Sunday, 14 October 2012

Collective haul for my sister :)

After a lovely long summer, I'm now back at uni, 2 and a half hours away from home. I do love being at uni, but I hate more than anything being away from my best friends, family, boyfriend and doggies! Anyways, I heard my sister was having a bit of a down day, so I told her I was gonna write her a letter, but really I planned to send her a little parcel of goodies, sort of a 'hug in a parcel' :)

I actually had loads of fun shopping for her, as I love shopping anyways, and to know it's gonna make someone else happy is all the more fun! So here's what I ended up buying, I'm not gonna put the prices incase she stumbles across this, but I will say where they're from!

What she would've found when she opened her parcel! :)

Topshop - I know she loves gold jewellery so I got her this lovely double ring pack, one being a plain gold band and the other a cut-out gold cross ring. I also purchased a pair of the white frilled socks, as everyone needs a pair of these!

Miss Selfridge - I bought two of these sets of charm bracelets, one for myself and one for her. We've both always been obsessed with hamsa hands, as our mum used to wear one on a chain when we were growing up, and she recently lost it which is really sad :( but me and my sister planned to get a matching hamsa hand tattoo at some point, so for now we can just have matching hamsa hand charm bracelets!

River Island -  I have been given a few Pez's before for my birthday or Christmas, and I love them cos they remind me of my childhood, so I got her a cute little Hello Kitty one. The cherry flavoured air freshener was literally the nicest thing I've ever smelt! If you have a car, go buy it now! And how much of a bargain are those gold cross earrings at only £1.50?!

Superdrug - I'm literally in love with the MUA range at Superdrug. I can't go into Superdrug without picking up one thing or another, and I decided to try out the nail varnishes myself one time, and found that the shades and colours were really nice! I love this dark pink shade, and the offer at the time was buy anything and get a free lipgloss too, so I got both of these for £1!

Thorntons - What better way to make yourself feel better than with chocolate?! I know we both love a bit of white chocolate so last, but certainly not least, I bought her these little goodies from Thorntons :) how cute is the little white chocolate bear?!

So I wrote her a little letter, sealed it with a lipstick kiss and sent the whole package on it's way! I didn't want to post this post until I knew she'd got the package. I got a lovely phonecall from her a few days after she recieved it, and she was very happy and grateful for it all, which is all I wanted :)

When she came to visit me at uni, and we're dressed as Sandy and Frenchie from Grease :)

Us with our lovely doggies :)

Thanks for reading!
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Love Dani


  1. Aww you're such a sweetie xxx

  2. What a lovely sister you are! You got your sis some gorgeous goodies :) xx

  3. That's so sweet!
    I love the cross earrings. I hope my local River Island has them :) x

  4. How sweet :) She's going to love it all I'm sure! xx

  5. Aww that is so thoughtful- She'll love the :)


  6. What a lovely sister you are! Love everything you got her :) xo

  7. aww thats so nice of you

  8. Awww thats so cute of you!

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. What a lucky girl your sister is, having someone as thoughtful as you as a sibling! (: xx

  10. aw how lovely of you, the jewellery looks fab!

  11. aww so many cute things, so generous of you, loving your blog, new follower xx

  12. awww thats so nice - i wish you were my sister! and your both so pretty :) xx

  13. Ahh lovely collection of goodies! U both look so good in your grease fancy dress! xx

  14. This is such a sweet thing to do for your sister!
    I'm sure she was overly-delighted with every single piece, you sure do have a good eye for pieces! x

  15. Such a lovely post!I wrote a Sisterly Love post the other day on my blog.



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