Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #7

I've not had a very good week to be honest, I've been feeling quite ill, and I got an eye infection (boo) which meant I needed to be on antibiotics, so I spent quite a bit of time in bed, browsing websites for things to buy with money I don't have! I literally can't believe how quickly the weeks are going, it only seems like yesterday that I wrote my previous Wednesday wishlist! It's actually scary though as I have around a month now before I need to be thinking about heading back to uni, with loads of work done and my dissertation preparation prepared! Not looking forward to that at all! :(

Since seeing this kimono on Jess from Velvet Daisy and Sara from Waiste, I've decided that I would really like it! I need a few kimono/cape type jackets as it's too hot to wear a leather or denim jacket, but it's too cold to wear nothing, and this looked so lovely on those girlies!

As you all know, I am currently interning at Waiste clothing, and I really need to get my hands on one of these necklaces! They were really popular and sold out super duper quickly so when they come back into stock, I definitely need to nab myself one! :)

I really love the ram print of these leggings. I wear leggings quite alot as they're so comfy and easy to wear to uni, and these look really comfy but have a little bit of character to them!

I have very nearly come to the end of my current 'Lady Danger' lippy and it is definitely my favourite lipstick colour ever! It's a really bright red, the kind you would imagine as a pin-up red, and I love it!

I currently only have the Real Techniques foundation brush, and I really want to get myself some extra brushes to add to my collection! I'm thinking either the whole Core Collection which includes the buffing brush, or maybe just getting the buffing brush on it's own for now.

I shouldn't really be spending any money at the moment on clothes as I'm trying my hardest to make my wardrobe smaller and my bank balance bigger, but I do really need to get some new shoes and get rid of a majority of the pairs I already own. I do believe that it's worth spending a little bit more on shoes, otherwise they seem to just fall apart, and I don't think the price of these are totally unreasonable, especially seen as they are so cute! :)

How lovely is this ring?! I entered a giveaway by Dixi on twitter this week, and since entering I've really fallen in love with this ring, and then today I was tweeted to say I was picked as the winner, and I can't wait to receive it!

Thanks for reading :)
What's your favorite thing from my wishlist?
What's been on your wishlist this week?
Love Dani :)


  1. I really like the look of the RT buffing brush :) hoping your uni preparation goes well! If you do some work towards your dissertation now, it pays off so much when all your deadlines come up! xx

  2. I hope you feel better soon :) I love those shoes, they'd look great in red.

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. The ring is really cute, although I do think Dixi jewellery is over priced. Both the pieces I have bought from them broke :( but I love stars and moons :D xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  4. oooh! I love the kimono and the shoes are so cute! xo

  5. Thank you for this post! I've been after those shoes for ages and they've been sold out! Just ordered them! xoxo

  6. Wow! I especially love the cover up with fringes! Very boho chic! :)

    Style Reader


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