Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wednesday wishlist #11 - And an excluse 20% discount off the black lace cami!

This is my second of probably many A/W wishlists as there are so many gorgeous things to buy at the moment! Even though I'm skint and I have nowhere nice to wear any new clothes because I'm a third year fashion student who is constantly tied to my sewing machine, it doesn't mean I can't window shop/procrastinate and make loads of wishlists of the things I plan to buy when I finish uni and get a full time job!

Primark doesn't actually have a website that you can buy off yet, so I just linked to the current website where you can see new products and the prices. I really wasn't too fussed about these tartan dresses when I first saw them, but the more I've seen them on people, the more I've decided I'd actually quite like one!

I've been after a few black staple pieces to go into my Autumn/Winter wardrobe that I can just grab and layer in a rush but that will still look nice. I love the simplicity of this dress yet the lace insert and triangle back are just gorgeous!

Edit - Since posting this blog post, I was contacted by 'In Love With Fashion' who have given me and my readers an exclusive discount code for this black cami dress! Get 20% off with discount code 'floraldanielle' - ORDERED!

I've also been on the lookout for some high waisted tailored trousers for this Winter as the leggings and tights just aren't keeping me warm! I'm really fussy when it comes to trousers and can never find any that I like, and now that I have, they're nearly £50 boo!

I've recently become obsessed with silver jewellery (as previously mentioned here) and I've been trying to start a little collection of real silver jewellery as I hate having to take my rings off when I wash my hands just so that they don't rust! The clear stone is the April birthstone and I actually love how it looks.

So these boots would definitely have to be an investment buy, and I'd have to save up for them, but ever since I've seen them on Lily Melrose's blog, I just cannot stop thinking about them! I have a few pairs of black boots but they don't seem to keep my feet warm in the Winter and always let the rain in, where as these look like they would be warm and sturdy! Maybe one day ;)

Okayyyy so this would definitely be another investment buy, but how cute is it?! I have always loved the rings from this company, but after seeing Sammi from Beauty Crush wear hers, I realised that it's actually a lot daintier and cute than I thought, which makes me want it even more!

I've been lusting over all the lovely fluffy cardigans on the Missguided website for a while now, and I've decided I'm gonna have to take the plunge and buy at least one! I think I like this one the best because it's long sleeved and looks so, so snuggly and warm. 

Thanks for reading :)
Are any of these items on your wishlist?
Link me your blog if you have any A/W wishlists!
Love Dani :)


  1. Love all of this- that Primark dress keeps calling my name

  2. Love all of these bits! I loved those Primark dresses but they fit me really odd :( I love Pandora rings so much :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Oh my gosh I want every single thing on this wishlist! I actually tried on that dress the other day in Primark but I had the same problem as Sophierosehearts ... I couldn't get my usual 10 over my boobs at all! I might persevere and try a bigger size, however, because they really are so cute! xxx

  4. I love the cami and dress the checked trousers!x

  5. Ah that shearling coat looks wonderful! I want it!

  6. I want it alllll! Especially the Missguided jacket yumyumyum!

  7. LOOOVE everything here! want that cami dress so bad!! xx

  8. Love what you've picked here girly! The boots are gorgeous and I need that dress. Your blog is lovely x

  9. Those vagabond boots are to die for,
    Also love the black cami dress!

  10. Love all of those pieces, I see that tarten dress around everywhere and I want one :(

    Also, I currently have a MAC lipstick giveaway over on my blog that I'd love for you to check out and enter if you're interested :)

    Sophie xxx

  11. oo the chelsea boots are gorgeous!
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  12. That Primark dress is beyond tempting, really.

  13. i love the great frog rings but they're just so expensive:(

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE


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