Thursday, 30 August 2012

My first ever 'Oufit of the Day' :)

Right so this is hopefully something that you will be seeing alot more of, but I always forget to take a picture of my outfit, or I am way too behind schedule to take a photograph as I always have to rush out of the front door! Sorry for the awkward photo, my dad just quickly took it on my iPhone! And the garden is currently being dug up and changed around haha :)

Leather Jacket - New Look.
Coral crochet dress - Topshop.
Two tone bag - New Look.
Cream studded shoes - Miss Selfridge.
Gold watch - Casio.

 Spot wanted a bit of the lime light! :)

Just taking a picture of Meg, but I realised it shows how nice the crochet on the dress is!

My shoes up close and my friendship bracelet :)

Just a little photo of me and Joe on this day :)
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Sorry the quality of these were pretty crap!
Love Dani

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My mint green, crocheted, pearl iPhone cover :)

Three weeks ago I upgraded my contract and went from my blackberry to a lovely brand new white iPhone 4. I wanted to get a cover as soon as possible because I am super clumsy and I don't trust myself with such a big screen haha. So I went onto eBay and found this gorgeous mint green phone cover for a teeny tiny £2.37! I added it to my eBay finds post a few weeks ago, so go check it out, along with all the other bargains!

Anyways, I ordered it from Hong Kong, knowing full well that it would take about 3 weeks to arrive, so I've had to be super careful not to drop my phone! This cute little package eventually arrived and I knew exactly what it was :)

Yay! My lovely new phone case!

It actually ended up being so much nicer than I ever thought it would be for such a bargain price! The colour is a lovely shade of mint green, and the crochet and pearls compliment is so well!

The phone cover is lightweight but also hard enough to protect your phone. It is really easy to slip onto your phone, but it is tight enough that your phone won't fall out accidentally. Obviously it doesn't protect the screen of your phone, but most phone cases don't.

All in all, I am very happy with this phone case and I don't intend to get a new one anytime soon! I have had countless compliments on this phone cover from my friends and family, and for such a bargain price, the wait is definately worth it!

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What do you think of my iPhone case?
Do you have a case you love?
Love Dani

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Daphne Groeneveld for H&M :)

So yesterday I went shopping for the first time in a little while (you know there'll be a haul post up today or tomorrow), and as I walked past H&M I had to stop and stare at the giant poster of Daphne Groeneveld! She is so stunning and I still can't get over the fact that she is only 17 years old!

She was modelling for the H&M Autumn/ Winter 2012/13 collection and it's all so pretty! I love that the colour burgundy and pearls come back into fashion at autumn, as that's all I wore last autumn. These first images are my favourite from the collection, go get yourselves the burgundy cable knit jumper and the pearl collar :)

This look is so gorgeous too! I love the pearl collar with the tweed jacket! This look makes me want to dye my hair bright blonde and buy a tweet blazer haha! :)

She is fast becoming one of my favourite models and she looks so lovely in all these pictures! I'd always known who she was as a model, but my slight obsession with her started in June this year, when the 'Dior Addict' perfume advert. I literally love this advert! I love the setting, the music and she just looks so perfect in it!

Thanks for reading :)
Are you also in love with Daphne?
Who's your favourite model?
Which shop do you think has the nicest AW12/13 collection?
Love Dani

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A day in London, and the haul that comes with that! :)

So the other day I took my boyfriends little sister for a little trip to London. She needed to visit the V&A museum for some homework, and I said I'd happily take her, cos I love the V&A museum, and I love London. Later on I took her to Camden too, cos she'd only been once in her life, and I hadn't been properly in years.

So firstly we went to the V&A museum, I mostly just followed her around the sections she needed to go, which included China, Japan and India. Then we both went to the Fashion section, which I'm so happy is open again! It has a lot of the same clothes which it had before it shut, but also lots of new things too! So I went a bit instagram crazy at the V&A! Follow me on instagram @danidanimason

So many beautiful things in the V&A Museum! Definately go if you visit London, it's free :)

Outside they often have different art installments, and this time it was loads of these weird spinning chairs! There was about 30 of them, all along the concrete floor, next to the fountains, and there were loads of kids just spinning around. I had to give it a go though! It was a lot scarier than it looks, I thought I was going to fall over backwards! Big kid! :)

I picked up a few postcards whilst in the V&A shop. When you go there you always think 'why on earth would you pay 70p for a postcard?!' but really, you're going to be paying at least £1 for a birthday card, and the designs on these were so cute! :)
I cannot wait to go back and see the Ballgowns exhibition. I've heard so many great things about it, and with my student card it only costs £7 to get in!

And here is what I picked up in Camden:

I'd been looking at nail wraps and stickers on eBay for a while, but when I saw these in Camden I had to have them, they were only £1 each so not a big deal if they don't go well! I loved the look of the rose pattern, as no nail wraps online or in shops really grabbed my attention! And the little stickers looked like lace, so I thought if I do a plain nail colour and just stick one on maybe my ring finger it could look cute?

I'd been after a hamsa hand necklace for ages! I wasn't too keen on this when I first saw it, but when I asked how much it was, and she said £1 I thought I'd give it a go. I tried it on in a mirror and it went down to further than my chest, and I thought that teamed with a plain outfit, or a few other necklaces it would look quite cute.

A mood ring! I'd been wanting one of these for so long, purely because I used to have one as a child and loved it, and I just like the idea of them! This one was a bargain at 79p so I couldn't say no. Not gonna lie, between now and the time I bought it, it has only turned blue or green. I might try what I did as a child, and put it in the freezer for a day or two, see what colour it turns then haha!

Okay these items were my absolute favourite out of the lot, and the best bargains too! The ring was £5 on this little market stall of vintage jewellery and I was humming and harring about whether to get it, because I don't exactly NEED any more rings... I would just LIKE more rings! But anyways, then I was a little stand on the same stall of tiny earrings, and they were 'two for £5'. So I found the cameo earrings and really, really wanted them and couldn't find any I wanted too. I then found the moons and thought they were okay, quite cute, but I still said to the man "could you do me a deal if I bought all 3?". I was expecting him to say £8 for them all, at the very best, and he gave me a weird look, which I assumed was a 'no way' look, but instead he said "Just gimmie £5 for the lot."
I was like "are you sure?!" and he was like "yeah, I've always hated those earrings". Haha so funny seen as he knew I wanted to buy them, but bargain on my behalf, what a funny man! :)

Thanks for reading :)
I'm sorry I wrote quite a few essays on this post haha!
What do you think of the V&A?
What do you think of Camden?
Which of my purchases are your favourite?
Love Dani

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Some cheeky little eBay finds! #3

So the eBay posts I made before were probably some of the most popular blog posts I've ever had! If you've not seen them before then see the previous posts here and here!
 I love doing my eBay posts too, it's an excuse for me to browse eBay, which I love doing, and it's a way for me to help you guys save money too! I've always been a bit stingy when it comes to shopping and would much rather get something cheaper online, in a charity shop or a carboot, but obviously I still love a bit of high street shopping :)

I have wanted a gold studded bracelet for so long, so to find them for 99p is pretty much perfect! Might order a few and layer them up :)

I know I've posted a link to these skull collar tips before, but I managed to find some neon yellow ones, and with the neon craze at the moment I thought I better blog about these too. They could easily add a little bit of colour to a simple outfit and I think they're so cute!

I love love love these! I would just wear them with a normal outfit during the summer. They just add a slightly toned down bit of Gaga to your style.

I'm so in love with the evil eye/ hamsa hand trend. I've always loved hamsa hands but the evil eye is something I've only recently started liking, although I did like it when I went to Turkey when I was younger. I am going to Turkey with my boyfriend Joe in a few weeks so hopefully I'll be able to pick up some evil eye bargains :)

I've managed to collect many cross necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings but as far as I can think they're all gold! I really love the cross wooden earrings, and I love this wooden cross necklace. It looks like it's the perfect length to wear with a dress on a night out, or dress it down like in the image above for a day out.

I love these so much, you can pick your favourite words, or the words which mean most to you. You can stack them, or wear one at a time, so cute and cheap! :)

I have been buying fake eyelashes online for years now. Why pay £5 for one pair when you can pay 99p for 10 pairs?! You don't get the glue with them, but you can easily get eyelash glue. I always trim them slightly lengthways, but the length of the actual lash is perfect and I always get compliments on them! :)

These are so cute and so cheap! They can be worn underneath short dresses, worn with a vintage shirt, worn underneath some baggy shorts or under a skirt.

I couldn't believe it when I found these rings. I'd always lusted over the real deal, so to find ones for this cheap I was ecstatic! I bought all three colours last year before I went to university so I've left them there over summer, but when I'm back to uni I will do a blog post of them :)

I have been hearing so much about these sponge hair curlers that are comfy enough to be worn in bed over night and I've wanted to try them for ages. When I found them in a strawberry pattern I realised I needed them in my life! I'm ordering these asap :)

Thanks for reading guys :)
Sorry there's not much clothing in this post, I was having a jewellery browse for myself and wanted to show you guys what I found!
As per usual, I always have loads of stuff stored on my eBay wishlist, so you'll be seeing more soon enough!
What are your favourite pieces from this eBay post?
Love Dani

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Carboot haul #3

So I went to the carboot sale with my friend Georgia this morning. After getting about 4 hours sleep last night I didn't feel too good this morning, but I'm so glad I got off my butt and went because I got some lovely things!

Vintage tapestry handbag - £1
I love this so much! I bought one before but the zip broke and it generally got worn and torn, but I love the pattern on this, and it looks like it will go with most of my outfit colours - black, gold, burgundy etc.

Camera bag - 25p
I couldn't believe how cheap this was! I swear my one when I bought my SLR camera was atleast £20! I bought this as a little present for my boyfriend, as he does photography as a job. I'm sure he's got loads already but this was a cute size and a cheap price!

Vintage tapestry weekend bag - £2
I am so so so in love with this bag! It's big enough to take for a few nights away, or if I need to take alot of things into uni one day, and the pattern is gorgeous!

Vintage rose jumper - £1
I was so happy to find this too! I've gone a bit off vintage jumpers recently, as I went through a stage of buying millions a few years ago, but I stumbled across this one and I thought it was so cute! The colours, fit and texture are all perfect :)

Topshop daisy peter pan collar dress - £2.50
The price is a little bit more than I usually pay for clothes at carboot sales, but I have wanted this dress for ages, and it goes on eBay for like £10 so this was a right bargain really!

Primark v-neck playsuit - £1
I had been looking at this playsuit on eBay for a while too, so to get this for £1 is a right bargain!

Two massive curtains - £2
I bought these because I loved the paisley pattern, and there was just so much material. I am planning to make a cute little paisley dress out of this, or maybe even a few!

Vintage crochet collar shirt - £1
This is so cute, and I think that now I've got reddish hair it'll bring out the red in the shirt. I've always been obsessed with crochet collars, so ones for £1 are a bonus!

Tapestry glasses case - 20p
This was probably my bargain of the day! I bought it off the most cutest old man too! I've had my iPhone just over a week now, but I ordered a phone case from Hong Kong which can take about 3 weeks to arrive and I'm getting so paranoid that I'm going to drop it! But I found this gorgeous tapestry glasses case which it fits into perfectly, and it's so padded too!

And lastly, here's my new red hair :)
You can't see it that well, but to me it looks so different! I'm most happy that my hair's all one colour again as for a while it was almost dip dyed naturally, but not in a nice way!

Thanks for reading :)
Do you go to carboot sales?
Have you managed to find any bargains recently?
Love Dani