Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday summary #3 Winnie the Pooh trail, ombre nails and I met Proudlock! :)

Hello everyone :) I hope you've all been getting lots of sun recently like I have! (Not that I've had the time to go outside and enjoy it, but the sun does make me happy!)

I've been super duper busy recently so have missed out a few Sunday summary posts, but I will catch up the past few weeks and try to keep posting every Sunday. It's my birthday on 29th April, but my friends are coming to visit next weekend for it, so I've been rushing to get all my uni work done before then! We're currently making a magazine in groups which is fun, and means lots of fashion photoshoots! I will definitely do a post of them once the magazine is complete :)

These pictures were swhen I was still at home for Easter, omnomnom Mini Eggs! :)
My big collection of chocolate, even though I was supposed to start a diet!
Even-ing it out with grapes and Copella!

Me and my boyfriend Joe went to the farm at home, he made friends with the piggy!
We went on the Winnie the Pooh trail! It was so cute! :)
I bumped into my friend Clementine there, we looked for Winnie the Pooh together :)

I managed to find my lost eyelashes!
My gorgeous floral bunting :)
I met Proudlock in a club in London, he gave me a kiss and was actually lovely!

My new little make up brush holder! I featured it in my recent haul :)
The drive back to uni with my Dad was lovely and the sun was so bright!
Arriving back home to my uni room door :)

I visited my friends Fine Art exhibition...
I dyed my hair dark brown again, cya ombre!
Nothing quite as nice as brand new bed covers :)

I'm new to Snapchat, and can't get over how funny it is! :')
Eating healthy now that I'm back at uni :)
My gorgeous new studded wedges, can't wait to wear them!

It was National Siblings Day, so here's some pictures of me and my sissy :)
My friend James tempted me with a Percy during our photoshop classes!
This makes me sad :(

Some Sunday morning research in bed :)
Looking at inspiration for my upcoming photoshoots.
The gorgeous house we were looking at for a photoshoot!

I had to put up photo of my Mumma, she is so gorgeous! Tell her she should've bought this shirt!
My first attempt at ombre nails :)
I'm in love with my new Topshop dress!

My housemate (not naming names) left her chicken fillets on my door! :')
I didn't know red cabbage leaked in blue!
This MotelRocks code ends today, go treat yourself! :)

Thanks for reading :)
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Love Dani


  1. Yay- I'm glad you like your little gifts! And thank you for using my new url ;)


  2. Hope you have a wonderful upcoming birthday! Making a magazine sounds like so much fun! Your makeup brushes holder looks adorable, where did you get it from? Xx

  3. So jealous you met proudlock! Arghhh I love made in Chelsea :D
    your trip to the farm looks great haha I love days out like that.& Percy pigs are my fave!hope you have a lovely birthday xx

  4. aww proudlock! I met him in December and he is extremely lovely! :)

    Francesca xo

  5. these are such cute photos! hope you have a sassy birthday :)


  6. AH what a lovely roundup :)


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