Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My AW14 Motel Rocks picks and a 20% off discount code :)

Motel Rocks seem to do it perfectly seasonally. Even though not every piece of clothing is to my specific taste, there is always a vast range of clothing that I add to my wishlist every single season. I absolutely love Autumn/Winter looks. The fur, lace and dark florals. This year it includes some two-pieces, tartan and bell sleeved dresses... you really can't go wrong!

Motel Moonchild Skater Dress - £48
(Would be £38.40 with discount code 'FLORALDANIELLE') - I've been obsessed with this dress ever since I first set my eyes on it. The embroidery on the sleeves and the sweetheart neckline is just so gorgeous.
Motel Rosey Long Sleeve Skater Dress in Black - £49
(Would be £39.20 with discount code 'FLORALDANIELLE') - I'm definitely going to be getting my hands on this dress. The bell sleeve detailing is literally to die for. This dress is available in a couple of colours and the black version is perfect for this Halloween witchy vibe.
Motel Nicole Cami Top in New White - £28
  (Would be £22.40 with discount code 'FLORALDANIELLE') - I've loved bralet tops for the whole of Summer, and I think this white version with a longer peplum is perfect for layering during the colder months. They way Motel have styled it here with some high waisted black jeans would look so lovely with a leather jacket and a fur stole.

 Motel Paloma Crop Top in Antique Posey - £30
(Would be £24.00 and £23.20 with discount code 'FLORALDANIELLE') - As you may have seen from a previous outfit of the day post, I own this print already in a maxi skirt and a bralet. But now I have my eyes on this two piece. If I end up with them all it does mean I can totally mix and match them up through-out the reasons, but I just love this print so much!

Motel Jude Kimono Sleeve Playsuit in Winter Rose - £40
(Would be £32 with discount code 'FLORALDANIELLE') - I loved this Winter Rose print during the Summer and got myself a lovely little skater dress. Now that the colder months are here, I'm loving this kimono sleeve playsuit. It would look so gorgeous with some black tights and layered up necklaces.
(Would be £30.40 with discount code 'FLORALDANIELLE') - I actually featured this dress on my most recent wishlist. I don't know what I like about it so much, I just really want to wear it with black tights, some t-bar dolly shoes and an oversized coat and fur stole.
Motel Rosey Long Sleeve Skater Dress in Cream  - £49
(Would be £39.20 with discount code 'FLORALDANIELLE') - This is the same dress as the black one featured above, and yet again the best bit about it is the bell sleeves. In cream it can be dressed up for a night out, or it could be layered up with a fringed bag for the perfect festival outfit during the Summer. Another definite on my wishlist!
(Would be £38.40 with discount code 'FLORALDANIELLE') - Another black garment to add to my already black wardrobe. I really love this dress though, it could definitely be worn during Summer and Winter months, layered up when it's more cold. I love how Motel Rocks have styled it with big chunky boots as that's how I'd wear it. It would look so lovely during AW14 with a big chunky jumper over the top.

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Which is your favourite from my picks?
Have you bought anything from the Motel AW14 range yet?
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Favourite bloggers of the month #5

I solemnly swear to write my monthly favourite bloggers post EVERY MONTH. I spent every spare minute of every day reading blogs and swooning over fashion bloggers outfits yet I always forget to do these blog posts and I love doing them! I have another three awesome bloggers to show you this month, and I will continue to do so every month from now on :)

My first favourite blogger of this month is the lovely Tilly from Tilly-Jayne. I've been a fan of Tilly's blog forever now and I'm absolutely obsessed with her current silver hair! She mixes the perfect amount of high street with designer (definitely jealous of her gorgeous Mulberry bag), and the fur collars and loafers she's been wearing lately are perfect.

Introduce yourself and your blog?
Hello! I'm Tilly, I'm a 22 year old fashion marketing student based near Cambridge. I started this blog around the age of 19 as I had decided to re-apply for uni to study a more fashion focused course than I had previously applied for. I thought it would be something good to write on my personal statement, and then it started to grow into something a little more! 

Where does your blog name come from?
I couldn't decide what to call my blog so I went for my name, I wish I had been a little more creative but oh well!

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories?
ASOS is my fave but also Zara and when I'm in London I always have to pop into COS and & Other Stories!

Do you have a favourite style icon?
I know it's a bit of a common one but the Olsen twins definitely inspired my love for fashion and I always admire Olivia Palermo's outfits. She always looks so perfect.

Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently?
It's not on repeat BUT I can't get Taylor Swifts new song out of my head!!! Shake shake shake.
Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently?
Faux fur! Stoles, jackets, clutches! I'm obsessed with it this A/W.

Don't forget you can also follow Tilly on Twitter and Instagram :)


Secondly is the babe Georgia from Georgia Luisa Meramo. She has amazing hair, an amazing wardrobe and an amazing taste in music! I love her simplistic monochrome clothing which she layers up in the loveliest of ways, and she always finds the most beautiful backgrounds to shoot in front of!

Introduce yourself and your blog?
I’m Georgia, a 20 year old student/blogger/cat owner from London. I started my blog in 2012 after finding people like Lily Melrose and Emma (Milkteef) and thinking it seemed like a load of fun!
Where does your blog name come from?
My blog name is simply my own name, very creative. It was originally shortened to “GLAM” as those are my full initials, but I’ve dropped it down to my ‘main’ name now.
Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories?
I’m loving the higher end of the high street at the moment, spending all of my pennies in & Other Stories, COS & Whistles. But I’m a diehard ASOS fan, they’re just the best.
  Do you have a favourite style icon?
I’m not sure about one style icon, I love Pinterest and use it all the time for inspo. I also like the usual celebs like the Olsens, Alexa Chung etc!

Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently?
I cannot stop listening to a really old song by a band called 36 Crazyfists called Bloodwork! I used to love it back in the day and I recently re-discovered it. I also love the newest Born of Osiris album, so pretty much just always stick that on shuffle. If you couldn’t tell, I listen to metal, haha!

Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently?
I am forever wearing my ASOS grey coat at the mo, I picked it up in the sale last season for fashion week but it’s just perfect for everything. It instantly dresses up jeans and trainers and I can wear it on cold nights out too!

Don't forget you can also follow Georgia on Twitter and Instagram :) 


Lastly to be featured in this month's post is the super sweet Ellen from Ellen Atlanta. I'm absolutely in love with her girly outfits, paired with chunky heels and cute buns in her hair. Her DIY fluffy shoes are my favourite, I might need to make myself a pair! Another thing which needs to be mentioned is her painted claws that I am totally jealous of, and her amazing ring collection!

Introduce yourself and your blog?
My name is Ellen Atlanta, I'm an 18 year old journalism student currently living in central London. I started my blog quite a while ago, simply because it combines all the things I love doing - putting outfits together, keeping up with trends, social media, photography and writing. I was inspired by loads of other bloggers and just thought I should give it a shot, I'm so glad I did because blogging has become a really important part of my life, I love it!

Where does your blog name come from?
It's just my name! My first name and middle name :)

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes and accessories?
I regularly check the websites of most major brands, but most things in my wardrobe come from Topshop, ASOS and Goodwill, I always find the best bargains there when I visit my Dad in America, some of my most-worn pieces of clothing cost less than $5!

Do you have a favourite style icon?
I don't really have just one, I get most of my inspiration from bloggers rather than celebrities though.

Which song/songs do you have on repeat recently?
Oh god, I'd love to say something cool and original here but honestly, my music taste is so lame! At the moment I'm loving Drunk and Incapable by Krishane or Steal my Girl by One Direction…failing that I looovve listening to anything 90s, you can't beat old school Britney or Avril Lavigne.

Which item of clothing can you not stop wearing recently?
At the moment, I would say my ripped black skinnies and my lilac duster coat, I also have some over-the-knee boots coming in the post though and I just know I'm going to be obsessed with them.

Don't forget you can also follow Ellen on Instagram and BlogLovin :)

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wednesday wishlist #19

Another week, another wishlist! I am starting to get SO excited for Halloween, and Winter and (dare I say it...) Christmas! Okay I'm sorry, I know it's only October, but the cold weather makes me so excited for mince pies and sitting indoors with your favourite people! This week's wishlist is accidentally a bit of an expensive one, so some of the items will probably never be mine, but a girl can dream eh!

Right so I may as well start with one of the most expensive items! I saw this duster coat along with the gorgeous fur stole, also included in this wishlist, in Niomi Smart's latest YouTube video, and I knew that I wanted them both instantly! I'm hoping to find a cheaper dupe for this coat somewhere else, but a midi duster coat in black is at the top of my wishlist currently!
It's nearing the end of October and I couldn't have a wishlist without one of the Lush Halloween products! The one that looks most appealing to me is this cute little glittery pumpkin! I love pumpkins and can't wait to carve one this year, so I'm hoping I can get my hands on one of these guys next time I'm in town! :)
How lovely is this oversized fur stole?! I have a couple from last year but they seem so small in comparison. This one is really long and I've decided that I need it in my life! It's slightly more than what I would usually pay for a scarf but I know that I would get a lot of wear out of it!
 This is probably one of those wishlist items that I'm never gonna own, unless I get an amazing job or win the lottery, but I've fallen in love with this Daniel Wellington watch! I wear my gold Casio watch a lot but it doesn't go with everything. I would love this for my more formal outfits and occasions, the rose gold detailing is gorgeous!

 I'm all about the chunky heel at the moment, whether it be on boots, going out shoes, sandals... the chunky heel is the way to go! I need to invest in a new pair as I wore my beloved Topshop boots to Reading Festival and they got ruined. These ones really remind me of the Vagabond Dioon boots which I really wanted but could never afford, so these are a much cheaper alternative! :)

(Only £30.40 with discount code 'FloralDanielle')
I used to be obsessed with tea dresses and anything with a collar, but I haven't seemed to wear anything like that in a little while. When I came across this dress on the Motel Rocks website though I instantly fell in love. It's less girly and more grungey and I think it would look so lovely with the black duster coat, chunky boots and fur stole!

I need some new Autumn/Winter nail polishes, and I need some that will actually last! I kept browsing all the Essie polishes until I found two that I really liked the colours of and these two seemed like the perfect options. Dark burgundy and dark navy, the two loveliest of Autumn colours, I will definitely be ordering these two!

This is a bit of random wishlist item for me as I'm not much of a reader. I don't know if you ever noticed but I actually have a Bucket List tab at the top of my blog, and I'm trying to tick things off one-by-one. One of the items on there is to read 15 books, which I really want to start doing now that I've finished uni (ironic), and I'm going to be asking for a few books this Christmas! This one though, I've heard so many good things about. As you can probably tell from the title of the book, it's a self motivation book and I can't wait to see what it's all about! :) Let me know if you've read it!

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Monday, 20 October 2014

New YouTube video - Outfit of the Day #1

I've eventually got around to creating a fashion related YouTube video! :) I hope to feature lots of beauty, fashion and vintage videos soon, so this is just the start of it! I'll be doing some Halloween videos and Christmas when the time comes... I'm so excited! Anyways here's the first of hopefully many, please excuse my awkward face as I'm not used to being on camera haha! Send me your own YouTube links below too please, I need some new channels to watch :)

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday summary #9 - Naked 3 Palette, American Horror Story and Royal Blood!

How is it Sunday again already!? The weeks go past so quickly it's actually scary! I've had a productive month and done lots of fun things along the way! I've been videoing nearly everything I do recently but I don't have the software to edit my videos so need to wait until I'm at my boyfriends to edit! You can subscribe to my channel on YouTube here if you'd like though - there is lots of beauty, fashion, Halloween and other fun things coming up! :) Does anyone else love to watch Hannah Magg's videos on a Sunday by the way? They're one of my fave families to watch on YouTube so if you don't yet watch them... you should! :D

Me and my friend Jess went to a Future Fashions show at LFW last month, you can read about it here :)
Oh my goodness, what is this?! I EVENTUALLY bought myself the Naked 3 palette and it most definitely lives up to the hype! I shall be blogging about this soon as it's my new baby!
 I got back from uni and realised that my bedroom is tiny and I have too much stuff! My current bed was to the floor so I bought a new one from ikea that I can store stuff underneath, and I love it! :)

Last month me and my best friend Courtney got up to lots of fun things! She made me lose my Alton Towers virginity, and it was so much fun! I can't wait to go back there again! :)
We also went to Reading Festival which was super fun! I wrote a whole blog post on it and made a YouTube video on it here too so go have a little look :) I saw some of my favourite bands ever so it was an amazing weekend!

My hair keeps getting shorter and blonder! It's not in the best condition it's ever been :( so if you know of any good blonde hair treatments please let me know!
My mum, her boyfriend and my sister moved house recently so we had a lovely celebratory evening in her garden with some champagne! It's such a gorgeous little house and they're all really happy!
My blog turned two years old recently! I currently have a giveaway on to celebrate so make sure you enter yourself here, the prize is an Urban Decay Naked Palette :)

My bedroom and studio are coming together bit by bit, how lovely are these prints that I reviewed on my blog recently?! Cannot wait to have them hung on my studio wall :)
This two-piece is my current favourite buy from Motel Rocks, the bralet is so flattering and the skirt literally goes with everything! If you'd like to buy this, or anything else, don't forget that you can get 20% off MotelRocks.com using my discount code 'FLORALDANIELLE' :D
How cool is this birthday card that I bought for Joe!? Heisenberg!

This was a recent outfit of the day from when I went to a Primark A/W bloggers masterclass event with Courtney and got to meet the lovely Victoria from Inthefrow #awkwardselfie. I videoed the whole thing (and might even do a Primark Haul video if I get the guts to talk on camera) so look out for that very soon! :)
We were given a lovely goodie bag at the event and this doubled sided tartan scarf was one of the goodies!

All three of these photos are from my very recent trip to Scotland with Joe. It was fantastic and I can't wait to show you all what an amazing two weeks we had! I videoed the whole thing and there's so much footage that I might even need to do two separate videos, but it was a mixture of beautiful sunsets, sleeping in wigwams, tasting haggis, exploring waterfalls and climbing mountains!

I'm so happy that American Horror Story is back! There's only been two episodes, but I'm absolutely loving this series so far! Let me know if you watch it too, love knowing the other AHS lovers! :)
Winter is coming - and I'm definitely gonna throw in that Game of Thrones quote every single A/W;) it actually is though, I've been living in my furs the past few weeks!
I recently spent my birthday voucher in Urban Outfitters and came out with the coolest ring holder ever!

These past few months I've been loving Royal Blood. I only heard about them a few weeks before Reading Festival and I'm still loving them, I cannot wait to hear what else they have up their sleeves. I still can't get over the fact that there's only two of them!


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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Zoella Beauty range - Blissful Mistful and Fizz Bar!

As soon as I heard that Zoe Sugg/Zoella was bringing out a beauty range, I knew that it would create a huge fuss in the beauty blogging world. I assumed that it would include make-up like her good friend Tanya Burr's recent range, but was happily surprised to hear that it was a range based on a pamper routine. As a lover of a good old girly night of pampering, I was really excited to see what would be included and what the packaging would look like.

Me and my boyfriend Joe recently spent a couple of weeks in Scotland and the first few days he was working so I had the perfect excuse to do some retail therapy on my own. I managed to find the beauty range in the Superdrug in Glasgow and surprisingly they had most of the range available. I decided on picking up two things that I knew I would definitely use - a bath fizz and a fragrance.

 When it came to the Blissful Mistful fragrance it was absolutely love at first sight... and smell! The packaging itself is so lovely, and would look gorgeous placed on a dressing table among other pretty perfumes. The design for the whole range is similar with cute handwritten font and polka dots, which I love, and I particularly love the see-through design and metallic lid of this!

The smell is quite a light fragrance, but in a good way. It's the kind of fragrance I would use on a day-to-day basis so that I smell nice without that overpowering perfume smell. It's a mix of floral and fruity, it's quite hard to explain fragrances but I was very happily surprised with the scent. It smells more expensive than I thought it would, seen as it was only £8.00 for a 45ml bottle. The lasting power of the smell is great too, you'd only have to top up once or maybe twice during the whole day if you like it quite strong which isn't a waste due to the cheap price.

I am really pleased with this fizz bar from the range also. I had no idea what the inside of the package would look like, but it has been created to look like a chocolate bar. There are eight separate bath bomb pieces you can break off with little Z's on.

I'm actually yet to try this out in a bath but I can tell already that the scent is the same smell as the fragrance mist. The packaging on the fizz bar is lovely, with faint lace detailing around the edges, a rose gold tint to the font and matching polka dots. I'm definitely going to be trying this out soon, maybe even tonight, so I'll keep you posted on how the fizz bar actually works in the bath :)

Thank you for reading :)
 Have you tried any of the Zoella Beauty range?
Which would you like to try out?
Next on my wishlist is definitely the candle!
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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

OOTD - Antique posey.

Another outfit of the day on the blog today, this particular outfit was from a really fun bloggers event I went to last week with my best friend Courtney. It was a collaboration between Primark and the lovely Victoria from Inthefrow, and I filmed the whole thing so check out my YouTube for a video coming soon! I wore my favourite Motel Rocks maxi skirt for the first time and I've been in love with it ever since! :)

Ribbed black polo neck top - New Look
Navy floral maxi skirt - Motel Rocks*
(Get 20% off MotelRocks.com using discount code 'floraldanielle')
Black buckle boots - Topshop

So far I have the matching skirt and bralet from this Motel Rocks 'antique posey' collection, but I definitely would like the kimono and trousers too! I'm currently in Scotland with my boyfriend for a couple of weeks and am having such a fun time - so expect a lot of videos and blog posts coming! I also post on instagram daily @floraldanielle if you'd like to keep up to date with what I'm getting up to!

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