Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas gift ideas #4 - Debenhams jewellery!

I had always kind of assumed that Debenhams would be somewhere that my mum would find loads of clothes and jewellery that she loved, and that I would find nothing, but after being given the chance to review a few pieces of jewellery, my opinion has totally changed! I actually found loads of sweet bits of jewellery that I love! They're not anywhere near as expensive as I'd have assumed too, making them perfect for your Secret Santa or stocking filler ideas!

I absolutely LOVE how this necklace looks with a little collared shirt! As you all know, I've only really worn silver jewellery in the last six months, and I'm so glad I've made the change from gold to silver, how nice do these two shades of grey look together!?

I've been on the look-out for some nice pearl earrings after wearing my Primark ones to death, I decided that it was time to get some which wouldn't turn my ears green! These earrings are a lot smaller than I had realised when I ordered them, but I actually prefer them! This cross brooch is absolutely gorgeous too! I have pinned it to my leather jacket and it adds such a lovely detailing to a plain outfit!

 I'm on a mission to start collecting lots of sterling silver rings because I'm sick of always having rusty fingers by the end of the day! This raindrop ring is the perfect start to this collection! I absolutely love the shape of the teardrop and it looks great with fingers full of other silver rings too. These stacked rings are lovely and super duper cheap. They're great for when you're in a rush and want that stacked rings look, and you can pick the colours that go best with your current outfit too!

Thanks for reading :)
Do you ever buy from Debenhams?
Which is your favourite piece of jewellery out of my picks?
You can get your own pieces from Debenhams jewellery range here! :)
Love Dani :)


  1. I used to think the same about debenhams but they have some really lovely things in store, I love these pieces too especially the crystal statement necklace.

    x x x

    Confessions Of A Small Town Girl

  2. I love the first necklace looks great round the collar.


  3. All this jewelry is so beautiful! The rings are my favorite!

  4. love those rings and the collar necklace! merry christmas! xx

  5. Love all your jewellery <3


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