Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The last haul post you'll see for 100 days, and it's a pretty big haul!

So you may already know if you follow me on Facebook, but as of yesterday I offically started my '100 days of no spending' challenge! There are many reasons why I'm doing this, and I have given myself some rules to stick to, so if you would like to read them please click here for the post I wrote a few months ago when I first planned to take on this challenge :)

Anyways, I have come back to uni, and just like every other year, the local shopping centre always does an 'UP TO 30% OFF STUDENT SHOPPING NIGHT' when we all get our loans in. I love it and hate it at the same time haha, cos I love bargains, but I hate spending all my money! So I did buy a few things then, and I also bought a few things a few days ago when the Topshop sale launched, and I did a Primark haul as I hadn't been there in ages.

So what I'm trying to say is, this is a pretty long haul, and should hopefully leave me with enough stuff so that I don't break my 100 day challenge! ;)

I bought this top from the Miss Selfridge section of House of Fraser. It was in the sale for £15 and with the 20% off student night, I got it for £12. I still haven't tried it on yet, but I loved the embroidery and the double straps :)

River Island also had the 20% off student night, but everything I bought was in the sale so it didn't work on those items. The first things I bought was this velvet pencil skirt. I love the pattern on it and it will be so nice over Autumn and Winter! :) It was £12.

I also bought these high waisted black shorts with lace around the edge from the River Island sale for £12. They will go with everything, and can be dressed up for a night out, or dressed down for a day at uni :)

These purchases were also on the 20% off student night, but H&M never seems to do any of the student nights :(. My uni friend had this pencil case/ make up bag and used it for our lectures where you only need a few items. I thought it was so cute, especially seen as we study fashion and the design is a fashion illustration, so I was really happy when she told me it was only £2.99 from H&M and had to go buy it straight away :)

I love these leather and fur mittens! I saw them months ago but couldn't warrant spending £25 on them so I left them. Then I saw them in the sale for £15 and I thought I would treat myself, so I bought them. As I was leaving the store, my housemate noticed a sign saying '2 for 1 on all accessories' and she said she'd buy a pair of them too if we both got them for £7.50. I had to queue up again, get a full refund and then she put them back through the til as buy one get one free, but I was really quite annoyed with the lady who worked there because she should have told me the first time I was at the tills with her that I got an item for free! Oh well, got a nice pair of winter gloves for £7.50 instead of £25 :)

I love love LOVE Ark Clothing! I always find things to buy when I go in there, but I rarely treat myself because it isn't the cheapest, and I know I don't really need anything new! But they were part of the 20% off student night, and you got a goody bag if you bought something so I thought I may aswell have a look! I'd seen this galaxy print skirt a few times, and I've seen some bloggers wear similar ones and them looking lovely, so I decided to treat myself. The 20% off reduced it from £25 to £20 but by the time I got to the door the goody bags had run out :(. Oh well, I do still love the skirt! :)

I do love dry shampoo, but I usually only go for Batiste Dry Shampoo as I know it works. I love the ones which have a brown tint to them, as I have very dark hair, so it doesn't leave you with the grey granny hair look. I sprayed a bit of this on my hand and it did come out very dark, so hopefully it'll be quite good! It was £1.99 per can, but it was buy one and get TWO FREE?! So I got all three for £1.99, I just hope I like them haha! :)

I treated myself to the MUA 'Undressed' eyeshadow palette, as I have heard so many good things about it, but when I got home I had two!? I do not remember picking up two, but I guess I can just keep it to add into my next giveaway ;) and the deal was that if you bought any MUA product you got a lipgloss for free :)

I'm such a sucker for anything pink, or sparkly, and this shampoo and conditioner range are both! I had just ran out of my conditioner which is on the left, and it worked really well and made my hair feel lovely, so when I saw they did a similar product which was pink and glittery I really wanted to try it out! All three of these products are usually about £4 each, but they were all on offer for £2 each, so I just bought the lot as I knew they would definitely get used up.

I managed to leave my mascara at home before I came to uni, so up til I bought these, I was using a crappy old one which I found at the bottom of my make up bag, which wasn't very nice! The red Collection 2000 mascara was on offer because it was brand new, and it was £4 when it would be going up to £6.50 so I thought I may as well try it. I then came across the offer of if you buy anything from Rimmel over £6, you get this free eyeliner worth £5.29, and I need a new eyeliner, so I bought the Rimmel Scandaleyes for £6.99 and got the eyeliner for free. I will definitely end up using them all up so they're just investment buys ;)

EVENTUALLY, I found a Superdrug which sold the MUA Nail Constellation! I haven't tried it out yet, but I can't wait to see what it looks like on :)

I've been wanting to try the Carmex in a tube for ages now, and it was on offer to £1.20 so I just bought it. I love Carmex in a pot, so I'm sure I'll love this too!

All the Christmas presents in Superdrug were on offer, and this Vaseline giftset was on offer from £6 something to £4, so I just bought it, and I'm gonna let my mum give it to me for Christmas :). I do like Vaseline, but the main reason I want it, is to use it as a container for all of my lipsticks!

I'd seen loads of bloggers write about this, and I needed a new shower gel soon, so I smelt it in Superdrug and I had to have it. The smell is actually incredible, and it was on offer for £1 so perfect :)

Boots had their 3 for 2 offer on, and I couldn't help myself from buying a few Barry M products.The top picture is of the magnetic nail polishes. I'd heard so much about them and I eventually gave in and bought them, and I'm actually really happy I did. The second picture shows what the blue nail varnish looks like once you've painted and used the magnet (I will do a tutorial post at some point, and my instagram is @floraldanielle). I bought a few of the glitters too, I mostly wanted the one of the right which is pink and silver glittery pieces, and then I'll either keep the other two or give them away as Christmas presents :)

After everyone going on about the InStyle magazine on offer for £2.50 in Tescos, and containing the Benefit product, I gave in and bought one too.

My friend had told me to get the popping candy chocolate orange, and she was right, it was incredible! The pink lemonade lucozade was on offer so that the giant bottle was only £1, so I had to get that to try it, and it was lovely too :)

How cute are these bear highlighters?! I needed some highlighters for uni anyways, so when I found these bear ones from Paperchase I had to get them :)

I had been hearing so many good things about Primark recently, but I hadn't been shopping there in months, so I was happy when I found out the good things were true and managed to find a few nice bits in there :)

Firstly, was this gold sequin clutch bag for only £4! I had been looking at a really similar one on eBay for ages for like £15, so this one is a bargain! :)

Standard Primark tights. I swear all my tights go missing?!

I love this embellished cross crop top! It was only £6 too and it looks so lovely on :)

I'm so in love with this cardigan! It was only £12, it has lovely elbow pads, lovely buttons and is so snug for autumn and winter :)

I was really happy with these earrings too. I couldn't seem to get a nice photo of them, but they're much nicer in real life I promise! I've needed some new earrings, and for £1 you can't go wrong!

I'm soo happy with the Topshop sale! It's got some gorgeous items in it, and if you haven't already been to check it out online or in your local store, go now! :)

I have the black version of this dress, and they were originally £20, but I got this one in the sale for £3! And then student discount making it £2.70! I'm not sure yet if I wanna keep it white, or tie dye it :)

I bought the pink tie dye version too, for £2.70, but I'm not sure if I'm too keen on it, what do you think guys?

I love this top! It's really cute on, and is a long crop top which would look cute with high waisted shorts, skirt or trousers :).  It was £5, so I got it for £4.50, and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it.

These shorts were probably the bargain of my life! They're gorgeous, high waisted and have crochet along the bottom, and were in my size.
Then when I look at the price tag, they're only £3! So with student discount that makes them £2.70!
I did buy them at first considering tie dyeing them, but my housemate reminded me I found a pair of white high waisted shorts last year in a charity shop which I can tie dye, so I'm gonna leave these ones white :)

I'm literally so in love with this dress! Ever since summer when all the dresses came out with the crochet band around the middle, I have wanted one! This was £20, so £18 with student discount, and I can see myself wearing this alot!

This top was from the materity section, and was only reduced to £8 (£7.20 with discount) which isn't that much of a bargain, but it looks really nice on, and will be good to throw on for uni with a long necklace, leggings and a leather jacket. It's more blue than grey in real life, and I love it :) 

This lovely make up bag was also only £3, making it £2.70, such a bargain :). This is also a lot nicer in real life, with the flash, the camera doesn't look as pink as it is!

Gotta love a bit of half price Topshop jewellery! :)

These are ear cuffs, the bottom rose bit is a stud which goes in your ear, then the top leaf bit is the cuff which goes on the side of your ear. I'm glad it was two in a pack so I can decide which one to wear depending on which side my hair is, but I wouldn't wear them both at the same time!

I live in a house full of six girls, and we all seem to get the same things at the same time! Last year it was the dangly cross earrings, and this year it's hoops! So I thought I'd try some out too :)

I've wanted a long necklace for a while, and this cross one is really cute and I think it will go with most things, as well as the maternity slouch top.

Uh oh I bought some shoes! You may remember these from a wishlist I did a few months ago here, but I managed to find them, the only pair, just happened to be in my size! They were originally £55, then they were reduced to £25 in the original sale in August, and now when I found them they were only £10, making them £9 with my student discount :) I haven't actually tried them on properly yet, but I will let you know how they are!

Thanks for reading :)
Just so you know, this haul was over a few months since I've been back at uni, not all at once!
Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win RedRock vouchers!
And have a read about my 100 day no spending challenge which started yesterday.
Which items do you like best?
Love Dani


  1. The pink tie-dye top is really cool :) Team it with some disco pants & it'll look awesome!
    Amazing Haul :) I wish i could spend so much :( - but my student loan still hasn't arrived (late for the 3rd year running!!!!)

    p.s thanks for your comment earlier on my haul, I'm now following you :)

  2. WOW thats a haul and wow you got some bargains, i need to check out the topshop sale!

    Sophierosehearts x

    Wow it is brilliant, I am so proud of all your bargains haha!

  4. Replies
    1. That galaxy print skirt is laaavly!!

  5. Whoa whoa whoa. That is a SERIOUS haul. I'm super impressed with your Topshop bargs.. I'm afraid my itchy fingers would be tie-dying the white stuff straight away.

    Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm now following you bac!

  6. Huge haul and amazing bargains! I tried the Superdrug dry shampoo and I didn't get on with it AT ALL! Hope it works out for you though :)x

  7. Wow! Go out on a bang eh? I would not be able to do a 100 day spending ban, especially over the christmas sale period! good luck hun!


  8. that is one massive haul! i absolutely adore the river island shorts, i've been googling places to get them since they don't appear to be on the website anymore! so jealous!

  9. Love all the things you picked up!
    Great haul! Good luck with the 100 days!
    A x

  10. Wow love your massive haul :)x

  11. wow you bought a lot haha it's all so nice! I love the velvet skirt and the dress from topshop :)

    Julia xx

  12. Woah now! You bought a hell of a good bunch of stuff and I'm liking the prices - £3 for those shorts? Bargain!!! Yes definitely leave them white and tie dye your other ones. There's something I like how the pure colour of these. You'll get your wear out of them during summer/spring I'm sure.

    I'm sort of banning myself too haha, well with high street stores. I've been making more of an effort to go into charity shops and so far it's paying off - especially for knitwear, there's a heap of stuff similar to the high street retailers at a few quid! Not bad at all

    Good luck in your challenge. You'll definitely be smiling when you realise how much you'll save! and also I'm definitely grabbing some of that dry shampoo!

  13. Wow, you got some good stuff there. I have a blue topshop cutout dress which I adore and I like the look of that first top, the hummingbird is so cute. I saw your tweets about the no spend and for a split second thought about joining you but then realised I would be destined to fail. Good luck with it and enjoy your new goodies. :)

  14. You got some amazing things! My favourite things are the Barry M nail varnishes and the Topshop sale stuff! Incredibly jealous haha.
    Good luck with the spending ban and sorry that my jumper tempted you a bit haha xo

  15. you got loads of good stuff and the cardigan! xx

  16. wow i love all the topshop jewellery pieces you chose. and the floral dress is so perfect! i am also now super hungry for some chocolate! <3

  17. those galaxy shorts are too cool!!great buys

  18. eee so much stuff, all lovely! i really love that pair of shoes at the bottom!

  19. WOW, you got loads! I love all of it, especially the Miss Selfridge top and the black lace-edged shorts!
    I tried the Superdrug dry shampoo and really didn't like it, I went straight back to Batiste!

    Jesss xo

  20. weren't lying. SO MUCH STUFF! haha very jealous and I'm not sure I could last 100 days so good luck!


  21. You're so brave! I am so addicted to spending! That was one big ass haul, but all cool stuff. Jealous of your Topshop bargains!

  22. Wowza, that is pretty epic! Loving the cross necklace and Ark galaxy skirt :)

    The Style Rawr!

  23. Some lovely finds! The highlighters are sooooo pretty :)


  24. Invert jealous if your haul- I'm too on a spending ban until my bank is no longer floating near my overdraft.
    I've tried that dry shampoo i think it's great for brown hair! But I tried it on brown-red hair and it was not my fan :(
    Live the topshop knotted tunics they look amazing on pretty much everyone and live the tie dye one- hope its in my local on sale

  25. Wowww quite the epic haul. Well and truly prepared for the ban. Like I said on twitter during the #bbloggers chat, good luck!:)

  26. i'm quite new to the whole blogging thing but i've never once come across a haul post! this is great! haha, i really like the Barry M polishes! what are the names of the left and right glittery ones? love them so much!


  27. AMAZING HAUL! i love the topshop dress, so pretty! i wish i'd gone to the student night by me now :( xx

  28. wow.. this is a hella of a big haul! love the stuff you got everything's so cute, pretty and vintage-y... aw, I love it!


  29. Phew! Love it all, especially the cut out topshop top, great buys and good luck with your challenge, I admire your self discipline :) x


  30. I LOVE those black river island shorts, and the ark skirt! You have awesome style :)

    good luck not spending!!


  31. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! I WANT it all! It'd brill I love your blog!
    I'm def a new follower! Do you think you could check my blog out and follow back please?

  32. Omg you're making me wanna spend soo much money! The Topshop goodies are bargains! X

  33. Lovely haul
    Primark bag is amazing and topshop sale jewellery just great

  34. Nice shopping bag you got there girl, I love everything you bought but my favorite have to be the velvet floral skirt and the galaxy print one! Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  35. Love the lace bottom shorts, and what you have from Topshop and Primark is awesome!


  36. the ARK skirt is amazing! please tell me there is an ARK in the states or in spain!! xx

  37. Wow - this is a pretty massive haul!

    I tried that exact Barry M magnetic varnish at the weekend, and I love it! It was my friends, and I was a bit sceptical about how well it worked, but it's great. I want to try some different ones now! It has lasted quite well too, with a topcoat.

    Good luck with the spending ban, you'll be fine I'm sure!

    Janey x

  38. I don't think I've ever seen a haul be even close to this big before haha serious shopping! I bet it took you forever to put the post together too. At least you have lots of things to keep you happy while your spending ban is on :) xx

  39. These are some really gorgeous buys! I love them all! xxx


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