Monday, 8 October 2012

Nails of the day: Models Own 'Ibiza Mix' dupe :)

I went on a minature haul yesterday with my uni friends as we all got our student loans in and had a half day at uni. I wasn't expecting to find anything at all, as I'm soon to be on my 100 days no spending ban, and I did actually just not look in any clothes in the clothes shops, but I haven't officially started yet so a few goodies at the start of the month won't harm anyone!

Anyways, so I went to Superdrug and came away with two new nail varnishes :). I'm not gonna lie, I did try the MUA one sneakily on one of my nails and I was so surprised at how good it is! For a bargain of only £1, I was shocked at how matte and nice the colour is! So I added that to my basket instantly and continued to browse.

The second counter I was looking at was the 'Beauty UK' counter which I haven't come across before, but as I was looking I came across this glittery nail polish and I had to have a tester of this too! Surprisingly, it looked just like the Models Own - Ibiza Mix nail varnish that alot of bloggers have been raving about, which is only £5 anyways, but for £3.49 this one is an absolute steal!

MUA Nail Varnish Shade 21 / Posh Polish Beauty UK No. 12 Intergalactic

This is the MUA nail varnish on it's own after two coats. I did this last night at about 2am so I had to use the flash and it kinda overpowered the colour, but it's actually such a gorgeous dark pink colour that I would definitely use on it's own! The bottle seems to have shades of orange in it, but once shaken it all mixes together and is fine :)

At first I was considering just painting a statement nail of the glittered nail polish, but after seeing how nice it looked on, I couldn't help myself painting it on all the others too :)

So here are my final nails, and this was my first ever 'nails of the day' post :)
Below is the photo of my nails I took for instagram and I think this shows the colours as they actually are in real life.

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Thanks for reading :)
What do you think of the Ibiza Mix dupe?
Would you buy it or would you rather pay the extra £1.50?
Love Dani


  1. This reminds me I have a similar glitter polish that I haven't worn for ages, must dig it out!
    I'd rather pay as little as possible for nail polish tbh, as long as it's decent enough quality I'm not a brand snob.

  2. That nail combo is gorgeous, i love the BeautyUK glitter polishes!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. That posh polish looks hott!!! X

  4. the posh polish is gorgeous!! they look great xxx

  5. how beaut is that posh polish?! i actually need that in my life xx

  6. I love the colour of the MUA nail polish - I've only ever bought one MUA nail polish and couldn't get on with it...must try another one!

  7. love this shade! the glitters made it look better <3

  8. this combination looks so, so pretty! x


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