Saturday, 22 June 2013

Charity shop finds #1

I'm an avid fan of charity shops. Me and my boyfriend can charity shop for hours and I'll often pop into all the charity shops in town, just for a browse. I love how you never know what you're going to find. You can't go online and browse what you're going to try on like in Topshop, it's going to be a surprise, and a 1/4 of the price too. The worst thing though, is that if you're undecided about an item, you know that it more than likely won't be there when you go back, so I always tend to buy things even if I'm not 100% sure on them! But they can always go on eBay at a later date if I decided I didn't actually need that 40th granny shirt! Anyways here are some of my latest finds:

Blue wire heart wall hanging (I might spray it white) - £1.50

Pink vintage blouse - £2.00
White cut-out blouse - £1.50

Primark collared dress - £2.00
Mickey mouse t-shirt (I'm going to cut it into a crop top) - £1.00

Floral photo frame - £1.00
Floral dish (I'm going to use it as a ring holder) - £1.50
Pink vase (currently my copper holder) - £1.00

White embroidered blouse - £1.50
Navy embroidered blouse - £1.50

Mint green embroidered blouse - £2.00
Floral tin - 30p

Thanks for reading :)
Would you like to see more charity shop finds posts?
Which is your favourite thing I found?
Have you found any nice bits in a charity shop recently?
Love Dani :)


  1. Wow, some great finds! The prices are great too, I'm starting to think my charity shops are a bit expensive for charity shops! Ah yes, I hate it when I want something but unsure then go back for it the next day and it's gone! X

  2. OMG you got some amazing buys babe! I LOVE the look of the heart wire frame, and the vintage blouses! Just so cheap considering how much you'd be charged in a vintage boutique! xxx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I love all of the floral things, they'll look so cute together! :) x

  4. I love seeing what people find in charity shops, although it is annoying that if you see something you like you will never find it in your local charity shops. I love the floral dish.......I would use it for rings too xxx

  5. I went charity shopping yesterday and you can find some absolutely gorgeous treasures! The cream collar dress you bought is so pretty and I just love how everything is so inexpensive!

    Kathryn x

  6. I love the wall hanger and the pink vase x

  7. Wow you got some gorgeous stuff! I have that wall hanging heart and I paid £15 for it! So you've saved a lot :D I found a brand new suit dress for Sixth Form for £5! Which was fantastic :D x

  8. Wow! You found some super bargains! Great post! :)

  9. Wow so many brilliant bargains!
    Love your blog too, especially posts on clothes that are so affordable!

    I'd love it if you could check out my blog as I'm fairly new to this blogging business- I'd really appreciate any feedback :)
    Abbi x

  10. Great finds! Love the blouses especially. There's a few charity shops near me but I only like going into a couple of them as the last time I went into one of them the guy behind the til was rude - sniggering to himself as I looked around, as though a girl in her 20s couldn't possibly like charity shops! It was so odd. xx

  11. love all the things- the pink vintage blouse is so cute! xx

  12. love the pink vintage blouse! and that mickey mouse t-shirt is going to look so good as a crop top :) xx

  13. Really enjoyed this post iv never tried charity shops before but i should know with the stuff i have taken there in the past that there are some good bargains to be had! Next time i am in town i will give it a go ;)


  14. wow, these are all great finds, no one would think they're from charity shops since they look all so good and new <3

  15. Wow, great finds, can't believe how nice that dress is from Primark, so cheap to!! xx

  16. Good haul, love charity shopping, its so fun :) Xox

  17. Absolutely love the things you've bought - such lucky finds!
    Where are the charity shops you visit? They're all so expensive around here - I'd probably have to pay £7-10 for those £2/3 blouses you've bought!

    Yinyin xx

    1. I go to uni in Norwich and the charity shops there are really cheap!
      But most charity shops should have things for less than a fiver :)

  18. The wire heart hanging is a dream!! I want something like that for my balcony.

  19. Love a good charity shopping day! we and mum make a day of it every few weeks :) i post charity shop and carboot sale hauls all the time on my blog!
    Check out my blog MinnieT

  20. These are exactly the sort of thing i buy from the charity shop, lovey finds at bargain prices! xx


  21. You should definitely do more charity shop posts! Also if you go to any car boot sales, post your finds from there to as they tend to be a bit more weird, wonderful and vintage! And I love the wire heart, think it'll look great in white! The tins are cute too!

  22. I love love love, the mickey mouse t-shirt. Can't go wrong with a bit of Disney! The floral dish is adorable and perfect to put rings in. I wish the charity shops round my way had items such as these in. The ones near me are very disappointing to say the least. x

  23. Charity shopping is amazing i love it!! please check out my blog and maybe follow? i'm new! much love!

  24. Lovely finds! I especially like the blouses you got, they're so pretty :)

  25. Awww you have bought some amazing stuff theree!!!!
    love the white embroidered blouse

    new blogger here from manchester

  26. I never find anything in charidee shops! And the ones in London can be pretty expensive too xxx

  27. Wow, you really picked up a lot! And boy, did you get some nice stuff! I think the wire wall thing would really nice blue if on a plain, white wall... Otherwise, white would look great! You could use it to store necklaces and bracelets and things!

  28. That white cut-out blouse is SO cute! Great finds - great post girlie :) xo

  29. I adore the cream dress you got! Xxx

  30. Wow so many interesting and cool items. You have a thrifting gift! :) xx

    Helen @


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