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Wednesday wishlist #8 - Festival outfits I wish to own!

I really didn't think I would end up going to a festival this year, but last week I bought myself a festival ticket on a bit of a whim, and because I'd made myself some money on eBay! The festival I bought the ticket for is called Brownstock and it is based in Essex. The reason I don't feel too bad about wasting my money on this festival is because it was an absolute bargain of £65 for the full 4 days, and my housemate from uni is going so it's a great excuse to spend some time together, get drunk and see some good bands :). The only slight downside though is that now I'm constantly looking on clothing websites for some new clothes to buy and new festival accessories. I've compiled a few little outfit wishlists so maybe I can just about afford to buy a few of these before I go in early September :)

I've been on a bit of a kimono hunt for a long time now, even before I booked the festival, but I've not really found one that has blown me away. This one however, I instantly fell in love with! I love the patchwork style patterns and I love the colours too. I would probably add some fringing to the bottom too, and Glamorous also does 20% off student discount too so it would only be a bargain £16!

Fragrance Direct is literally my guilty pleasure when it comes to beauty. Where else can you get your favourite lippy for under £2?! The Kate Moss lipsticks are usually around £5, but if you know your favourite shade, you may as well stock up on a few from Fragrance Direct! My favourite shade is this dark red one called '01'.

I've been on the lookout for a new black fringed bag too, and this one is so cute and doesn't break the bank at all! I love the look of the fringing and the studs together, and that the strap can be adjusted to different lengths for different occasions and outfits :)

This dress reminds me of when I used to do ballet when I was younger, and the way you had to wrap the cardigans around yourself. I love the simplicity of it, and the neckline looks so flattering. It's gone into the sale for a bargain £12.50, so I think it's fate really!

You can't go to a festival without an oversized floral headcrown! This one is absolutely gorgeous, from the colour to the shape and size of the roses. I don't think I could ever justify spending almost £40 on a floral headcrown though, so I'm going to make myself a few large ones before I go. You can see my tutorial on how to make floral headcrowns for under £5 here :)

Obviously you've seen the River Island matte black cut-out boots, but this is the first time I've seen them in patent, and I think I actually prefer them like this!

I've always loved the way bindis look and I've never really had an excuse to wear one, so now is my chance! This pack in particular has so many different colours and designs all in one.

How gorgeous is this necklace?! There are so many things I want to buy from Empty Casket, but this one I think I want the most! I love the colours as you never really see dark crystals, they're usually all light colours!

I actually already ordered myself this necklace, but I think that everyone else should make an order from Little Teacup jewellery too! I've known about it for ages, as fellow blogger Chelsea from Chelsea Jade Loves is the owner. It's so cheap and affordable, and she's lovely!

I absolutely love this tassel crochet crop top! I wish I could crochet so that I could make myself lots of lovely pieces! This is such an affordable price though. Unfortuntely it is currently sold out, but when it comes back into stock, it's mine!

Wah it makes me sad how expensive Mac lipsticks are nowadays! :( This shade is so lovely though, not too dark and not too light! I only have a few Mac lipsticks as they're expensive and I don't use them often, but this one might have to be next!

I'm actually terrified about what my hair is going to look like if it rains! I'm going to buy myself this black bandana JUST IN CASE, and hopefully I won't have to use it for hiding my hair. But I do think it'll look cute tied in a little bow, and for 99p you can't go wrong!

I must admit, I wouldn't pay £35.00 for a bag unless I was in love with it, let alone a bumbag, but this design is super sweet. I might have to invest in a cheap version and add the studs and fringing myself, but I do love the look of this one!

Motel daisy maxi skirt - £42.00 (or £33.60 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
Lastly, but not leastly, this gorgeous maxi skirt from There is always 100 things on my Motel wishlist, and this is currently top. It can be dressed up and dressed down in so many ways, and I love how flattering it looks on. If you use the discount code 'floraldanielle' when you checkout, you can get 20% off your whole order! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Are you off to any festivals this year?
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  1. Great wishlist, I love those shoes! they are fab xx

  2. The kimono on the first outfit is so lovely!
    I've never been on little teacup jewellery before, their stuff is so cute! Thank you for sharing it, will definitely be ordering something from there soon... x

  3. Fab wishlist, i literally want everything! love the black dress and the rose crown! xo
    Check out my Michael Kors Giveaway here!

  4. Those river island cut out boots, i need them!

  5. Wow - the kimono is perfect!! Definitely worth a (£16!!!!!!) investment :)
    Hope you have an amazing time! I'm a festival virgin and regretting it by the minute haha! Coachella is the dream though :p
    Amazing blog - following you now sweetie :) please keep in touch! I love meeting new people on the blogosphere (is that a lame expression? Oh well!!)
    Andrea xxx

  6. wow i adore both outfits youve put together! i cant believe how cheap the kate moss lipsticks are compared to over here in australia! definitely stocking up when im in the uk in october haha! xxx

  7. i think you should get the kimono :) and i like the bandana as well :) <3

  8. These are great! I love the top look, Kate lipstick - of course!


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