Monday, 23 September 2013

New Look wishlist :)

So yet again it's that time of year when I go back to my uni, and I know that I will be returning to uni soon, and get an urge to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes! New year at uni = new clothes to wear everyday, doesn't it?! I'm really excited for all the A/W clothing and for the weather to get a bit colder so I can get back all the fur and black out from my wardrobe again! I don't know if you know, but I used to work at New Look for five years. From the age of 16 to 21, it was my way to make an extra bit of money, and the discount was a massive bonus ;)

Black fluffy cropped jumper - £17.99
This jumper is oh so 'Clueless' and I love it! It might be a bit boring to get it in black, but I think it would go with so much, and could be dressed up or down! I would definitely get it in white or light pink too though :)

 Cream cord teardrop necklace - £14.99
I absolutely love this style of necklace and I think it would go perfectly with this whole outfit. I wasn't too keen on the statement necklace trend when it first came out, but now I can't get enough of it!

 Silver moon and star ring - £2.99
How cute is this little ring?! It really reminds me of Dixi or Empty Casket, and is so super cheap! I think I'd wear it as a little thumb ring everyday :)

 Black leather backpack - £22.99
Adding a bit more 'Clueless' to the outfit is this little leather backpack. I love a 90s backpack and this one looks lovely and would be big enough to use for uni most days!

 Black cut-out ankle boots - £29.99
Okay now these are my absolute favourites! I've been on the lookout for some Coltrane dupes and I think these might have to be the ones that I take the plunge for! At not even £30, they're really cheap for boots anyways, let alone ones this gorgeous!

 Black floral bra - £12.99
I love the intricate detailing on this bra and the little pants to match are so cute! I've had a massive clear out of underwear (tmi), tights, leggings, basic tops etc so I might treat myself to a few new bras.

My new favourite thing is to team a strappy top with a basic long sleeved top underneath. I've never been able to wear really strappy tops without a bra as I'm pretty big chested but this way you can still wear your normal bra and still have the delicacy of the strapped dress too. It also means that you don't have to put all your lovely little Summer dresses away because you can still keep warm in them by wearing them over a long sleeved black or white tee! I'm loving all the day dresses at New Look at the moment and will definitely be purchasing a few for my wardrobe!

Grey burnout long sleeved tee - £12.99
 As I said before, long sleeved tees are the way forward this Winter so that you can still get away with wearing your cute little dresses over the top and layering them up to keep warm! Teamed with a leather jacket, this outfit would be so perfect for an A/W night out :)

Thanks for reading :)
Which is your favourite item in my wishlist?
Do you have a massive A/W wishlist? What's on it?
Love Dani :)
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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bedroom decor inspiration #2

So last time I posted a bedroom decor inspiration blog post, everyone seemed to love it, and I thought I should post another one now as I am currently moving back into my university room. Over the past few days I've been unpacking and organising my whole bedroom. As this is my third year at uni, it will be really stressful so I'm trying to get my bedroom as junk-free as possible including taking loads to the charity shop and sending a suitcase home of things that I don't need with my boyfriend! I also have lots of blog posts coming up this week including reviews and photos from Brownstock festival (if I can find my camera cable!) because I haven't been posting much recently as I've been so busy!

I've been addicted to Pinterest again recently. I go through stages of checking it every single day, to stages of not using it for months, but right now I'm on it every day! I get alot of inspiration from other people on Pinterest itself, but if I see something I like on Tumblr or blogs I will pin that photo onto the relevant Pinterest board so I can remember it for later :)

(image source: Waiste Tumblr)

I absolutely love these mandala style Indian throws, and I think they're such a lovely way to brighten up a plain bedroom without having to paint. We're not allowed to change our uni bedrooms and they're bright white, so I have put up a huge elephant throw on one wall and it's made it so much more homely! The colours on this one though are absolutely gorgeous :)

 (image sources: Tumblr and Pinterest)

As a fashion design student, I am constantly blue-tacking up inspirational photos onto my wall. I love how the image on the left is all separately pinned to the wall and has bits of fabric and paintings included. If I permanently lived in my uni room and was allowed to do anything to it, I would definitely paint myself a blackboard wall! Even just to remind me to pay my rent, or buy some milk, it's such a nice way to have a blackboard! And it looks great with inspirational images stuck on top of it too!

(image sources: Pinterest and Pinterest)

I really want a sewing room after seeing this picture on Pinterest! I love the idea of using an empty frame and hanging all of your threads, tape measure and scissors all in one place where they're easy to grab! I'm definitely going to have to make a corner of a room like this when I get my own home as this is just so cosy and cute! I also love the look of the neon sellotape in this simple moodboard. Sometimes moodboards can look a bit boring and bland, and especially when it comes to uni work, you want to make it as exciting as possible so I'm gonna try and find some neon tape to add some colour to my moodboards!

(image source: Pinterest)

When I first saw this image, I thought that the clothes were pattern paper, and I thought that this would be perfect for a fashion students bedroom! Just get a huge set of hooks, and hang whatever you currently need on it. It's like a giant 3D moodboard including clothes, patterns, fabric samples etc! I really want to do this now! I love the big chunky empty frames too, I just love the whole mis-matched look of this :)

(image source: Pinterest)

How cute are these?! I imagine that you make them by buying those little plastic animals that we all had as kids, gluing them to the lid of a mason jar, and spray painting the whole lid gold, or any colour you like! As an avid fan of pigs, I am definitely going to be creating some pig ones at some point! Mason jars are so cheap and easy to get hold of too, they're only like £1/2 in Ikea and Hobby Craft :)

(image sources: Pinterest and Pinterest)

I absolutely love love love the idea of putting all of your perfumes on show in one place - on top of a cake stand! They would also look super cute on one of the three tier cake stands going from biggest at the bottom to smallest at the top! I love the colours in the image on the right, especially the wooden desk with the white walls. I love the buddha head and the inspirational moodboard too :)

Lastly, but not leastly, these photos were taken from my instagram and are pictures from my actual uni bedroom. I've been trying to organise everything really neatly and so far it is going well! The cacti are a set of three from Ikea which I love, and most of the pots on my window sill are from Ikea too, and are perfect for storing all of your beauty products!

Thanks for reading :)
Are you off to uni this year or returning to your old uni room?
Which of these ideas was your favourite?
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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My internship at Waiste - #3

Sorry I haven't blogged about my internship at Waiste for a while, I've been so busy it's actually a joke! Everything is changing so we've been working non-stop on sourcing new stock, having photoshoots done and general Waiste behind the scenes magic! Some of these photos are from a few weeks back now, but I can't yet show you what we've been up to as the grand Waiste launch is this Saturday! All I can tell you is that there are lots of gorgeous vintage items going to be available, and you are going to love them ;)

The gorgeous Lucy from Lulutrixabelle in her Waiste 'Heartbreaker' dungarees / Our beautiful Waiste cat Herschey giving us a little helping hand / How cute is the elephant bag that we use to take your Waiste orders to the post office?! / 14th September 2013 - The big Waiste relaunch! / Some sneak preview shots of our new Waiste vintage range, we can't wait! :)

 I absolutely love styling up the Waiste garments and putting together outfits which I wish were all in my wardrobe! We recently added all these lovely denim shorts to the website which you can check out here. My favourites are definitely the 'Beatnik Boho's and the 'Love Hearts' :)

We've also been constantly updating the Waiste blog itself so go give it a read here! There are many 'Ways to wear Waiste' posts where we give you outfit ideas on how to style your Waiste garments, there are Tumblr loving posts, which are our favourite photos we've seen throughout the week. There are also girl crushing posts, behind the scenes posts and many more! :)

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Personalised tea, especially blended for me!

At University I live in a house full of 6 girls, and we're all tea fanatics. Any excuse to have a cuppa and we'll have one - breakfast, lunch and dinner, before and after and during every break! We have a pretty big collection of beautiful floral mugs and teacups too which is lovely :). When I was recently contacted by to see if I'd like to review a product, I knew it had to be this! I'd been on the lookout for a cute little tin to store my teabags in, and this one is perfect!

Floral mug - Cath Kidston

If anyone owns one of these Cath Kidston mugs, they'll know just how big they are, so the tin is quite big too in comparison. I absolutely love the floral printed pattern on the side of the tin and I love the personalised aspect of it too! It would make a great present, especially for someone who was just moving home or going to uni. It doesn't have to be a name, you can have it personalised with whatever you like! You can also add a message of up to 80 characters to the side of the tin for free if you're giving it to someone as a gift.

The tea inside is 125g Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast Tea which is super yummy and you don't need much so I imagine it is going to last me for ages! I'm moving back to uni soon so I can't wait to bring it with me :). There are hundreds of other floral and fun products on their website too so if you're looking for a gift for someone, be sure to check it out!

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Have you ever heard of Find Me a Gift before?
Would you buy this floral tea tin?
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Friday, 6 September 2013

Avenue 32 wishlist!

After discovering Avenue 32, I am now wishing that I wasn't at university, and that I was actually at a very well paid job so that I could afford all of the lovely pieces that they sell! Even if I can't necessarily afford everything in this wishlist though, it'll be there waiting for me to find an eBay or high street dupe! I feel that the mood for this wishlist is a lot more Autumn/Winter, which I didn't even do on purpose, but as we all depressingly know... WINTER IS COMING! (If you understand that horrendous joke, then I love you!)

Myla Black Raisin Isabella Bra - £110.00
I absolutely love lace bras, and I have definitely missed the A/W black and burgundy colours! I need to keep my eye out for a similar one to this as I'm in love!

Wunderkind Black Alpaca Cartridge Dress - £1780.00
I can't quite get my head around the fact that the top half of this dress is actually made from alpaca fur! It is a gorgeous dress none the less, and would look gorgeous with the fur gilet and leather boots!

Yigal AzrouĆ«l Blue Mystic Fur Gilet - £1985.00
I've literally fallen in love with this fur gilet! I love the colours and the ombre effect, and after having a little stalk of the rest of Yigal Azrouel's collection, I am just in love with his monochrome style!

Estelle Deve Gold Plated Leonara Ring Set - £125.00
I'm going through a real ring stage at the moment. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes I hate them, but right now I can't stop wearing them! I'm loving mixing silver and gold and these textured gold rings would go perfectly!

Estelle Deve Gold Plated Asperitatis Bangle - £170.00
Well if I'm going to get the rings I might as well get the matching bracelet ;)! The texture of this bracelet really reminds me of the amethyst stones that I've been loving.

3.1 Phillip Lim 45mm Black Leather Alexa Boots - £470.00
I really need a new pair of black leather boots for Autumn/Winter - if only I had £470 lying around! These ones are actually perfect, I love that they're leather so they'll be very durable, and the zip detailing is lovely! 

Thanks for reading :)
Had you heard of Avenue 32 before?
Which is your favourite item from my wishlist?
Love Dani :)

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