Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday summary #6

I haven't actually done a Sunday Summary post since the middle of Summer, which was ages ago! I have been super busy with my fashion course this year, which I'm loving but it really is hard work. I'm only into week 3 but it feels like I've been back and working hard for months! Alot of these photos are 'fashion student' photos so sorry if they're all a bit same-y, but that's literally my life right now haha!

 Me, Amy and all the other fashion girls had a girly food and drinks night at the American Diner :)
The fabrics I found on my trip to London, I love them all, how am I gonna pick the final ones?!
This is what most of my days consist of - fabric manipulating in the studio!

I can't stop pinning on Pinterest recently too (follow me here) and this made me laugh so much!
I've been trying out some ideas on the laser cutter at uni, how cute are these paisley cut-outs?
After a long day of uni work, I love sitting down to a Ryan Gosling movie ;)

Coming up with fashion designs using jellyfish as inspiration.
My little fashion section in the studio, I love my floral apple pin holder!
The new ADTR album has been getting me through the days recently!

Nothing like a freshly made bed! I love my Cable and Cotton lights! (Full review here)
I got sent these gorgeous Bloom and Wild flowers for my uni room. They fit in the letterbox! (Full review here)
Skull mug and dissertation preperation!

How cute is my boyfriends new puppy?! I am so in love!
My gorgeous new Motel Rocks twosie! Get 20% off using code 'floraldanielle' :)
Oh yes Ryan, you're right!

I eventually got my hands on those New Look boots!
My cute little corner of candles, perfume, incense and cacti!
Winter is definitely coming! Fur coat and thick black tights!

My lovely little cactus pots from Ikea, such a bargain too!
I've been wearing all my Summer dresses with a long sleeved top underneath!
Eventually got hold of the Real Techniques 'Core Collection' and I love them!

I love my moon and star ring from Dixi, and how cute is my dog haha?
Moomin pajamas, could you get any better?!
Festival fingers from Dixi, Little Teacup, Waiste and Casio watch!

I want to start adding in my favourite songs or music videos of the week into my Sunday Summary posts. I absolutely love the video to the song, it's so cute and funny at the same time!

Thanks for reading :)
Are you a fashion student or in your third year of uni too?
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  1. I bought that skull mug for my friend for Christmas yesterday! I love it - hope she does too!
    LOVE the boots...wondering if I really need any more boots in my life! But those are gorgeous xx

  2. ah love the ryan gosling pics! the motel twosie looks gorgeous! xo

  3. Cute pictures! I really love those new look boots! x

  4. Wow, I really need to get those lights! Gorgeous.
    Great post!

    Lauren xx | Lauren J

  5. Love the rings in the last photo! I study fashion design, 5th week already in second year and only one week left of my project, stress!

    Julia x


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