Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday wishlist #11 - A French Connection wishlist :)

Once in a while it's fun to do an expensive wishlist. The kind where if you won the lottery, you would go out and buy it all the next day, but right now you'd have to save up for it! With this freezing weather approaching, I've been wearing my leather jacket non-stop with my big fur scarf, and I'd love to get myself some more leather, fur and knitwear!

How gorgeous is this coat!? If I had unlimited funds I would buy this straight away. I love that it's half fur and I love all black coats. It looks like it would be so snuggly for the walks to uni too!

I'm absolutely in love with the colour of this jumper. I have lots of vintage granny jumpers but I don't have many nice ones which could be worn for a more formal occasion, and this would look so lovely for a Christmas meal with a statement necklace.

This dress really makes me think of some you could wear to a Christmas party and I'm so excited for the Christmas season! My favourite style of dress on the website are the sleeveless dresses from French Connection

I need to eventually invest in a real leather belt as all the cheap black ones I buy seem to fall apart! I love the simplicity and the colours in this one, and as its real leather it would last forever!

I've always been a bit too scared to even try on, let alone buy a leather skirt, but I have totally changed my mind on them and decided that I love them! I'm gonna keep my eye out for one this Winter and maybe even buy it! I love the matte look of them, and it would look so lovely with the pink jumper!

I'm loving fur nowadays, faux of course. I have a giant brown fur scarf that I wear most days, and I have just ordered a big brown coat from Asos which I'm excited to receive. This is so much cuter than the usual boring black clutch bag I own, now who wants to give me the £100 to get it?!

Thanks for reading :)
Which is your favourite item on my wishlist?
Have you ever bought anything from French Connection?
Love Dani :)
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  1. There is such lovely items in french connection at the moment, loving that clutch! xo

  2. I love all of this, especially that bag and skirt!

    Phaze x


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