Thursday, 9 August 2012

Black Milk Clothing wishlist!

I'm sure you've all heard of Black Milk Clothing before, even if you haven't bought something yourself I'm sure you've lusted over some of the items. The first place I saw galaxy print leggings and cross print leggings, they sell unique and quality items.
I am yet to treat myself to anything, but I'm considering having a naughty splurge with my next paycheck ;).
All the items automatically come priced at euros, but you can change the currency in the top right hand corner.

Here are my current personal favourites:

 Currently out of stock but I have entered my email to be notified when they come back in. I am literally in love with this, so my first purchase shall definately be this!

I love the Christian artwork, and the stain glass windows look, like the skirt above. I don't know if I would personally wear a swimsuit but I love the print.

Again, I love the print of this swimsuit. You see a lot of horse print in the high street stores such as H&M and Topshop but I like this a lot more than any of the horse items I've seen on the high street.

The same print as the skirt, but in a dress. How lovely! I really do love this print, I can't work out if I prefer this print or the 'The Last Judgement Day' one!

I particularly love the galaxy print items from Black Milk. They are one of the first things I think of when I think of Black Milk.

The same print as the swimsuit, but in a dress. This is so lovely, and I think you'd have to buy a pair of Jeffery Campbell's to complete the outfit like this ;)

Out of all the galaxy print leggings, these were my favourite. I've always wanted to get a pair of galaxy print ones, and I think these would go with so many outfits, and could be dressed up and down in loads of ways.

Yet again, the print I love but this time in a pair of leggings! Patterned leggings can liven up any plain outfit and they'd look great on a night out too.

Ooh these are so gorgeous! Same as the other printed leggings, these would liven up any plain outfit. I love them with the Jefferey Campbells too.

Velvet Mulled Wine Leggings - £53.90
I love burgundy, I love velvet, I love high waisted leggings. These are pretty much perfect, I would love to have them for autumn and winter.

Thanks for reading :)
What do you think of Black Milk Clothing?
Which do you like best out of my favourites?
Do you own anything yourself?
Love Dani


  1. Love the swimming suits! Caggie from Made In Chelsea is in a music video wearing a really lovely one too, reminded me of these! x

    I don;t know if you've entered or not but.. Currently hosting a giveaway on my blog for a stunning pair of galaxy print leggings if you're interested in a chance of winning!

    1. Ooh really!? I'll check it out :)
      And yes already entered!

  2. always loved Black Milk, especially the Cathedral Skirt!

    1. Yes I love that so much! WANT! :)

  3. Love the galaxy dress & leggings!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy weekend Hun xoxo

    1. Same! :)
      Will have a look now!

  4. Wow I've never seen prints quite like some of these before! I love the galaxy print dress xo
    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  5. gah. love black milk. i actually forgot about the brand, but two years ago I was drooling over their stuff for a couple of nights on the internet. their prints are so awesome. thanks for reminding me ;-)

    1. Haha I've always loved them, they are fab! :)

  6. I saw this post a fews days ago and I just found a really similar design to the 'jesus' dresses but loads cheaper on romwe xx

  7. I only have 2 of their pieces but I looooove BM! I've tried cheap alternatives but they don't even come close in terms of quality (unless you get We Are Handsome which is better). I really want the suspender leggings!

    The Style Rawr!

  8. Black Milk do some amazing clothes! xxx


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