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Dottie Rocks personalised 'Floral Danielle' pencils and prints :)

I've been super excited about writing this blog post since me and the lovely Karen from Dottie Rocks started exchanging emails a few months ago. Back then she was just about to move studio and I was just about to finish my final stretch of uni so we planned what we'd make but then didn't speak for a little while as we both had our separate busy times, then recently she emailed me to let me know that my little package was on the way to me and I was so excited to receive it!

 Dottie Rocks personalised pencils and prints*

Dottie Rocks is a gorgeous little online shop, who's stock is currently being sold here on Etsy, and specialises in personalised pencils and prints. I am such a girly girl when it comes to stationary and homeware, so I'm in love with everything in the store! It ranges from Bridget Jones quotes on pencils to Coco Chanel quotes printed with gold foil, and every other girly movie or show in between!

I am absolutely in love with these pencils! They remind me of primary school where everyone used to have them with their full names on, so to have pencils with my blog name on is so nice! The packaging was absolutely gorgeous too, I didn't want to take them out of it! When I move back home from uni, I'm gonna make my sister's old room into a studio for myself, and these will go so perfectly on the desk :). Even though there isn't an option for personalised pencils on their website, Karen is absolutely lovely and would definitely be able to make you a personalised set to buy, so give her an email if you're interested!

I was also given the option to have some personalised quotes made for my little studio room which I am so excited about. I'm planning to make it really girly with white walls and inspirational walls so these will go perfectly right in the middle! I'm absolutely obsessed with Pinterest at the moment, and I love all the inspirational quotes on there so I decided to pick two of my favourites for my prints. The quality of the prints are really good, printed on thick card, and the gold foil letters look so professional, they would be a lovely gift! I will definitely be doing a little studio blog post when it's finished so keep an eye out for these prints up in their new home :)

Thank you for reading :)
Which is your favourite from my little Dottie Rocks post?
Would you get some personalised blog pencils?
Love Dani :)


  1. ahh these look amazing, I love personalised things and those pencils are so cute! You were definitely the coolest kid in the class if you had nice stationary haha

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Totally feeling the need for some blog pencils right now!

  3. So awesome wanting those pencils now! haha
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  4. Such cute stationary! Love the pencils!
    - Insiya

  5. I love personalized cute are those pencils!!! :D :D

  6. oh this is super cute!! I am a stationary addict as well, hihih. I love the prints to hang on the wall! It's in my plan for my future studio in my future house (sigh)!
    I'll keep this shop in mind!!

  7. Those pencils are adorable and those are two of my favourite sayings <3

  8. Stationery with your name embossed on them is the cutest!

  9. I absolutely love Dottie Rocks! I am always over on their Etsy store adding more things to my wish list. We are having work done at the house at the moment and as soon as my new room is finished I want to get a whole load of cute stationary and print for my desk etc :D I'd love my own customised pencils with my name :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  10. Oh these are juust so cute, I am going through a stage of loving personalized items currently x

  11. These look great! I love the pencils, so cute :)

    Pink Frenzy

  12. These are beautiful! I always used to have personalised pencils at primary school :)

    Jess xo

  13. Love the prints and pencils will have to get some I think.


  14. How pretty! I adore the pencils and golden printed quotes! Just gorgeous! I would love these as well. <3 xx
    - CandyFairy Blogs


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