks!

We all know that I love spending my money on the Asos website, but one thing I love even more is spending my money in an Asos sale! I've just made myself a naughty little order, but I thought I would share with you guys some of my top picks from the website, as I have just spent a couple of hours browsing through it! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Do you like any of my picks?
Have you placed an Asos sale order already?
What did you buy?
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Friday, 19 June 2015

Father's Day gift ideas!

It's just a few days left until Father's Day so I thought I would compile a little blog post of gift ideas. I wrote a Mother's Day gift ideas blog post back in March so it's only fair I write one for all the Daddy's out there too! I do think sometimes it's harder to buy for men but here are some things I would buy for my dad or boyfriend so I hope it gives you some ideas for your pressies! :)

M&S Pure Cotton Striped Velour Dressing Gown - £59.00
 Everyone needs a dressing gown to be lazy in and it's probably not something that a Dad would buy for themselves, so why not treat yours to a really soft snuggly one!?
Game of Thrones Season 1 DVD - £11.99
If your Dad hasn't seem Game of Thrones yet, then get them started! If your Dad has seen Game of Thrones, then go him! I've been trying to get mine to watch and he still hasn't started! :(

New & Lingwood Stamford Pheasant Print Shirt  - £42.00*
You can never go wrong with getting your Dad a nice new shirt for Father's Day. I'm absolutely loving this Pheasant print one from New & Lingwood, it's so unusual. They have such quirky and original prints, including butterfly, floral, dragonfly and paisley prints!

Grey Squirrel Design Carlsberg Don't Make Dads Card - £2.50
Grey Squirrel Designs make the most awesome cards! I bought my boyfriend a Breaking Bad birthday one from their store before and he loved it - I would definitely check them out for all occasions! :)

Clinique Maximum Hydrator - £32.00 
Just like the dressing gown, I doubt that moisturiser is something that Dad's would buy for themselves, but they'd definitely use if you bought it for them! You could always get them an anti-aging moisturiser as a little treat, if they're not too easily offended haha.

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate & Gin Collection - £20.00

Chocolate and gin as a present? I really don't think you can go wrong with that combination! Hotel Chocolat really does make the yummiest chocolate too!

Lush Kalamazoo Beard And Facial Wash - £6.50 
 Lush is one of my favourite places ever and I love any excuse to shop there. I've actually never tried any of their men's products (on my dad and boyfriend, not on myself) but I'm sure that they're just as fabulous as the girly products. This beard and face wash contains pineapple and almond oil - it sounds lovely!

GrillPro 40269 20-Inch Professional Tong - £32.66
With Summer coming soon (hopefully), basically anything to do with BBQ's and cooking outdoors will be a good Father's Day present. These tongs are a bit of an expensive treat to any Dad that loves being the head of the barbeque, and you could always get a personalised apron to go with them!

Diesel 'Only The Brave Tattoo' 50ml - £41.50
I've actually not smelt that particular eau de parfum, I just love the packaging! But I'm sure you know what your Dad's fave scent is and can get them one of those! Or you could treat him to a brand new scent :)

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Have you got your Father's Day pressie sorted already?
Or are you planning on doing something a little bit different?

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Wednesday Wishlist #24 - Download festival!

This weekend I'm off to Download festival and I cannot wait! I may have already purchased a couple of these things (they're totally necessary for the festival), but I do have lots of lovely clothes already to wear! There are so many amazing bands playing this year and I can't wait for a long weekend of sun, beer and chilling with friends! Is anyone else off to Download this year? If not, which festivals are you off to? :)

The Lair Leather Jeff Buckley Bag - £293.92
I have been obsessed with this bag ever since I laid eyes on it. Okay so realistically you wouldn't want to take it to a festival with you as it would probably get ruined, but I may have to treat myself to it on a payday soon! I love the Western feel with silver concho detailing - gimmie gimmie gimmie!

Regal Rose Night Chant Coin Suede Necklace - £24.00 
How gorgeous is this necklace?! I have lots of lovely silver necklaces already to layer up for Download, and this black suede one would be a perfect addition to my collection. It goes so perfectly with the bag and belt too!

Topshop Embroidered Square Neck Crop Top - £22.00
I go through stages of being obsessed with Topshop and then avoiding them for a while as their stuff can be quite expensive, but then I find a little gem like this and it makes me remember why I love Topshop again. It's a lovely simple little piece and I love the embroidered details.

Asos Black Ornate Jet Stone Belt - £18.00 
I've actally already bought this belt - I put it in my Asos basket the second I saw it! I've been after a Western or concho style belt for months now, and this is the first non-vintage/non-sold out one I've found!

Sienna X Instant Bronzing Gel - £12.00 
I've been after a good fake tan to use regularly and I've heard a lot of good things about Sienna X recently. Have you ever tried their products? They don't break the bank so I'm definitely going to give them a go! :) Also, do you know of any fake tans that would be particularly good for a festival? It would have to last a few days, not get streaky in rain etc!

New Look White Leather Ankle Strap Sandals - £24.99
I need some new sandals for Summer and these are so simple, yet so lovely. They might not be perfect for Download (the forecast includes lots of rain) but they'd be a great little pair of shoes for the rest of the Summer!

River Island Felt Oversize Fedora Hat - £28.00
Last Summer I got brave enough to start wearing fedora style hats... this Summer should I get brave enough to wear oversized fedora hats?! You can never have too many black floppy felt hats, can you?

Topshop Cherie Cateye Sunglasses - £18.00
Okay so I probably don't need another pair of sunglasses, but I don't have a cateye pair yet, and these are sooo gorgeous! :) I love the intricate little floral detailing in the corner of the frames too!
Dixi Sacred Moon Ring - £28.00 / Dixi Night Wall Fiery Labradorite Ring - £28.00
I've been a fan of Shop Dixi jewellery as long as I can remember, and each collection they bring out is even more gorgeous! I wanna end up with two hands full of their intricate silver and gem rings!

New Look Black Jersey Flared Trousers - £9.99
I've been after a pair of black flares for a little while now and I can't believe how cheap these are! You can wear them all year around - with a leather jacket and fur scarf during the Winter and with an embroidered crop top in the Summer! What are your opinion on flares? At first I wasn't sure, but now I love them! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Which is your favourite item on my wishlist?
What is on your Summer/festival wishlist?
Love Dani :)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunday summary #13

Helloooo! Yet again I can't believe how quickly Sunday has come around and that I have work again tomorrow. I've had a super busy weekend though including Graduate Fashion Week, catching up with old friends and a house party. I'm a bit back-logged with blog posts (I've taken the photos but haven't blogged yet as I've been SO busy) so this post is a little bit of a catch up and preview of what's to come! :)

 Since starting my job I've been treating myself to lots of new beauty products and it's making me want to write lots of beauty blog posts to share my finds! The first of many I recently wrote was my top 5 Mac lipsticks blog posts, let me know what your favourite shade is!
I've recently re-found my love for the Studio Ghibli movies. Spirited Away has always been one of my favourite movies ever but I hadn't watched any of them in so long, it's good to watch them again!
I've decorated my room with these lovely polaroid instagram prints by using the app Printic. You can get £4 off using the code '1D0F1F' :)

 Since starting my new job I've been working in some local areas to my hometown that I'd never really visited before. Who knew Hertfordshire had so many gorgeous floral pubs and hidden canal-side treasures?!
For my auntie's birthday, me and all the ladies in my family went to a gorgeous French restaurant in London called Zedel. The food and atmosphere was incredible, I shall be writing a blog post about it soon!
My boyfriend Joe has been taking some awesome photos recently and has even started selling some prints, give him a follow on instagram and have a nose :)

How gorgeous are these pieces I bought from Waiste Vintage?! Paisley print, mandala print and a gorgeous lantern - what more could you want?!
I'm so happy to have Game of Thrones back on my screen! What have you thought of this series?
This weekend me and my best friend are off to Download festival - I am so excited! Anyone else going too?!

I was lucky enough to get some last minute tickets to the Harry Potter studios recently and it was so good! I'd been once before when my boyfriend used to work there but I don't think I really appreciated how good it was! My favourite bit was Diagon Alley, the steam train and riding on the broom! :)
I've eventually got around to start editing my 100's of videos, and the most recent one I've uploaded is my holiday in Amsterdam with Joe, I miss it so much! You can watch it here :)

My lovely friend works in a cake shop and they needed a hand working their new coffee machine, so I swapped my barista skills for some gorgeous cupcakes - what a good trade! I now have a constant craving for red velvet, chocolate orange and oreo cupcakes!
Last weekend I had the most amazing time at GFW! I saw loads of my fashion friends that I hadn't seen since our GFW show, and the year below did an incredible job - so any gorgeous designs. (Yet again, video coming soon - make sure you're subscribed to my channel to see it!)

I literally cannot believe how gorgeous Caitlyn is. I saw this image pop up three times on my instagram timeline before I realised who it was, and she looks so similar to Jessica Lange (a fave of mine from American Horror Story), amazing!
I eventually treated myself to Nars Sheer Glow foundation this week and my gosh, I definitely understand the hype now! I'll get a full review up on the blog soon :)
I've discovered a lovely little cafe that I love to pop in to at lunch time, hot chocolate and rocky road rice krispie cakes are amazing!

My (VERY) guilty pleasure this week has been 'OMI - Cheerleader', I can't get it out of my head!!!

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Amsterdam 2015 - Day 1!

For Christmas 2014, my lovely boyfriend Joe surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam. We'd been saying we'd go for the past 6 years together, but we just never got around to planning or booking it. Whilst Joe had been two times previously with friends, I had never been before, so I was pretty damn excited! We went in January 2015 for a few nights and it was without a doubt my favourite holiday ever!

If you're wondering why I'm only just blogging about this trip now, it's because I didn't have any way to edit my YouTube videos, and I wanted to blog about my trip with the videos included as it was so much fun. I recently took the plunge after saving for months, and bought myself a MacBook - so I can now edit and upload all the videos I have filmed. (including Amsterdam, Scotland, camping, climbing Mount Snowdon etc, so make sure you're subscribed to my channel here!)

Just before we went I had bought a brand new camera and this was the first time I was properly using it, so I went a bit crazy and filmed every single thing we did, so I have split these videos and blog posts up by day. Anyways, enough of the rambling - enjoy the posts and videos :)

To be totally honest, the first day was a bit of a blur. We had to be up at 4am to leave to get the flight, the flight itself was only one hour long which was really surreal, then when we got to Amsterdam we realised we couldn't check into our hotel until around 3pm so we just had a day of exploring the city and chilling out in the coffee shops until we could check in. I didn't film that much or take many photos this first day as I was just really excited to be away and appreciated exploring the city with Joe, plus we were carrying luggage so I couldn't really be bothered!

After checking into our hotel, we had a little nap and then got ready to go out that night. We stumbled across this really cheap pasta bar for dinner and it was so yummy. We shared a huge Carbonara and pizza, and appreciated the giant wall of a naked lady in spaghetti. We were staying quite close to the Red Light District so we just ventured around there this evening. It was such a surreal place but I really enjoyed the atmosphere and bright lights.

After popping into many bars and drinking many beers, we ended up at Excalibur. Joe had told me about this place many times, and we went in for a beer at least once a day during our trip. We like rock/metal music, but even if you don't, I would definitely suggest popping in as the atmosphere is so cool. With Harley Davidson motorbikes hanging up and quirky memorabilia on every wall, it's just a nice place to chill out.

Check back next week for my blog post and video on Amsterdam Day 2, I promise we aren't as lazy the next few days of our trip haha! I'm pretty new to YouTube so please subscribe and let me know what you think :)


Thanks for watching :)
Have you ever been to Amsterdam?
Where were your favourite places to go if you did?
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Monday, 6 April 2015

My top 5 Mac lipsticks! :)

I've been collecting Mac lipsticks for a few years now, and my collection is still relatively small to be honest, but I just love them! I've never really spoken about them before though, so I thought I would compile a blog post of my top 5! I only have a few more than this, but these are my 5 favourite that I wear on a day-to-day basis, although some are obviously more day appropriate than others!

My favourites range from light to dark, and would suit most hair colours and skin tones. I hope you enjoy my collection and it might even inspire you to add some of them to your wishlist! In my opinion, lipsticks are one of the best parts of make up, and can change an outfit or look so dramatically - I literally never leave the house without it!

Honey Love
This was actually the first Mac lipstick I bought, and it's still a favourite. I don't use it as much as I used to, but I'll still use it as a day-to-day lipstick and wear it mixed with other lipsticks too. It's the lightest shade of lipstick that I probably own of all the brands I own, and it's a lovely pale nude.

This is my current favourite Mac lipstick. I've found a lovely lip liner to go with it and have been wearing it on a daily basis! It's a bit darker and browner than the photo shows, more Kylie Jenner-esque! I really wanted to get Velvet Teddy, but with that always being sold out I opted for this, and I'm so glad I did as it suits my skin colour so well!

Please Me
This is the pinkest lipstick I own. Pink as in bright, barbie pink, as I don't really do bright pink... and it's not even that bright! It's a gorgeous shade though for when you want to feel a bit girlier, or you have a floral dress to wear out! It's not so bright though that you can't wear it to work or somewhere you have to look professional, as you can! :)

Lady Danger
I know this lipstick looks super bright in photos, but it also looks this bright in real life too! My best friend bought it for me as a Christmas present one year and I haven't looked back since! As much as I love a cherry red lip, this one looks so perfect with a black eyeliner flick and a leather jacket! It's more of a bright 'pin up' red, with a tinge of orange to it, and I always get compliments on it when I wear it out!

This colour always creeps back into my make-up bag in the Autumn and Winter times. I absolutely love the colour burgundy but I feel it suits my clothes and style more in the colder months. It's a satin finish so doesn't leave your lips dry, and it can be put on really lightly or layered up to create lots of different shades. I personally love a really thick, dark look but some of you may prefer to put only a little bit of this on and blend it out evenly over your lips!

 So that is the end of my top 5 mac lipsticks! :) Three of them are matte, two of them are satin, and all five are just lovely! I'm hoping to expand my Mac lipstick collection some more, so if you can think of any which may suit me then please let me know! I'd like a matte burgundy shade and a darker red in matte also.

Thanks for reading :)
Which is your favourite of my collection?
Which is your favourite Mac lipstick?
Love Dani :)

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Personalised little instagram magnets from Sticky9!

If you've been following my blog for a little while now, you'll know I'm an absolute sucker for anything personalised with my instagram photographs. I have a whole wall in my room full of instagram polaroid prints and I've eaten many a personalised photo cake, so when I was asked by Sticky9 if I'd like some of my instagram photographs printed onto magnets for my fridge, I couldn't say no! I picked a few favourite images - some of my family and friends, some of my puppies and some cute quotes.

As soon as they arrived, I was in love. They're the perfect size and really good quality. The colours are nice and bright, and they'll be the perfect little addition to my kitchen! I already can't wait to order some more as I want my fridge to be full of them eventually! They also ship worldwide for free so they're the loveliest gift for yourself or a loved one! :)

They really brighten up a boring, white fridge! I'm planning to order some for my mum's birthday as I know she'd love some photo additions in her new home too! :) When they first come, they're stuck together in a big square so it's up to you if you want to rip them up into three rows, or all into separate squares... either way they look fabulous! If you're interested in getting some for yourself, you can get 15% off your first Sticky9 order with the code 'FRIENDVXQ9' :)

Last minute, I actually realised that I could also have these in my bedroom - they work so perfectly on the edge of my radiator! Sticky9 actually also sell photo prints, stickers and iPhone cases, so I'll probably be making another order sometime soon - I'll definitely be buying some more magnets as they're so cute!

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