Thursday, 29 August 2013

Festival checklist :)

This weekend I am off to Brownstock Festival in Essex with my uni housemate and some friends. I have been typing myself up a festival checklist anyway, constantly adding to it when I thought of new things so I thought I may aswell make it into a blog post so that I can go back to it each year as a reminder, and you guys can read it too for when you go!

- Outwear: Kimonos, cardigans, jumpers, leather jacket, denim jacket, pac-a-mac
- All in ones: Dresses, playsuits, pinafores, two pieces
- Singulars: Tops, long sleeved tops, crop tops, skirts, shorts, leggings
- Shoes: Wellies, jellies, Converse, Vans, boots
- Socks, thigh high socks for with wellies, underwear, swimwear (just in case!), pjs 

I haven't actually decided what I'm wearing yet so I've just taken a picture of possible clothing, including some neccesary MINKPINK, crochet and my new Moomin pajamas ;). I imagine I will be spending the majority of my time in smock dresses with my Converse unless it's really muddy then I'll crack out the wellies and knee high socks!

- Jewellery: Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, watch
- Floral headcrowns, headchains, hats, bandanas, stick on face gems
- Scarves, shawls, sunglasses, fake nails
- Shoulder bag with a zip, bumbag with a zip 

So I have three floral headcrowns and multiple necklaces and rings so I think I'm okay on the accessories front. This studded bumbag was only £2 in the Primark sale and is gonna be on me all weekend with all the essentials. I'm going to use these fake black nails for the weekend so I don't need to worry about chipped nails!

- Toothpaste, toothbrush, toothbrush holder, chewing gum
- Baby wipes, face wipes, eye make up remover pads, cotton buds, deodorant, perfume, moisturiser
- Hair bands, hair clips, scrunchie, hair brush, hair spray, Batiste dry shampoo (the best!)
- Toilet roll, tissues, fake tan, fake tan mitt
- SPF and sun protection, insect spray, plasters, prescribed medicines
- Paracetamol, pro-plus (for energy), Imodium (just in case!), cough sweets, antibacterial hand gel

 If there's no showers at the festival, or you just can't be bothered to queue for them, baby wipes are an absolute must for a morning tent wash. A scrunchie is good as you won't have straighteners all weekend, so it allows you to tie your hair up without getting that annoying kink. Cough sweets will be necessary for the morning after when you've been drinking and screaming all night long, and hand sanitizer is also a must as I'm sure most toilets won't have working taps and soap.

If there is a shower available
- Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, sponge, razors
- In shower moisturiser, daily face wash

I'm not sure if I'm going to bother with bringing shower stuff, as when I've been to festivals before I've been fine with just using baby wipes.

 Make up
- Foundation, BB cream, concealer, powder
- Blusher, bronzer, highligher, make up brushes, eye cream
- Red lipstick, pink lipstick, nude lipstick, burgundy lipstick
- Mascara, eyelash curlers, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil

The four coloured lipsticks I mostly use are nude, pink, red and burgundy so I'll definitely be packing all of these! Concealer will be necessary for the mornings with barely any sleep, as will the eye cream, and BB cream is good if you really can't be bothered to put much make up on! I haven't seen these Girls Aloud lashes for a while so I was really happy to find them on the Lloyd's Pharmacy website, and the Sarah ones were always my favourite!

- Festival ticket, money, purse, phone
- Tent, roll mat, sleeping bag, pillow 
- Food, snacks, alcohol in plastic bottles, torch
- Disposable camera, digital camera, camera batteries

- Fold up chair
- Mirror to do your make up in
- Portable phone charger, wind up torch
- Ear plugs to help you sleep
- Empty bottle of water to fill up
- Cups and cutlery
- A lock for your bag if you leave it in the tent
 - Bin liners, gaffa tape (for fixing tents!)
- Lighters, matches

Same with these, I'm not sure exactly how many of these I'm actually going to take with me as I don't have half of them! I'd quite like to get my hands on a torch before I go as getting ready in the pitch black won't be fun! A fold up chair would be nice, but as I'm getting the train there, it might not be the easiest journey!

Thanks for reading :)
I hope this helps you, even just to check you haven't forgotten some bits!
Please let me know if I've forgotten something as I'm leaving tomorrow morning!
Love Dani :)

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Things I've been wasting my money on this Summer...

It feels like I haven't done a haul post in absolutely ages. But that definitely doesn't mean that I haven't been spending, because I always am! I was really careful with my money at the beginning of Summer, but then I sold loads on eBay which meant that my Paypal was full of money which was really tempting! This is just stuff that I have collected over the past 3/4 months from eBay, a few shopping trips and even ikea :)

Firstly, this gorgeous elephant rug was from Urban Outfitters. It was only £12 full price which I thought was a real bargain, and it's actually really big. I can't wait to put this in my uni bedroom as it's really plain at the moment and needs some homeliness added to it! It will also go perfect with my elephant wall hanging I have hanging up on the wall :)

I finally got them! I have been after these ikea plant pots/make up brush holders FOR AGES! They are a bargain at only £2 each, and are a lot bigger than I actually realised! Me and Joe went on a last minute ikea trip last month and I found quite a few cheap things! I bought a lovely ironing board with mannequin and tape measure print on it, perfect for a fashion student! I also bought this pack of three tins for £3 I think, which will be good just to store things in, and go perfectly with my bedroom. I also treated myself to the Real Techniques Core Collection eventually! Here I have replaced my buffing brush with my foundation brush as I've temporarily misplaced the buffing brush, but I'm so glad I bought them as they're just as good as I thought they would be! Instead of paying the £21 in Boots, I paid just £16 on Amazon!

I've bought myself a few new clothes bits this Summer. The denim skirt is from Topshop but from eBay, and I paid about £4 including postage which is great as I love it and it fits perfectly. This hamsa hand t-shirt is from a brand called Who Clothing, and they had a flash sale one weekend which made this £12 including postage so I treated myself. This lovely little polka dot collared tee was only £2 from a charity shop. I am super duper happy with this dream catcher. I bought it right at the beginning of Summer before I left Norwich, and it was only £4.99. It is exactly the kind of dreamcatcher I have been looking for since I lost mine when I was little, and I love looking up at it over my bed :)

The phonecase that I've been using for about 2 years decided to break on me the other day so I decided to treat myself to two new ones - one hard cover and one soft cover. I can't tell if they're amazing or hideous. My sister thinks hideous but I like them so I don't really care haha! The knuckle duster one has been on for most of the time but I've recently put on the bunny one and I love that one too :)

Here is my mini festival shopping haul so far! I'm going to Brownstock festival with my uni friends next weekend and I can't wait! The studded bumbag might be my best bargain ever at only £2 from Primark! The fringed bag was £3 and the white floral headband was £2.50 from Primark too. The large burgundy headband was from River Island and the white crochet playsuit was from Missguided and I love it!

Thanks for reading :)
If you have an AW or festival wishlist, please link me it below as I need some inspiration!
Which is your favourite thing that I've bought over Summer?
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wednesday wishlist #8 - Festival outfits I wish to own!

I really didn't think I would end up going to a festival this year, but last week I bought myself a festival ticket on a bit of a whim, and because I'd made myself some money on eBay! The festival I bought the ticket for is called Brownstock and it is based in Essex. The reason I don't feel too bad about wasting my money on this festival is because it was an absolute bargain of £65 for the full 4 days, and my housemate from uni is going so it's a great excuse to spend some time together, get drunk and see some good bands :). The only slight downside though is that now I'm constantly looking on clothing websites for some new clothes to buy and new festival accessories. I've compiled a few little outfit wishlists so maybe I can just about afford to buy a few of these before I go in early September :)

I've been on a bit of a kimono hunt for a long time now, even before I booked the festival, but I've not really found one that has blown me away. This one however, I instantly fell in love with! I love the patchwork style patterns and I love the colours too. I would probably add some fringing to the bottom too, and Glamorous also does 20% off student discount too so it would only be a bargain £16!

Fragrance Direct is literally my guilty pleasure when it comes to beauty. Where else can you get your favourite lippy for under £2?! The Kate Moss lipsticks are usually around £5, but if you know your favourite shade, you may as well stock up on a few from Fragrance Direct! My favourite shade is this dark red one called '01'.

I've been on the lookout for a new black fringed bag too, and this one is so cute and doesn't break the bank at all! I love the look of the fringing and the studs together, and that the strap can be adjusted to different lengths for different occasions and outfits :)

This dress reminds me of when I used to do ballet when I was younger, and the way you had to wrap the cardigans around yourself. I love the simplicity of it, and the neckline looks so flattering. It's gone into the sale for a bargain £12.50, so I think it's fate really!

You can't go to a festival without an oversized floral headcrown! This one is absolutely gorgeous, from the colour to the shape and size of the roses. I don't think I could ever justify spending almost £40 on a floral headcrown though, so I'm going to make myself a few large ones before I go. You can see my tutorial on how to make floral headcrowns for under £5 here :)

Obviously you've seen the River Island matte black cut-out boots, but this is the first time I've seen them in patent, and I think I actually prefer them like this!

I've always loved the way bindis look and I've never really had an excuse to wear one, so now is my chance! This pack in particular has so many different colours and designs all in one.

How gorgeous is this necklace?! There are so many things I want to buy from Empty Casket, but this one I think I want the most! I love the colours as you never really see dark crystals, they're usually all light colours!

I actually already ordered myself this necklace, but I think that everyone else should make an order from Little Teacup jewellery too! I've known about it for ages, as fellow blogger Chelsea from Chelsea Jade Loves is the owner. It's so cheap and affordable, and she's lovely!

I absolutely love this tassel crochet crop top! I wish I could crochet so that I could make myself lots of lovely pieces! This is such an affordable price though. Unfortuntely it is currently sold out, but when it comes back into stock, it's mine!

Wah it makes me sad how expensive Mac lipsticks are nowadays! :( This shade is so lovely though, not too dark and not too light! I only have a few Mac lipsticks as they're expensive and I don't use them often, but this one might have to be next!

I'm actually terrified about what my hair is going to look like if it rains! I'm going to buy myself this black bandana JUST IN CASE, and hopefully I won't have to use it for hiding my hair. But I do think it'll look cute tied in a little bow, and for 99p you can't go wrong!

I must admit, I wouldn't pay £35.00 for a bag unless I was in love with it, let alone a bumbag, but this design is super sweet. I might have to invest in a cheap version and add the studs and fringing myself, but I do love the look of this one!

Motel daisy maxi skirt - £42.00 (or £33.60 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
Lastly, but not leastly, this gorgeous maxi skirt from There is always 100 things on my Motel wishlist, and this is currently top. It can be dressed up and dressed down in so many ways, and I love how flattering it looks on. If you use the discount code 'floraldanielle' when you checkout, you can get 20% off your whole order! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Are you off to any festivals this year?
Please link below if you have any wishlist posts, I need inspiration!
Love Dani :)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Carboot sale haul #7 - Mostly vintage homeware! :)

I've had a busy few weekends, which means that I hadn't been able to go to the carboot sale for a while, and I literally felt like I was getting withdrawal symptoms! I love getting up early on a Sunday morning and driving to the carboot with Joe, not knowing what we're going to stumble across each time. Sometimes I manage to find nothing and sometimes I come back with bags full of stuff! This Sunday though, I managed to go, and thankfully I found a few nice bits too!

I went to the carboot sale with my best friend and my boyfriend, and when we bumped into my sister and her boyfriend, my boyfriend decided to go off ahead with them so that me and my best friend could have a proper rummage through each stall. This also meant that I could buy a few little goodies for Joe without him knowing! I found this golden ship plate and knew instantly that he would love it. I almost walked straight past it without asking a price as I thought it would be so overpriced, but I'm so glad I didn't as it was only £2! I also found this little teacup with a ship on and a little Amsterdam style windmill for just 20p :)

 I've been on the lookout for a little teacup exactly like this for a while so that I can put my Yankee Candle Sampler in it and it can melt into the cup. I was so happy to find this one in white with pink flowers to match my bedroom, and it was a total bargain at 50p. I also bought these gold sun candle holders off the cutest little old couple for only £2.

These gorgeous set of pin up photos were on a stall that was absolutely full of framed photos and pictures. The man who was at the stall said that they were all from movie sets which is pretty cool! I paid £4 for the pair which is more than I would usually pay for things at a carboot, but I absolutely LOVED them and can't wait to get them up on my wall!

I managed to get all four issues of Vogue and Elle for £1 which will be great for some fashion research I should be getting on with right now for uni! I found this cute little Pears Soap sign with a vintage feel for 50p, and I thought it would look so cute in my bathroom. Finally, I found this burgundy knitted jumper for just 50p! I'd been on the lookout for one for ages, so when the lady said she wanted 50p I was so happy! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Did you go to a carboot sale this weekend?
Did you get any goodies?
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #7

I've not had a very good week to be honest, I've been feeling quite ill, and I got an eye infection (boo) which meant I needed to be on antibiotics, so I spent quite a bit of time in bed, browsing websites for things to buy with money I don't have! I literally can't believe how quickly the weeks are going, it only seems like yesterday that I wrote my previous Wednesday wishlist! It's actually scary though as I have around a month now before I need to be thinking about heading back to uni, with loads of work done and my dissertation preparation prepared! Not looking forward to that at all! :(

Since seeing this kimono on Jess from Velvet Daisy and Sara from Waiste, I've decided that I would really like it! I need a few kimono/cape type jackets as it's too hot to wear a leather or denim jacket, but it's too cold to wear nothing, and this looked so lovely on those girlies!

As you all know, I am currently interning at Waiste clothing, and I really need to get my hands on one of these necklaces! They were really popular and sold out super duper quickly so when they come back into stock, I definitely need to nab myself one! :)

I really love the ram print of these leggings. I wear leggings quite alot as they're so comfy and easy to wear to uni, and these look really comfy but have a little bit of character to them!

I have very nearly come to the end of my current 'Lady Danger' lippy and it is definitely my favourite lipstick colour ever! It's a really bright red, the kind you would imagine as a pin-up red, and I love it!

I currently only have the Real Techniques foundation brush, and I really want to get myself some extra brushes to add to my collection! I'm thinking either the whole Core Collection which includes the buffing brush, or maybe just getting the buffing brush on it's own for now.

I shouldn't really be spending any money at the moment on clothes as I'm trying my hardest to make my wardrobe smaller and my bank balance bigger, but I do really need to get some new shoes and get rid of a majority of the pairs I already own. I do believe that it's worth spending a little bit more on shoes, otherwise they seem to just fall apart, and I don't think the price of these are totally unreasonable, especially seen as they are so cute! :)

How lovely is this ring?! I entered a giveaway by Dixi on twitter this week, and since entering I've really fallen in love with this ring, and then today I was tweeted to say I was picked as the winner, and I can't wait to receive it!

Thanks for reading :)
What's your favorite thing from my wishlist?
What's been on your wishlist this week?
Love Dani :)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #6

So it's been another long week and here's been another load of things I've come across and decided I would like to own! I have been selling lots of bits on eBay and have managed to save myself quite a few pennies, but these are all going towards my final year at uni so no spending for me unfortunately! I do love going back over my 'Wednesday Wishlists' label and looking through all the things I have previously lusted over, and seeing which ones I actually bothered buying, and which ones I now don't even like the look of anymore! This is a bit of a random list in comparison to the others, as it has quite a few expensive pieces that I probably wouldn't even bother buying until I'd finished uni or had a house, and some things which are necessary for this year at uni and add a 'back to school' feel to this post :)

I have recently decided that I absolutely love listening to the radio. I'm usually someone to listen to my own favourite music over and over again, but at my internship we just listen to the radio in the background and I love not knowing what you're going to hear next, and hearing old songs you haven't heard in ages! This particular radio is quite expensive, but I would love to have it in my bedroom when I eventually get my own place, and just turn it on every morning or whenever I'm chilling in bed :)

Paperchase Floral Square Scrapbook - £10.00
I've been on the lookout for a cute little scrapbook to keep all of my Summer memories, and general bits and bobs from my days out in! I always keep the cinema tickets for my favourite movies, and polaroid pictures from my favourite days, and it would be nice to have somewhere to just stick them all down in one place! This one is an alright price for the lovely little square shape and floral pattern, and I might just have to buy it next time I'm in Paperchase... for uni purposes obviously!

Paperchase Set of 5 Puzzle Ball Pens - £3.00
Okay so these are totally unnecessary, but how 90s are these!? I used to love playing with these instead of getting on with homework, and I'm sure they would be a massive distraction at uni, but hey ho, I'm a procrastinator anyways at the best of times!
M&S Country Garden Large Cool Bag - £15.00
 This item also comes under the 'I don't really NEED it, but I do really like it' category. It is such a lovely design for a picnic, or for traveling food from my uni house to my home house.

I can't remember which blogger I saw this headcrown on, but I've wanted it ever since! I have a couple of little floral headcrowns, but this one is more of a statement, and I love the colour burgundy! I can't imagine just wearing a headcrown for the fun of it, but I'm sure I could find a nice occasion to get use out of it :)

As a fashion design student, working fabric scissors are a must! I made the silly choice of buying cheap fabric scissors last year, and as I knew they would, they broke! So this is yet another wishlist item, but this one is actually necessary! I will need to purchase an expensive pair before I go back to uni next year, or I will probably fail my degree! But these will last me a lifetime, so it's not too bad ;)

Coco Fennell Black Bee Dress - £79.00
I recently came across Coco Fennell and her collection of dresses, and this one stood out to me as my absolute favourite. How gorgeous is this dress?! I love the shape, I love the collar, and I LOVE the bees! Yes it's a little pricey, but a girl can dream! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Which was your favourite item from my wishlist this week?
Love Dani :)