Saturday, 29 December 2012

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let is snow! And what Santa brought me this year :)

 Hey guys :) hope everyone had a fab Christmas! I keep meaning to do this post but I've been so busy (mostly just in the January sales or finishing off the turkey and Pringles!)

The first Christmas card I opened all year, a sexy Santa! :)

Some very strange (and rushed) Christmas cakes I made! :)

I added a little candy cane to all of my Christmas cards this year :)

And now to the pressies! I was spoilt rotten this year, so big fat thank you to my mum, dad, sister, boyfriend, boyfriends family, best friend and my family and friends :). Look at all this chocolate and sweets, how am I ever gonna get on with a January diet with these!?

Lots of lovely fashion books! I will do a post one day on all my fashion books and which ones I think are the best so all you fashion students can ask for some yourselves :). The big pink fashion one is about fashion and costumes over the years, the teen vogue handbook has about careers in the fashion industry, and the fashionary is a fashion sketchbook with templates and spec templates :)

I was with my mum in TK Maxx a few weeks before Christmas when I saw this pin-up diary and I had to have it! There's a different gorgeous pin-up model per week, and at the end of the year I can stick them all on my wall :)

At the same time in TK Maxx I saw this book which I loved, it's a mix of vintage hair and beauty tips, as well as vintage recipes and generally cute vintage pictures! :)

My best friend Courtney (she's a Mac make-up artist, check out her work here) got me these gorgeous bits! I am so in love with the Ted Baker make up bag, and I love how the little Mac lip glosses box matches too :) 

My boyfriend got me the MUA nail constellations, my sister got me the matte nail varnish (which I can't wait to try out), Santa (my dad) got me the Kate Moss lipsticks in my favourite shades and my mum got me Benefit Coralista! I usually wear Hoola so I'm excited to try out this new shade :)

How cute is this massive Vaseline tin?! I'm gonna use it to store all of lipsticks and other lip products :) and my boyfriends nan bought me this lovely Cath Kidston manicure nail set :)

I picked these shirts with mum when she came to visit me in Norwich weeks ago, how cute is the doggy one?! I can't wait to wear them with a necklace under the collar all year round :)

My boyfriend bought this when he came to visit me at uni months ago and I'd totally forgotten, it's so cute and I love the colours! I'm going to wear it around my head and as a scarf, and the vintage envelope it came in is so cute too! :)

This has to be one of my favourite gifts, it's a hamsa hand charm that my mum got for me and my sister for our Pandora charm bracelets. I've wanted a hamsa charm for ages but Pandora don't do them, but this was found online and is real silver and it's so cute! I also got a little snowman charm from my boyfriends parents, but I accidentally left my bracelet at his so I can't photograph it! :)

Thanks for reading :)
I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas yourself and got some goodies too!
I appreciate each of these lovely presents I've recieved, and hope my family and friends loved theirs from me just as much!
Love Dani

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday!

Hey guys! I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas! :)
I've had a lovely few days, but I've kept forgetting to take photos! I spent Christmas eve eve with my aunts, uncles, cousins etc, I spent Christmas eve with my boyfriend and his family, then I spent Christmas morning with my dad and sister, afternoon with my mum and sister, and then my best friend, her mum, her boyfriend and my boyfriend came over for Christmas pressies and drinks!
Sorry there aren't many, but here are the Christmas photos I've found on my instagram from over the last week :)

My mums lovely front door!
My Rudolph wrapping paper (just realised its been spelt wrong on the paper!)
My written cards with added candy canes :)

Toby Carvery meal and drinks! :)
 Everyone together for drinks on Christmas eve :)
Shots lined up for everyone!

Our Christmas breakfast of pancakes! :)
Yummy yummy roast! :)
Some very odd Christmas cakes I made!

Sister, boyfriend and cousins :)
A Christmas tournament of air hockey!
Bah humbug across the table ;)

Me and my mumma on Christmas evening! :)
My lovely new fashion books!
My festive snowman Pandora charm! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!
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Love Dani

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Stocking fillers and 'Secret Santa' presents for under £10 :)

I absolutely love Christmas. I love Christmas shopping, I love going home and spending time with my family and friends, I love the food but I hate being skint after it all! It can all be rather expensive, especially being a university student too, so I've put together some gifts all for under £10. I love all of these gifts, a few I do have already, but they are cheap enough for stocking fillers, a 'secret Santa' gift, or just a little extra to a main present :)

I absolutely love this shade of lipstick. It is a cherry red, dark enough to look good with burgundy and other winter colours, but not too dark to make you look gothic in the pale winter months. You can see me wearing mine in the top picture here. I really love Kate Moss lipsticks, they're cheap and cheerful, yet they're really nice to wear too. They're matte yet don't dry out your lips, I've asked for a light pink one for Christmas :)

I love piling gold rings up on my finger, and I think this inital one would go perfectly with all my others. I usually dislike dangle rings, but this one is pretty simple and quite short so wouldn't be too annoying.

I only tried out this product recently as I had to get an extra something in the '3 for 2' offer, but I'm so glad I did, it's actually incredible! If I put it on at night before I go to bed, the next morning my hands feel so soft and lovely! The mini version is the perfect size to keep in your handbag too :)

Elf DVD - £3.64
Elf is my favourite Christmas movie ever, it makes me laugh so much everytime! My sister used to watch it every single day of December when we were younger, and when I used to live with her, I literally heard her laugh everytime too. Everyone should own Elf on DVD, and everyone should watch it every December! :)

Topshop Christmas Socks - £3.50 (Or 3 for £8)
Everyone needs some nice snuggly Christmas socks to wear under their boots and just general wonder around the house in. Topshop have some lovely Santa/ gingerbread man/ fairisle ones this year which are perfect for all :)

I have two Cath Kidston mugs that my boyfriend treated me to before and I love them. They're bigger than the average mug, so they're perfect for a nice big cuppa tea, and they have such lovely designs and patterns too :)

I bought this for myself a while back when it was on offer for about £4, so if you look around you might be able to find it cheaper too! I absolutely love the design of the tin and I'm gonna use it to store all of my lipsticks in! I always have a Vaseline nearby and Winter is the perfect time to get someone some Vaseline with all the cold weather and chapped lips! :(

Every girl loves lipgloss, and every girl loves Soap and Glory. This lipgloss has something in it (I can't find mine right now to read what it actaully is) but it makes your lips tingle and enlarge slightly so you have a nice big Christmas pout! Haha I've explained this terribly, but it's pretty cool :)

Just a tiny gift for the Christmas season. I love Carmex lip balm and I always have a pot on the go. It's basically the exact same as Vaseline but it seems to leave your lips all tingly like you can feel it actaully working, and it's in a lovely cherry flavour :)

 Now everyone loves the Yankee Candles, but not everyone can afford the price tags. With the smallest usually being about £8, they're not the cheapest presents, but why not get a sampler for £1.80 and then they can decide for themselves if they like it enough to buy the full product! They still burn for up to 15 hours and they can be put into any cute containers to melt :)
I'm yet to try out any Models Own nail varnishes, but I've heard nothing but good things about them! At only £5 they don't break the bank, and the beetlejuice collection have some gorgeous shades. They seem to change colour as you move your fingers in the light so you can have a dark green shade with hints of pink in the light :)

As with the other chocolate oranges, you can more than likely find these on offer in places for as low as £1 each, and I can confirm that these are absolutely gorgeous! A mix of the normal Terry's Chocolate Orange with tiny bits of popping candy inside, they are perfect for a stocking filler :)

These are tiny little balls that stick to your wet nail varnish and look so cute! I previously wrote a whole review on them here if you would like to read the whole thing :)

I bought these for myself at the start of uni this year, and they actually put me in such a good mood when I have to do boring written work! They're so cute and cheap and would make any student, or anyone who has to do paperwork happy :)
I've only tried this once before when my housemate gave me a cup full, and I've been lusting after it ever since! I love hot chocolate and I love white chocolate, they are just so perfect together and lovely for the cold Winter months :)

Thanks for reading :)
Were any of these already on your Christmas wishlist?
You gonna add any of them to it now?
What is on your wishlist so far?
Love Dani :)

My new Holga iPhone case! :)

I'm still kinda new to having an iPhone as I only got it at the end of Summer, but I literally feel like I could never go back to having any other phone! I'm addicted to instagram, Twitter and Facebook on it, but most of all The Simpsons 'Tapped Out' (if you haven't yet got it, get it!)

Anyways, when Lauren offered me the chance to try out an accessory for my iPhone I jumped at the chance. Although I'm currently a fashion student, I studied a BTEC in Photography and I've always loved taking photographs, so I chose this amazing Holga case! I have a Holga camera itself but the thought of having it on my iPhone to just easily take a photo with sounded great!

Holga iPhone case - £17.99*

I'm so excited to experiment with the different lenses and filters! :)

The lens wheel is attached by a magnet so when you're doing shooting with it, you can take it off, put the plastic protective wheel on, and pop it into your handbag :)

Here's some of my experimentations from the day I got the case, I'm sure you'll be seeing more posts from when I've been out and about with it:

This is the split image effect lens. There is the option of 2, 3 or 4 and this is the one where it splits into four. I'm not really sure what I'll use this for yet, but I love how it looks :)

These are also the split images lenses, the one on the left is split into three and the one on the right into two. The piggy pennybox is from Dunelm Mill :)

This lens contains a heart filter which I love. I can tell I'm definitely gonna be taking alot of photos with this lens on! :)

This lens is the macro lens, which means you can get really close to something and it will still be in focus. It took me a while to realise what this lens was because when I was holding it up to my hand at first it was just fussy, but when I showed my classmates they figured it out for me and we took photos of our eyes up close :)

It also has some colour filtered lenses which are cool, but I'm not sure if I'll use them to be honest! Will give them a go though and see if I can get any interesting photos out of them :)

When I first tried to take a photo of my hand with this red filter I could barely see it, I think it's supposed to be like the kind of red filter they use in scary movies when the light is off!

Thanks for reading :)
What do you think of the Holga iPhone case?
You gonna be adding it onto your Christmas wishlist?
Love Dani :)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas wishlist and '100 days no spending' update :)

Hey guys :) I'm eventually back! I've literally had the busiest time ever the last few weeks! I was drowning in uni work that I handed in last week after completing two all-nighters the few nights before which was horrible! I'm so happy all the stress is over though, and now I can get on with getting ready and excited for Christmas! We still have to go into uni for the next few weeks but we're doing pattern cutting and fun things until we get our results. The day after I handed in though, Joe came to visit me which was lovely, and we got on with some Christmas shopping and a few nights out :) below is a picture of me and Joe when he came to visit, and a picture of just how messy my bedroom got during the final week of hand-in! :)

And then the day after Joe left, my mum came to visit me, for catching up and some more Christmas shopping! So I've literally been non-stop busy! Anyways, here is a wishlist of some things I would like from Santa, or things I would've probably have already bought if I wasn't on my spending ban! For any of you wondering, I'm almost half-way, I have 53 days left to go!

The slipper shoes with cross embellishment are from Office, and they're so cute! :)

I need to get myself some sort of black hat for Winter and uni, and I really like this ying yang one from Waiste Clothing :)

How cute are these Urban Outfitters pumps with panther heels?!

I think I may be the only blogger to not own any Yankee Candles, and I really want one! I always smell them when I'm out and about, and there are some gorgeous flavours. I love the thought that once I've used it all up I can keep it as a little desk jar to put bits and bobs in too :)

At £70, I doubt I will ever end up getting this particular coat from River Island, but I'm on the look-out for a dupe, and it would go so well with my fur stole :)

I love this Topman burgundy shirt. I always steal my boyfriends checkered shirts, and I am on the look-out for a burgundy checkered shirt, but this one looks lovely and I need some more plain clothes to layer up over Winter! This would look nice buttoned up all the way to the top with a spiked necklace under the collar :)

I know everyone already has them, but I have a sudden urge to get some sensible warm shoes, and Nike Blazers would be perfect! I think a black pair would literally just go with everything too :)

I love love love this belt! This one is from Ark Clothing but I've seen them in Urban Outfitters too :) 

Lastly, I have a little confession to make... sort of. I went to town with my housemate Clementine today to get some thread for finishing off my coat on Monday, and we ended up looking around some charity shops. I  bought these two shirts and this glass ring holder. I know this technically counts as breaking my spending ban BUT I thought I really liked them, and the shirts were only £2.50 each, and the ring holder was only 99p, so I bought them, but I don't intend to use them until I've finished my spending ban in January! How cute are they all!? :)

Thanks for reading :)
What's on your Christmas wishlist?
I cannot wait to get all festive this month!
Love Dani :)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A little insight into my life.

I've literally been so busy recently with uni, but I always seem to find time to instagram, and I haven't done an instagram post in months so I thought it might be time :)

Completing some sketchbook while watching Apocalypse on my laptop.
The sewing machine I've been sitting at for days with my cute little apple pin holder :)
The coat that I'm currently making at uni.
Boring contextual work, but pretty colours!

A cute little letter from my sister, with a mascara and sealed with a kiss :)
The gorgeous bunting all over our house!
Adam Levine poster looking over me whilst I choose which clothes to wear.
My little granny chair in my room :)

Cute little Spotty doing his tricks!
My lovely boyfriend at Bella Italia :)
Everyone getting drunk and playing the Harry Potter boardgame!
One of the best things about going home... stealing Joe's checkered shirts! :)

Tried out the MUA Nail Constellations!
OOTD - Matalan cardigan and Topshop shoes :)
Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke.
Matching nose jobs, just kidding we're pampering!

Absolutely gorgeous sky in Norwich!
Tried out the Barry M magnetic nailvarnish!
 Pink lucozade to get my thrrough my uni work :)
My cute new little highlighters!

I organized my whole bathroom!
My piggy bag for organising my belts :)
OOTD - Pearl collar from Topshop and jumper from the carboot!
FaceTiming with my pups! :D

My keys, including a glow in the dark sperm and a lace 'D' from Belgium!
When me and my housemates went as Trollz (and red is 'Japan' lol), I wanna go pink!
How cute is my dog?!?
Yummy American style diner in Norwich :)

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