Saturday, 10 November 2012

A little insight into my life.

I've literally been so busy recently with uni, but I always seem to find time to instagram, and I haven't done an instagram post in months so I thought it might be time :)

Completing some sketchbook while watching Apocalypse on my laptop.
The sewing machine I've been sitting at for days with my cute little apple pin holder :)
The coat that I'm currently making at uni.
Boring contextual work, but pretty colours!

A cute little letter from my sister, with a mascara and sealed with a kiss :)
The gorgeous bunting all over our house!
Adam Levine poster looking over me whilst I choose which clothes to wear.
My little granny chair in my room :)

Cute little Spotty doing his tricks!
My lovely boyfriend at Bella Italia :)
Everyone getting drunk and playing the Harry Potter boardgame!
One of the best things about going home... stealing Joe's checkered shirts! :)

Tried out the MUA Nail Constellations!
OOTD - Matalan cardigan and Topshop shoes :)
Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke.
Matching nose jobs, just kidding we're pampering!

Absolutely gorgeous sky in Norwich!
Tried out the Barry M magnetic nailvarnish!
 Pink lucozade to get my thrrough my uni work :)
My cute new little highlighters!

I organized my whole bathroom!
My piggy bag for organising my belts :)
OOTD - Pearl collar from Topshop and jumper from the carboot!
FaceTiming with my pups! :D

My keys, including a glow in the dark sperm and a lace 'D' from Belgium!
When me and my housemates went as Trollz (and red is 'Japan' lol), I wanna go pink!
How cute is my dog?!?
Yummy American style diner in Norwich :)

Thanks for reading :)
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