My bucket list.

I've been meaning to post this for a very long time. I keep writing notes on my iPhone of things I would like to do in the future, but I thought I would actually write up a bucket list of things to do. Some things I could do tomorrow, and some things won't happen for years, but it'll be fun to tick them off one-by-one and blog about them on the way! I'm gonna keep adding to this if I think of new things to do and will keep it running for years, I'm so excited to tick these off :)

  1. Do a skydive! (If my best friend has the balls, then so do I!)
  2. Give blood
  3. Get my nose re-pierced
  4. Eat at Yo Sushi
  5. Find Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross station
  6. Travel somewhere first class
  7. Do work experience in the fashion industry
  8. Send in a Postsecret
  9. Visit the penguins at the Falklands Islands
  10. Do the Breaking Bad tour of Albuquerque
  11. Go to the Rex Cinema in Berkhamstead
  12. Find a job I love
  13. Watch a movie at the Hot Tub Cinema
  14. Set up my own business
  15. Visit the Grand Canyon
  16. Visit Bruges, Belgium
  17. Be happy with my weight again
  18. Complete 5 Pinterest inspired projects
  19. Go on lots of rides and eat lots of food at Winter Wonderland
  20. Carve a pumpkin
  21. Take part in a bloggers event
  22. Go to five fashion exhibitions (3/5) (Ballgowns at the V&A, Isabella Blow at Somerset House, Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty at the V&A)
  23. Take up running
  24. Run a marathon
  25. Drink a Blossoming Hot Chocolate at Dominique Ansel Bakery in London
  26. Ice Skate at the Canary Wharf LED Ice Rink
  27. Make candles
  28. Visit a German Christmas market
  29. Have Afternoon Tea at Hotel Du Vin, Henley
  30. Learn to bake a few desserts
  31. Visit Machu Picchu
  32. Save up for a Macbook
  33. Learn another language fluently (learning French)
  34. Visit the Area 47 water playground in Austria
  35. Go to Berlin
  36. Visit Japan
  37. Live in another country for at least 6 months
  38. Go to the cartoon cafe 'Kluska Polska' in Warsaw
  39. Go in a Japanese anime Photo Booth
  40. Visit Budapest
  41. Go in a thermal bath in Budapest
  42. Go on the swing at the end of the world in Baños, Ecuador.
  43. Visit the ruin bars in Budapest
  44. Get a floral ice cream in Budapest
  45. Visit the Optical Illusion Museum in Edinburgh 
  46. Travel to Iceland
  47. Eat a foot long ice cream in South Korea
  48. See the Northern Lights
  49. See a volcano
  50. Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand
  51. Find the perfect graduation outfit
  52. Graduate my university course
  53. Go blonde again
  54. Have silver hair
  55. Dye my hair pink
  56. Dye my hair lilac
  57. Dye my hair blue
  58. Book a one way ticket away
  59. Cut my hair really short
  60. Grow my hair really long
  61. Start collecting Disney DVDs (6/10)
  62. Start collecting Studio Ghibli DVDs (4/10)
  63. Get a milkshake from Tinsel Town
  64. Do the '100 days no spending challenge' again
  65. Take my best friend out to dinner
  66. Volunteer at a charity shop
  67. Swim with dolphins
  68. Visit Dublin, Ireland
  69. Go to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin
  70. Go scuba diving
  71. Build an igloo
  72. Go to the Holi Festival of Colour
  73. Get my first tattoo finished
  74. Go to London’s ‘Believe it or not Odditorium’
  75. Buy a dressing table that I’m in love with
  76. Design and make the collection of clothes for my final year at uni (6/6)
  77. Finish university without going absolutely insane
  78. Do the Harry Potter Studio Tour
  79. Eat at the Waffle House
  80. Go to Dubai
  81. Go on a sunny holiday with my best friend
  82. Treat myself to a new camera
  83. Get a job after finishing uni
  84. Attend a show at Graduate Fashion Week
  85. Attend a show at London Fashion Week
  86. Go to London Fashion Week every single day one season
  87. Learn to edit videos on Final Cut Pro
  88. Post a YouTube video
  89. Go to America
  90. Write my dissertation
  91. Go to Madame Tussauds waxwork museum
  92. Purchase a toy from the Disney store
  93. Learn to apply eyeshadow properly
  94. Go to Paris
  95. Put a lock on the Paris lover's bridge
  96. Walk up the Eiffel Tower
  97. Visit the Louvre
  98. Force my Dad to get a tattoo with me
  99. Go to Amsterdam
  100. Visit the Amsterdam sex museum
  101. Go to the Amsterdam Heineken experience
  102. Go to the Amsterdam flower markets 
  103. Find the giant yellow clog in Amsterdam
  104. Visit the red light district in Amsterdam
  105. Go to a coffee shop in Amsterdam
  106. Visit Anne Frank's House, Amsterdam
  107. Take an Amsterdam canal tour 
  108. Visit my family in Ireland
  109. Work on the farm in Ireland
  110. Learn to make Irish soda bread
  111. Visit Reykjavik, Iceland
  112. Do the underground glow in the dark golf, Amsterdam
  113. Get a tattoo with my sister
  114. Go to the 3D iMax cinema in London 
  115. Eat at Five Guys
  116. Do something that terrifies me
  117. Stay in a five star hotel
  118. Go to a silent disco 
  119. Fill a bookcase full of books I love
  120. Have my teeth professionally whitened
  121. Have super white teeth
  122. Book a ticket somewhere and just leave
  123. Celebrate a birthday in Las Vegas
  124. Do the Las Vegas zip line
  125. See the pyramids 
  126. Get a floral tattoo by Rebecca Vincent
  127. Get 5 floral tattoos by Rebecca Vincent (1/5)
  128. Play a game of Bingo
  129. Win at a game of Bingo
  130. Make homemade icecream
  131. Go to Junkyard Golf in London
  132. Go on a toboggan 
  133. Volunteer at a festival
  134. Be a bridesmaid
  135. Take a photo everyday for a year
  136. Walk the Great Wall of China
  137. Visit Ai Pioppi the human-powered park in Battaglia, Italy
  138. Go to a walk-through aquarium
  139. Join the gym again
  140. Be able to lift my own body weight at the gym
  141. Go snorkelling
  142. Buy a GoPro camera
  143. Ride a gondella in Venice
  144. Stomp grapes with my feet
  145. Take a diving course in Fiji
  146. Sleep on a beach
  147. Pay off my student loan
  148. Go canoeing
  149. Go punting in Cambridge
  150. Get a new piercing
  151. Win something on the Lottery
  152. Spend a whole afternoon baking 
  153. Go to London Dungeons
  154. Go to the HardRock cafe
  155. Plant a sunflower
  156. Start scrapbooking all my adventures
  157. Take pole dancing lessons
  158. Have a spa day with the girls
  159. Take food and water to a homeless person
  160. Climb a mountain
  161. Climb Mount Snowdon
  162. Climb Ben Nevis 
  163. Take part in a Colour Run
  164. Visit Manchester for a weekend
  165. Go to Disneyland and wear Minnie Mouse ears all day long
  166. Get a matching tattoo with my best friend
  167. Visit Barcelona
  168. Visit Copenhagen
  169. Visit Stockholm, Sweden
  170. Get married and have a lovely day
  171. Buy a house and paint the front door a fun colour
  172. Have a baby
  173. Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy (1/3)
  174. Go zorbing
  175. Go to Australia
  176. Buy some cacti for my bedroom
  177. Do the Cillit Bang penny test
  178. Watch the whole of Breaking Bad
  179. Watch the whole of Dexter
  180. Watch the whole of Sons of Anarchy
  181. Watch the whole of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  182. Watch the whole of The Walking Dead
  183. Watch the whole of The Wire
  184. Order something of the hottest spice from Nandos 
  185. Win at a pub quiz
  186. Plant a tree 
  187. Go to 'The Breakfast Club' Diner 
  188. Find 'The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town' secret bar and go for a drink
  189. Get a new car
  190. Send a message in a bottle
  191. Hold a tarantula
  192. Have a food fight
  193. Experience Christmas in New York
  194. Experience Christmas somewhere hot
  195. Get a my Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away tattoo
  196. Go to Coachella
  197. Stay in a Scottish glamping pod
  198. Go to a drive-in cinema
  199. Go to an open air cinema
  200. See the Meatloaf musical 'Bat Out of Hell'
  201. See the musical 'Les Mis'
  202. See 'The Woman in Black' 
  203. Go to the annual beer floating festival in Helsinki
  204. Go to a fancy dress party as a smurf or avatar
  205. Make vodka gummy bears
  206. Buy a dreamcatcher for above my bed
  207. Go to Bora Bora and stay in an ocean hut
  208. Crimp my hair
  209. Go skinny dipping
  210. Be in Munich for Oktoberfest
  211. Visit the Cat Cafe in Manchester
  212. Drink from a coconut
  213. Try some bubble tea
  214. Be in Amsterdam for Kings/Queensday
  215. Take part in a Race for Life
  216. Get a whole hand henna tattoo
  217. Have a skiing/snowboarding lesson
  218. Go skiing/snowboarding abroad
  219. Have a skateboarding lesson
  220. Have a motorbike lesson
  221. Go higher than first gear on a motorbike
  222. Ride a motorbike on a road
  223. Have a picnic in the sun
  224. Go for an afternoon of bike riding
  225. Open a cook book to a random page and cook whatever is on it
  226. Drink green tea and enjoy it
  227. Go behind a waterfall
  228. Visit the fairy pools in Scotland
  229. Try haggis in Scotland
  230. Ride in a hot air balloon
  231. Have a cocktail night in with the girls
  232. Get a proper salon massage 
  233. Give up something for Lent 
  234. Go for a long weekend in Rome
  235. Visit the Colosseum in Rome
  236. See Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel in Rome
  237. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain in Rome
  238. Eat pizza in Italy
  239. Eat pasta in Italy 
  240. Drink wine in Italy
  241. Eat gelato ice cream in Italy
  242. Drink coffee in Italy
  243. Go to a wine tasting evening
  244. Watch glass being blown
  245. Travel to India
  246. Travel to Canada again
  247. Visit Lake Louise in Canada
  248. Re-find the shop 'Danielle' in Canada
  249. Have an afternoon of tie-dyeing
  250. Learn some yoga
  251. Be a pro at yoga
  252. Join the gym again 
  253. Go paint balling
  254. Attend a masked ball
  255. Visit Florence
  256. Go to the Science Museum
  257. Visit Riga, Latvia
  258. Drive to Wales
  259. Drive to Scotland
  260. Visit Prague
  261. Visit Switzerland
  262. Road trip along Route 66
  263. Visit New York
  264. Walk through Central Park
  265. See the Statue of Liberty
  266. Go to a Fright Night at Thorpe Park
  267. Go to Glastonbury one year 
  268. Swim with pigs in the Bahamas 
  269. Go to Biddys Tea Room
  270. Eat at Patisserie Valerie
  271. See Blink 182 live
  272. See Slipknot live
  273. See System of a Down live 
  274. See The Last Shadow Puppets live
  275. See Slaves live
  276. Try a macaroon
  277. Try a macaroon in Paris
  278. Own a sausage dog
  279. Set foot on all 7 continents
  280. Drink coffee under the Eiffel Tower
  281. See the cherry blossom trees in Japan
  282. Find the sculptures in Harbin, China
  283. Visit Croatia
  284. Do the Game of Thrones tour in Croatia
  285. Visit South East Asia
  286. Get a bamboo tattoo in Thailand
  287. Ride on a motorbike taxi in Bangkok
  288. Visit Derren Brown's 'Lucky Dog' in Todmorden
  289. Visit the prison restaurant 'The Lock Up' in Japan
  290. Cliff dive into the ocean
  291. Get my future read
  292. See the Hollywood sign
  293. Learn to crochet
  294. Crochet myself a blanket
  295. Find my signature scent
  296. Try and do Tough Mudder
  297. Go to an Ice Bar
  298. Watch the sunrise
  299. Meet an elephant
  300. Travel to Morocco
  301. Beat someone in a game of chess
  302. Throw a surprise party for someone I love
  303. See the Northern Lights
  304. Visit the Hollywood walk of fame
  305. Make cake pops
  306. Go vegetarian for a month
  307. See a game of Calcio Fiorentino (historic football) in Florence
  308. Spend the night in a haunted place
  309. Ride a tram/cable car in San Fransisco
  310. Have a six pack
  311. Travel to Norway
  312. Learn to make a Sunday roast on my own
  313. Go to Alton Towers
  314. Have a day at GoApe
  315. Complete the London O2 climb
  316. Visit South America
  317. Go to the Salt Flats of Bolivia
  318. Hug alpacas in Peru
  319. Stay at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
  320. Go to the White Rabbit Tearoom in Nottingham 
  321. Help someone cross something off their bucket list
  322. Go to a premiere for a movie
  323. Go white water rafting
  324. Throw a huge party
  325. Crowd surf
  326. Go to Download Festival 
  327. Try caviar
  328. Go to a hot yoga class
  329. Go on a cruise ship
  330. Go to La Tomatina (tomato throwing festival) in Spain
  331. Watch baby turtles hatch and run to the ocean
  332. Knit a giant blanket
  333. Visit God's Own Junkyard in London
  334. Go to the Flower Festival in Chaing Mai
  335. Hire a pink scooter to explore Thailand
  336. Send 10 handwritten letters
  337. Go rollerblading
  338. See a narwhal in the wild
  339. Body surf
  340. Visit the rooftop garden with flamingos in London
  341. Try coconut pancakes in Camden
  342. Go to a bottomless brunch at Gauchos
  343. Run a half marathon
  344. Do an American trip with Trek America
  345. Have a yoga lesson on surfboards
  346. Go to a sausage dog walk
  347. See 'The Book of Mormon'
  348. Get a science experiment style drink at The Alchemist
  349. Visit the adult ballpit Ballie Ballerson
  350. Drink a floral cocktail
  351. Visit Piano Works
  352. Play a game of ping pong at Bounce
  353. Press for champagne at Bob Bob Ricard
  354. Pick up some pink flowers from Columbia Road flower market
  355. See the flamingos at Kensington Roof Gardens
  356. Go up the shard
  357. Visit Borough Market for breakfast
  358. Visit the treehouse pub Faltering Fallback
  359. Try coconut pancakes in Camden
  360. Take a lesson in yoga on a surfboard
  361. Have a lunch in the sky
  362. Visit Lisbon, Portugal
  363. Take part in the Rickshaw Run in India
  364. Do a Trek America trip
  365. Give myself a hand poked tattoo
  366. Give someone else a hand poked tattoo
  367. Ride a penny farthing
  368. Eat at Inamo the computer restaurant
  369. Eat at Dans Le Noir the pitch black restaurant

Thanks for reading :)
Do you have a bucket list post?
Can you think of anything I should add to my list?
Love Dani
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  1. This is such a great idea! I've thought about all of the things that I want to do, but I think that I need to write them down. Maybe I'll do a bucket list post....reference you of course! :) I'm with you on most of them, except the running bit. I'll leave that to my brother.

    Little Red Umbrellas

  2. Can't wait to do loads of these with you once deadline is over! :)

  3. Ahh same I have a mental bucket list that I just add things to everyday but I think this is an awesome Idea ! & I Hope you get to complete it love xox

  4. This is such a brilliant idea. Would it be ok to borrow this concept for my own blog?

    FluffyCandy UK

  5. I think everyone has a bucket list of sorts. I think writing it down like this though is the best way though as you can tick them off and also add new things and look back and see everything you have already accomplished. You have some really great items on your list x

  6. This is such a good idea! Do you mind if I do something similar to this on my blog? I think it would be so interesting and something wonderful to look back on! Thank you so much for sharing xx

    1. Of course you can Lauren :) I'd love to read yours too! xx

  7. This is a great bucket list. Hope you get to do all of them

  8. What a great bucket list certainly many ideas here I'm going to add to mine.

  9. Seeing the Northern Lights is at the top of my list! Also, you definitely should try 5 Guys, it's amazing!

  10. Oh you'll find Platform 9 and 3/4 easily, its to the left of the ticket desks where theres a crowd of people queuing regardless of the time of day or night! xxx

    1. I actually couldn't find it last time I tried haha - I will have to have another look :) xx

  11. Wow that is an extensive bucket list! I had a few of the same things on my one x

  12. Lots of great things on this list and lots ticked off already. We saw the northern lights in Iceland last year and it was incredible.

    1. Ahh amazing - Iceland and the Northern Lights are so high up on my bucket list! :) xx

  13. This is quite the list and you are slowly working your way through them which is quite something!

  14. It must have taken you forever to write this amazing bucket list! There are so many great ideas here and I am glad that you have already managed to do some of the activities on it.

  15. That is a big bucket list phew but it looks like you have already done so much! I would like to get my teeth professionally whitened x

  16. That is one hell of a bucket list! You've got some things that are on mine and I've added more!

  17. Thats huge! Way bigger than mine, I may have pinched a couple of yours too :)

  18. I've got a bucket list in my head but I need to actually write it all down at some point. Looks like you're doing great with yours.

  19. Woweeeee that's an epic list! We'd love to visit Japan and fly first class! That would tick off two on your bucket list x

  20. Oh my goodness! What a bucket list that is. I have one too, but it only has about 30 things on it! I may start compiling a 50 things to do before I am 50 list, this will give me 7 years to achieve them all ;)

  21. Massive list! Visit the grand canyon is deffo on mine too :) x

  22. My goodness that is a big list although it's great you have managed to tick off so many things from it.

  23. I do not have a bucket list but this has inspired me to write one :) You have some fantastic plans on there!

    1. I'm so glad that I've been able to inspire you to write a bucket list - good luck with it! :) x

  24. Amazing bucket list there, I need to get myself one written it's great to have goals to aim towards! :) x

  25. It's amazing that it's so long, there's always SOMETHING that you can be doing! (jealous of the mcqueen exhibition!)

    Also, go to the science museum! :P

    Samantha JL

  26. I need to get a list together - yours is truly epic! I need to get my bucket list game on.

  27. What a great bucket list. It made me chuckle your 'Win a game at bingo'

  28. I just had to google what blossoming hot chocolate is and now that's on my list too!

    1. As a hot chocolate and floral lover, I definitely need to try one! :) x

  29. I think this is the longest bucket list I have ever seen! Luckily you are young and have plenty of time ha! I really love this, fab thing to do!

  30. I love this so much, it's great to have a list of things to aim to do in the future.

  31. Run a marathan is on my list too, but need to get super fit first :) x

  32. I like the idea of you setting up your own business although having your own blog definitely counts as one too! What was your business idea? x

  33. What a list! Would it be cool if you could truly get it all accomplished? I too would love to set foot on all 7 contents. My grandparents were missionaries and traveled all over the world, they are the only people I know who have even come close!

  34. This is a fab list. I completed my bucket list by the time i was 30 and now need to do a new one!

  35. Wow that is such an awesome massive bucket list you've got, good luck getting through it all x

  36. This is so well thought out - I have no bucket list - mainly as I have one rule in my house and that's not to die... so a bucket lost would suggest that happening lol x

  37. the ruin bars in budapest are amazing! a lot of these are on my to do list. now I'm inspired to do my own bucket list

  38. Wow that's a loooong list!!! I can knockoff the find platform 9 and 3/4 I've seen it at least twice this year ;-)

  39. What along list, I hope you get to do at least some of it this year.

  40. This is a really great and comprehensive list. You've totally inspired me to make my own! I really want to do the Breaking Bad tour, too! My parents live only 4 hrs. from Albuquerque and whenever I go home to visit I always say I want to go, but never get the chance. I hope you get to go!

  41. I really need to do a bucket list but it's mainly all travel items and visiting places! xo

  42. Wow what an extensive bucket list! Good luck with completing it all! x

  43. Oh wow what a fabulous list - I really need to get mine written down to motivate me more!

  44. Oh wow... your bucket list is seriouslllyyyyyy looong! :))
    I hope you fulfill all you want to do!

  45. I totally need to redo my bucket list. I need to get it together so it gives me a focus!

  46. wow this looks amazing what a brilliant list and so manydaring things in there too

  47. This is a great idea and a long bucket list. So nice to see you're already ticking things off and we hope you achieve them in the years to come!

    Jessica & James | /

  48. I love your bucket list . I've added things onto my bucket list having seen them on yours! I'm definitely going to start keeping a list on my phone of things to do!

  49. I've always said I will put together a bucket list, but haven't got around to it yet. You've achieved so many wonderful things already. I want to go Iceland too!

  50. Wow you have such a variety of things to do, see and achieve on your bucket list. I am like you and would love to see the northern lights. I've started running very recently and would love to do a half marathon x

  51. Oh my gosh what a great list this is! You have so much on there. I have a few similar things on mine but I definitely wouldn't have the guts to do a Skydive. I've been meaning to write a bucket list for a while!

    Ami xxx

  52. Looks like you have ticked loads off your list. I am hankering after a go in a thermal bath in Budapest - keep seeing pictures online of one and it looks amazing

    1. I was literally in Budapest a couple of weeks ago and I would highly recommend it - we had such a fun time!
      I will be writing up some blog posts about it soon :) x

  53. Wow you certainly do have a lot on your bucket list! You're getting through it, though! :)

  54. Oh my goodness thats an epic list!! How long are you giving yourself? I've done a sky dive and it was amazing. HIGHLY recommend! x

    1. I am giving myself until I die! (I always assumed a bucket list was a list of things to do before you 'kick the bucket'?!)
      Donig a sky dive is really high on my bucket list, I would love to do it somewhere epic like New Zealand :) x

  55. I am totally going to do this. You seem to already have an interesting life, with all the things you have done. And you have plenty more adventures.

  56. Wow you have a lot in your bucket list! It looks amazing. I am in the middle of writing mine and reading yours has given me inspiration.

    Holly x

    1. I'm glad I was able to give you some inspiration for your bucket list, good luck with it! :) x

  57. I love this!! I have a lot of the same things on my bucket list and most recently got serious with it and started to cross a lot off of my list. My husband always asks me what will happen once I've crossed it all off, but that will never happen because I will just keep adding things to it.

    1. It feels so good to cross things off the list, doesn't it!?
      That's exactly what I think - I will never be able to finish it all off as I keep adding to it :) x

  58. There are so many of these I want to do. I hope you get to do every single one of them :)

  59. This is such an awesome idea! I can definitely visualise a lot of these on my own bucket list!

    Carla x

  60. Wow what an amazing bucket list. There are a few on there that I wouldn't mind doing either x
    Lola Mia //

  61. This is an amazing way to keep track of your bucket list. You have so many amazing things on there! I don't even have a bucket list haha x

    Lily | Covet Luxe

  62. I loved your list, the most important thing is that is a lot of fun and shows how amazing you are. You made my day with number 98, the tattoo with your dad!! simply great!


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