Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wednesday wishlist #14

So I'm back with another Wednesday wishlist, because my life is literally all about wanting to spend money that I do not have! There's a lovely monochrome feel this week - since dying my hair blonder I seem to be wearing loads of black and white again because I don't look gothic anymore when I wear all black! And because they go with everything :) I'm starting to get really excited about leaving university now and thinking about moving out with Joe, or redecorating my bedroom and my sisters old bedroom in my house with dad into a studio/sewing room. I'll probably write a Pinterest inspiration blog post again soon as I've seen so many cool ideas!

 Okay so as per usual, the items in my wishlist are totally out of my price range. Well, as a student, nothing is really in my price range but we won't talk about that ;) BUT HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS DRESS!? Floral print, check. Maxi length, check. Cheeky bit of thigh on show, check. This is literally the perfect Summer dress for me and when the weather starts to warm up a little I may have to invest!

Since watching the third series of American Horror Story, I've really wanted to get a black floppy hat and join the coven! (I'm only halfway through the series so please no spoilers!) They're such a simple accessory to chuck on top of a plain outfit to make it a bit nicer! I'm so lazy with what I'm wearing at the moment as I'm literally going to uni, making clothes all day then coming back home to bed, but a nice hat is always needed! :)

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Months later, I'm still obsessed with this sun and moon print! I have the long sleeved crop top and skater skirt combo which I love to mix and match, and now I've come across this backpack version I really want it! It's quite expensive for a bag but at least you can get 20% off with my discount code, and it looks nice and big to carry all my uni stuff to and from the studio!

I've nearly used up my whole large Yankee candle, but I did get it in first year of uni, and I'm now in my third so that's not too bad seen as I literally use it every day! I definitely think they're worth the price as the scents are so strong and nice! I like the sound of this white one, and I feel like it would smell really 'homely' but I need to smell it in store to check I like it. It's got 25% off online at the moment though so I might just grab it while I can ;)

I didn't know there was Zara homeware shops until my best friend started showing me all the lovely bits she'd started picking up from there! She then bought me a glass jar from there, pretty similar to this but circular, for Christmas which I have to fill up with memories from throughout the year, and I can't open them until Christmas next year! How exciting! I'm not sure what I'd use this one for, probably a very expensive cotton bud holder, but it's so lovely!

I've had my Pandora charm bracelet for a good few years now, and not many of the charms have WOWED me. I've got some lovely ones from my boyfriend including a 'mother of pearl' heart one, and my housemates bought me a cute little house charm which I love, but I haven't seen any in a while that I've felt like I really needed... until now! Keeping up with my celestial obsession, they've brought out a charm which has a moon on one side and a sun on the other... literally perfection! :)

I saw this cup on Pinterest a few months back and I knew that it would be something that Joe would love as he's into his pirate ships and krakens haha, but the more I look at it the more I actually love it! The pricing here is a bit weird as it's from America so I converted it to pounds, and I'm not sure how much postage would be, but I'd really like a cup with a little octopus in!

Aren't these shoes to die for?! I recently actually invested in them as the styling for my graduate collection photoshoot, and I intended to take them back, but the only problem is though, that the model has the same size feet as me, and these shoes are lovely! So I think I might just end up keeping them to be honest! :)

Thanks for reading :)
What is currently on your wishlist?
And which is your favourite thing from my wishlist?
Love Dani :)


  1. That backpack is lovely - love the print! :)

  2. this wishlist is perfect!! the backpack and the boots are my favourites <3


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