Monday, 21 August 2017

Places to eat - Mazel Tov, Budapest

Budapest is somewhere I had wanted to visit for a long time. Multiple friends has told me about the hot baths and ruins bars so I was really keen to visit, but it ended up being so much better than I expected. I intend to write a few posts about Budapest as we had such a fun time and there was literally so many different things to do, food to try and places to explore.

On our first day we arrived around at lunch time, found our Air BnB to drop off our bags and went to explore the Jewish Quarter. We had heard of Mazel Tov and therefore planned to go there at some point, but we ended up stumbling across it and decided to go for a late lunch.

Could I please have these lights in my hallway?! I think we were all a bit in awe when we first stood in the entrance of Mazel Tov as we suddenly went from a quiet, dusty street to a really modern hallway with quirky lights and beautiful greenery. The interior is so Pinterest/ instagram-able!

We found ourselves a table and ordered ourselves a drink. The temperature was absolutely boiling when we were there, but Mazel Tov had a lovely shaded outside dining and bar area for us to cool down. We each ordered an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink and browsed the menus.

The cuisine is Middle Eastern which was simply delicious. Apologies for not getting better pictures of the food - we were all so hungry after our early flight and I didn't want to be "that person"... I was pretty hungry myself too! We all went for something different off the menu but the mix of falafel, chicken, hummus, pitta bread, veg and sweet potato was so delicious. I would honestly go back in a heartbeat, my mouth is actually watering a little bit at the thought of the food.

I actually ordered my first ever Aperol Spritz with the girls at Mazel Tov. They had told me I would either love or hate it, and luckily I loved it as they pretty much became our drink of choice through-out the rest of the holiday. I'm a little bit addicted to these now and they're the perfect cooling down drink!

From the ruin pub entrance alone, you would have no idea that such a cute little restaurant, bar and garden would be inside with such modern decor. I love the hanging ivy surrounding the venue, the painted hamsa hand mural and the buzzing yet relaxed atmosphere. Everything was so nice to look at and even the toilets had fun cowboy saloon doors.

 We enjoyed ourselves so much the first time that we ended up popping back one evening for a little cocktail before heading out to the other ruins bars. The atmosphere at night time was lovely with more of a bar setting and lots of cute fairy lights.

If you would like to visit yourself, the address is: Akacfa utca 47, Budapest 1073, Hungary

Thank you for reading! :)
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