Thursday, 20 February 2014

What's been keeping my head warm this Winter?

Up until recently, I was never a hat person, but now I can't keep them off my head! Not too long ago I made the transition from dark brown to dark blonde, and next week I'm getting it lightened again to hopefully a lighter blonde! I feel that my hats just didn't look right when my hair was brown, they almost clashed in colour, but now my hairs a bit lighter, I love the way they look!

These are the two hats that I've been absolutely loving in this cold weather. You'd think that in late February it would start to warm up a bit, but it's still all about the fur coats, turtle necks and beanie hats for me at the moment!

Ragged Priest beanie hat - £15 (but now in the sale for £6!)

I've had my Ragged Priest beanie for a while now and it's my absolute favourite thing to pop onto my head before a cold day out. I love the simplistic font and colouring. It really does go with everything and it's an easy accessory to add with any outfit. I'm kinda gutted that it's gone so cheap in the sale now, but it's definitely had enough wear out of it to warrant the £15 so I don't mind too much!

The bobble hat was sent to me by a company called Britfash this Winter. They're a new company which describe themselves as the new online destination for both established and emerging British fashion brands. When they offered to send me a new hat I knew it would have to be this one! I had been on the lookout for a bobble hat for a while now as my housemate has one and it looks so cute on her! I love the simplistic black and grey colouring but I love that the bobble stands out too! Britfash are currently holding a giveaway to win this exact beanie right now, which you can enter here :)

What's been keeping your head warm this Winter?
Do you have an all-time favourite hat?
Love Dani :)

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