Friday, 14 June 2013

Carboot haul #5

I'm so excited that it's coming up to Summer and the car boot sales are back on again! I have been waiting all year for these, they literally make me so happy! :) I've only been to two so far because I'm still in my uni town and the closest ones are a car ride away, but when I go home for Summer, me and my boyfriend tend to go every single week. I've picked up a few bargains so far, and I'm so excited for all the goodies I'm gonna find over this Summer.

This lovely floral silk shirt was only £1 and I think it will look lovely for a night out with some black disco pants.This tapestry bag was also £1. I already have lots of little tapestry bags and boxes, but this one had a little mirror in and I thought it could replace my tatty Primark make up box I've been using :)

This burgundy checkered shirt was brand new and had a label on for £9.99 but when I asked how much it was the lady only wanted £2. I've been looking for a burgundy checkered shirt on the high street recently so this is perfect! I also bought this striped shirt (for a bargain 50p) as it is similar to one I've seen in the Topshop sale and will be great to chuck on with a statement necklace and leggings for uni. My boyfriend says it reminds him of his work uniform but I like it.

I'm such a fan of granny blouses and I'm pretty sure I don't need any more, but for 50p and £1 you can't go wrong! I couldn't find the tag on the left one but I'm sure it's just from Primark or another high street store. I love the colour and detailing on it, and will definitely be wearing it with lots of gold jewellery. I love the simplicity of the white shirt with the big gold button, and I'll be wearing it to uni with a little cardigan :)

Lastly, I picked up two little pieces for my uni room. The first was this Yankee Candle mini for £3. The man was selling loads of them so he obviously bought them in bulk as the small ones are usually £8. I wish I'd picked up more to be honest as they make lovely presents and smell gorgeous! Secondly was this lovely little floral sewing machine ornament for 50p. I study Fashion Design at university so I spend a majority of my time on a sewing machine, and I love all things floral!

Thanks for reading :)
Which of my finds was your favourite?
Please let me know if you have any carboot haul posts, I love reading them!
Love Dani :)


  1. What great wee finds! I've not been to a car boot sale in so long! Definitely putting it on my to-do list for this year!

  2. That sewing machine ornament is so cute, great finds :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Always love your car boot finds despite getting pretty jealous haha. My favourites are the floral silk shirt (gorgeous), simple white blouse (amazing collar and button), sewing machine ornament (aww!) and yankee candle (bargain).


  4. I adore this post! you've got some wicked finds! I too am at uni and can't wait to go home to have a good rummage :) xxx

  5. What a bargain for the Yankee candle.......i would have stocked up!xxx

  6. Ooo planet shirt! That's probably about £40/£50 RRP and still in very good condition!

  7. That little tapestry bag/box is gorgeous!
    Megan xxx

  8. You found so many lovely bits and bobs! I especially love the tapestry box!


  9. Lovely sewing machine ornament. I love the tapestry bag as well.

    If you are interested, maybe we could do a little swap? I can include the Vancouver patch as well for your boyfriend :) I did a swap before with another blogger and it was so much fun looking for items at boot sales for them that they would like :) It's like a treasure hunt lol x

  10. I love the floral blouse and the stripy shirt!
    Amazing finds! I love the bargains you can pick up at car boots!
    I'll be going to my first one of the summer next weekend! :) x

  11. Everyone always finds amazing things in car boots and I never do haha! xx

  12. The floral and stripey shirts are so cute, and the tapestry bag is gorgeous! You've definitely inspired me to find more car boot sales! xx

  13. Love the white shirt, with the gold button, it looks so expensive!x



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