Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Valentines day gift ideas for you and him :)

Valentine's Day is fast approaching (and it's also my four years with my boyfriend too!) and it dawned on me that I hadn't even started thinking about presents yet, oops! Here I have complied a list of both gifts for him, gifts for yourself... for him, and gifts for the both of you :)

Words literally cannot describe how soft your legs are after using this product. I cannot believe I used to live without it, it just leaves legs feeling so silky and smooth! Soap and Glory always seem to have the '3 for 2' offer on, so why not treat yourself to a few bits :)

Percy Pig Toy - £6.00
So the Percy Pig sweets from Marks and Spencers now do toys... need I say anymore?!

I really love these pillows! They're cute, funny and true all at the same time! :)
Unfortunately this is sold out online, but keep your eyes peeled in your local store! It's reduced from £14.00 so it's a total bargain, and I really hope I find it! I love the burgundy and gold together and it would look so cute under a shirt collar :)

Heart Egg Mould - £6.00
Imagine how cute breakfast in bed would be if your fry up had a heart shaped egg on the side!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has collaborated with Marks and Spencer to create this gorgeous collection of lingerie. This set is cute yet sexy, and the pattern and lace is adorable! :)
Yankee Candles smell absolutely gorgeous! Why not use Valentine's Day as an excuse to invest in a new one?!

Scratch Map - £8.92
I have literally wanted one of these maps for so long! You scratch off the places you have been to once you've been there like a scratch card, and then it turns into a colour. It would be so cute to have one of these as a couple and scratch off all the places you've been together :)

Heart Balloons - £2.50
Okay so they're not really necessary but they've very cute! They would be nice if you were surprising someone, or if you haven't seen them in a while! :)

Thanks for reading :)
I hope I've managed to give you a few ideas!
What will you be getting your other half, or treat yourself to this Valentines day? :)
Love Dani

Monday, 28 January 2013

January wishlist! :)

I haven't done a wishlist in absolutely ages so I thought I should probably make a little blog post of all the things I've been lusting over recently! I'm gonna try do a wishlist post once a month, cos I always come across things I would like to buy/ try out, but I forget what they are!

How ridiculously cute is this ring holder?! Such a lovely way to display and organise your rings :)

I bought this set of fisheye and wide angle lenses for my boyfriend's iPhone at Christmas, and now I'm wishing I'd got myself some too! They work so well, and capture not only what's infront of you, but the whole area around you too (which is good for people like me with little arms)!
I've heard many good things about these shampoo and conditioners, and I love the smell of banana, so I will definitely be investing in these when my shelf of current ones run out!

I've been looking for a nice beanie to buy for a while now, and I really like the look of these Ragged Priest one! I wanted a plain black one with simple detailing, and I've loved Ragged Priest for a while now, so this might have to be the one I go for!

I have been lusting over this dress for way too long but I just keep putting off buying it - I will one day! It's £35.00 online but using my 20% off code 'floraldanielle' it would be £28 :)

I love midi rings, and I only have one so far! I love this Topshop one, it's really cute and simple :)

I've been using a miniature bottle of this which I received in a magazine recently, and I literally love it! It makes pore appear reduced, and helps my foundation to stay on properly too. The one I'm using is literally as big as my baby finger and it's lasted well, so I reckon the big bottle would last forever!

Big black bucket bag, check. Black and gold studded bag, check. Not ridiculously expensive, check. This is exactly the kind of bag I love, I need this bag in my life!!!!

Thanks for reading :)
What's on your wishlist this month?
Do you have any of the things on my wishlist?
Love Dani

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snow, yankee candles and mini bottles of wine! :)

 Hey guys :) yet again, another apology as to why I've barely been blogging! Second year of uni is already stressing me the hell out, literally God knows what I'm gonna be like next year in my final year :( so thought I'd do a little instagram and life post to keep you in the loop!

 Putting my Christmas sweets pot to good use, it's now my cotton bud holder :)
Some January treats - Soap & Glory products and a Yankee Candle!
I eventually lit my teacup candle along with my Yankee :)

Something to keep me occupied during these snowy times!
My hand has gone very gingery, but I like it :)
Procrastination = caviar nails!

Been appreciating my piggy socks during these cold days!
Yummy percy pig cookies :)
I forgot how much of a cute/ amazing film Babe is!

Been eating healthy since I've been back at uni this term - tuna salad omnomnom!
I love how colourful my trolly is looking! :)
One naughty treat on the weekend doesn't count right ;)

Snow outside my window!
Matching footwear for the snow!
Herbal and berry tea :)

I've been a very busy fashion student this term - my first ever cross stitch! :)
Some weird 2am fashion illustration!
My gorgeous new vintage pin-up diary to keep me organised!

Me and the teeniest bottle of wine ever! :)
A good uni night out despite the snow outside!
My gorgeous hamsa bracelet - I'm giving one away in my giveaway here!

Thanks for reading :)
Sorry these aren't the most interesting photos, I've been stuck in my uni room doing work for what seems like so long now! :(
Did you get much snow?
Love Dani

Thursday, 3 January 2013

My beauty favourites of 2012 :)

Now I don't usually do beauty posts, but I've found some lovely new beauty products during the year of 2012 and thought I may as well blog about them, like everyone else is!

A couple of these I have used for years and have just never blogged about them, but most of them are products I have discovered this year, and will continue to use them for years, unless something better comes along! I am going to try and do 'favourite products of the month' posts throughout 2013 when I find new products too so keep a lookout :)

2012 is the year that I first ever tried out Soap and Glory products (I know, where on earth have I been living without them?!) but I cannot believe how good they are, and how I lived without them before! My favourites are Hand Food hand moisturiser and Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 deep cleansing milk. I have tried many hand moisturisers as my mum has really dry hands so I always try out her new products, but this one really seems to work! It smells lovely, and after leaving a generous dose on my hands overnight, the next morning they feel so soft! I bought my mum the big one for Christmas, so I'll let you know if this is the cure for her too! The Peaches and Clean cleanser smells strongly of peaches and it's gorgeous! It's a nice pink colour and smells so good as you put it onto your face. I usually use a facewipe before using this, and wash it off with hot water, but when I've tried it before with a full face of make up, it does literally melt your make up away! Lastly is the L'Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser. I was using a cheap Simple moisturiser before but I wanted to try a higher end product so randomly picked this one up when it was on offer in Boots, but it feels nice and hydrating on my skin and I would definitely re-buy it again for the full price.

2012 was also the year that I first started using a foundation brush, and I'm never ever going back to using my fingers again! I also discovered using baby shampoo to clean my make up brushes, and it really does work a treat! This is only the small bottle as I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but when I run out I'm definitely gonna buy the big bottle of it! As for the foundation brush, I literally just love it so much! I love the angle of it, which means it gets into every nook and cranny of your face, and it still spreads all the foundation evenly too so no fingers needed! I'm definitely considering investing in the full Real Techniques Core Collection of brushes when I finish my 100 days no spending! :)

All three of these products are ones I have used for years, but I can't get enough of. As much as I hate to admit it, this Britney Spears perfume is my most used one, and my most complimented one too! It's relatively cheap, and if you hunt around you can always find it on offer. I have it in every size bottle as my mum knows I love it and ends up buying me one every birthday and Christmas, but I've asked her to stop until I end up using all of the bottles I've already got! This fake tan is my absolute favourite too and I have been a fan of it for at least 3 years (I remember using it on my 18th birthday). It's the kind where you put it on the night before, by the morning after you look like an oompa loompa, but then you have a shower and you're the perfect colour, and it lasts for days! This one is 'medium skin' because I totally forgot to look at the tone but I think even the dark one works well on my pale skin without looking totally unnatural. The price has gone up quite alot in the last year, but if you check out Savers and Wilkinsons, it is often on offer. Lastly is the Dove deodorant, which might seem like an odd thing to have on this list, but I also swear by this. It's a roll on, but it's not wet, the only way I can describe it is like a bar of soap. It goes straight on, drys quickly, leaves your skin moisturised and I have never, ever had sweat patches when using this deodorant. This year is the first time I have used the 'invisible dry' instead of the original, as this one claims to leave no white patches, and it's true so I think I shall be sticking to this deodorant forever! :)

This is the first year I have looked into trying some new Benefit products other than Hoola blusher, which Santa bought me about 4 years and I have continued to buy it ever since! I had a makeover by a Benefit make up artist and she made me fall in love with CORALista and High Beam. I had been given High Beam as a present and had never really known how to use it, so she showed me properly. You can do whatever you like with it really, mix it in with your foundation etc, but I dot it on my upper cheeks once my foundation has dried, and pat it in lightly. I love the light shimmer effect it has, and it looks lovely in photos so will definitely keep using this in 2013, and consider looking into getting a powder highligher too. I only got CORALista this Christmas, but I love it already and will be using it alot! It's the perfect shade for my pale skin and looks nice ontop of a tanned blusher too :). So 2012 was the year that the brand MUA (Make Up Academy) launched in Superdrug, and it has been so popular, especially with it's £1 products! I originally went into Superdrug hoping to find the 12 shade 'Heaven and Earth' palette, but ended up coming away with this gold one as it was the only one left. I think it was fate really, as I love the colours in this one, and use it as part of my daily make up routine now. The back has a few different instructions on ways to wear the eyeshadows and I think they would look nice on any skin colour!

The first lipstick on the left is a dark plum/ burgundy colour, and I absolutely love it. I find it looks best when I have one other burgundy item on, whether it be a chunky knit jumper, or just a little rose hairband, but it looks lovely whether I'm tanned or pale and with my gingery hair or when it was jet black! The Kate Moss lipsticks are the best lipsticks I have found this year and I'm so happy I did! My original favourites were 01 and 08 in the black packets, but towards the end of the year I found 101 in the new red packet and I love this one! It's more of a bubblegummy pink, where as 08 was more nude (a bit like Mac Honeylove) but I will continue to use them all! Lastly is Lipcote, which to me was one of those products that you remember your mum wearing when you were a young child. I never really understood what it was, but a few years ago when I started wearing lipstick every single day, and especially red which can end up on your nose on a night out, I decided to give it a try. It's a bit like a nail varnish which you put on your lips to seal the colour and stop it from bleeding or rubbing off. It does sting a bit when it first goes on, and doesn't taste too nice, but on a night out especially it works miracles, and I always find myself drunkenly telling people about this product!

Natural Collection Nail Varnish in 'Black Cherry'.

I picked up these two nail polishes right at the end of 2012, yet they're easily my favourite of the year, and I look forward to using them this year! The 17 one in Navy Glint is a very thick, navy, glittery nail varnish and it looks lovely on it's own or as an accent nail with the Natural Collection one. The Black Cherry one is so cheap (less than £2) yet it's a lovely shade and works well! It's a shimmery burgundy which lasts, and I will definitely be looking to see if Natural Collection has anymore shades I like the look of after seeing how well this one works. I couldn't seem to find a link online, but you'll be able to find it in the Natural Collection section in Boots :)

Thanks for reading :)
Are any of my favourites on your favourite beauty products list too?
Will you be trying any of these products now?
Love Dani :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013! My January sale finds and my New Years Resolutions :)

Happy new years guys! I can't actually believe it is 2013, this year has literally gone so quickly! :) Hope you all had a fun night last night with the ones you love! Here's a picture of me and Joe last night with his new fisheye lens :)

I went sale shopping on Boxing Day (yes I was one of THOSE people) but it was the first time in five years where I wasn't working on Boxing Day, so I thought why not?! I'm still doing my 100 days no spending (it finishes on 24th January) but these things were bought with Christmas money or vouchers!

I love having new DVDs to watch, especially around Christmas time and when I'm with my boyfriend (we don't see each other much as we're 2 and a half hours away from each other when I'm at uni). I got all these bargains for £3 each, and the behind the scenes The Hobbit book was for Joe as he's obsessed! We watch Babe the other night, and I forgot how friggin cute it is! I suggest you all go get it, and relive your childhood :)

Topshop crochet shirt - £16.20 in the sale with student discount.
Topshop  crochet shorts - £18 in the sale with student discount.

Topshop frilled socks - All 3 pairs for £7.20 with student discount.
Topshop cherub earrings - £2.90 in the sale with student discount.
Topshop buddha earrings - £1.35 in the sale with student discount.

Topshop cross studded shorts - £16.20 in the sale with student discount.
Topshop burgundy rose hairband (I put it around my hair doughnut)  - £2.90 in the sale with student discount.

New Look peplum tops in black and burgundy - £7.00 each in the sale.

Primark embellished high waisted shorts - £7.00 in the sale.
Primark cordroy burgundy shirt (I kept stealing Joe's one) - £5.00 in the sale.

Matching hamsa hand t-shirts for me and my sister - £7.00 each in the sale.

And a few bits for Joe as he had to work on Boxing Day!
Primark speckled beanie hats - £3.00 each.
River Island paisley boxers - £7.00 in the sale.

Now onto the New Years Resolutions:

- Lose some weight and eat healthily.
No more sugar or sweets, a lot less pasta and bread.
Buy more fruit, vegetables and salads.
Do exercise DVDs when I have time.
Fit back into my favourite shorts again!

- Save money.
I finish my 100 days no spending on 24th Jan, but continue after unless I literally LOVE something.
No more eating out with my friends.
Start making packed lunches every day for uni.
Actually put money aside every week so I can see it being saved.
Enter more competitions everyday. (I have been lucky enough to win quite a few recently, will make a blog post about my years winnings!)
Every time I have a £2 coin, put it in my terramundi pot!

- Blog more.
Do more eBay finds posts.
Do my favouries of each month.
Do lots of outfit posts once I'm happier with my weight.
Use up products before starting a new one, and do empties posts.
Read my favourite blogs every single day.
Set up my 300 followers giveaway!

- Concentrate more on my uni work.
Don't watch TV/movies until I've done my uni work.
Do at least a full hours work after uni everyday.
Consider getting rid of Facebook until the Summer.
Visit the library more often.
Try out new techniques once a week.
Read my fashion books.
Go to more exhibitions.
Save up for Photoshop and Illustrator.
Practice my fashion illustration in my spare time.

- Beauty resolutions.
Take my make up off every single night.
Stick to my cleanse, tone, moisture regime.
Have at least one early night a week.
Always have nice nails, if not take the varnish off. 
Only straighten my hair when it is necessary.

Thanks for reading :)
Did you get some sale bargains?
Do you have some similar new years resolutions?
Happy new year :)
Love Dani