Saturday, 13 August 2011

Carboot sale haul #1

I've recently been going to carboot sales every weekend during the summer as I never had time last year during college, and in a month when I go to uni I don't think there will be any for me to visit! Here are some of my new bits and bobs:

Vintage cardigan - 50p, Car boot sale! Vintage bag - £2, Car boot sale!

Vintage cardigan - 50p, Car boot sale! Tapestry make up bag - 50p, Car boot sale!

Dr Martens - £10, Car boot sale!

Vintage aztec top - £3, Charity shop! Vintage ‘pattern cutting’ patterns - 50p each, Charity shop!

 Vintage tasselled stool (for my new desk at uni, I’ve never had a desk before!) - £3, Car boot sale!

Snow white outfit (for uni fancy dress nights out) - £1.50, Car boot sale! Minnie mouse ears - 95p, Charity shop!

Topshop floral top - £2, Charity shop! Primark ‘Kate Moss’ dress - £2, Car boot sale!

H&M collared dress - £5, Charity shop! Tapestry bag - 50p, Car boot sale!

Sewing machine teapot (I couldn't not buy this, it's the same as my Singer sewing machine I recently purchased!) - Charity shop, £4.50

Topshop studded top - 50p, Car boot sale! Vintage chain scarf - £2, Charity shop!

Suede scalloped skirt - £5, Charity shop! Vintage black embroided shirt - £5, Charity shop!

Vintage embroided white shirt - £6, Oxfam online! Black and gold vintage shirt - £3, Charity shop!

Vintage embroided collar shirt - £3, Charity shop! Vintage bag - £1, Car boot sale!


  1. oh my I'm overwhelmed at the amazing things you've bought! I want them all!!!

    Aimée xx

    1. Haha I have managed to find a few bargains along the way!
      Same can be said for you though, really jealous of some of your finds!

  2. I love the suede scallop skirt :)

  3. Woah I need to go to the charity shops and car boots you go to! I can never find things as good as this! And since when do Oxfam have an online shop?? Amazing!

    Lots of love, Alex from Bambella Blog

    1. Haha it's just luck really, and I have such an eye for knowing what I want :)
      I know it's good!

  4. I love the gold and black shirt! xo


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