Monday, 15 August 2011

Carboot sale haul #2

So I went to a carboot sale with my friend Georgia yesterday morning, I knew this could be a bit of a risk as we could both rush to get the same thing and it end in arguments, but luckily we have slightly different tastes so both ended up with some lovely bargains!
Here are some of the beauties I managed to pick up:
Aztec cardigan - £3. Leather black and gold tassel vintage bag - £1.

 Vintage jumper - £1. Aztec cycle shorts - 50p.

Vintage coat with velvet cuffs and collar - £2.

Tapestry cushions (still in John Lewis for £45) - £1 each. Vintage ‘pattern cutting’ jumper patterns - 50p each.

Vintage floral slip - 50p. Vintage scarf - 30p.

Vintage peter pan collar floral top - 50p. Matching skirt (to make into shorts) - 50p.

Black bow vintage playsuit/ lingere - 50p. Floral vintage playsuit/ lingere - 50p.

Black shirt with silk collar - £1. Job lot of vintage gold jewellery - £1.50 each.

Vintage black silk and lace jumpsuit - £1. Handheld singer sewing machine - £1.

Vintage jumper - £1. Vintage jumper - £1.

Vintage green denim shirt - £1. Vintage embroided skirt - £1.


  1. I adore that vintage cat jumper x

    1. So did I but I ended up selling it on eBay cos it was just that little bit too small! :(
      Hopefully I'll come across a similar one sometime!

  2. wow, i totally need to get to some car boot sales!! I loveeeee the lingerie and cycling shorts xx

    1. Yeah they're amazing!
      Not had the best luck recently haven't found anything amazing.
      But some days I'll go and find all this stuff haha!


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