Sunday, 26 January 2014

My new pink Bobble water bottle!

Ever since my best friend bought me a Brita Filtered Water Jug for uni, I've been obsessed with filtered water and can really taste the difference. I'll still drink water from the tap but I do prefer the taste of filtered water, especially if it's been kept in the fridge so is nice and cold! So when I heard that you could get the same effect but in a hand-held bottle for on the go, I knew I had to try it out! 

I've been using my Bobble bottle daily ever since I received it and I literally love it! I got a bit of a shock the first time I washed it out as lots of black specs came out of the filter, but after reading the info that is what's supposed to happen the first time. There was a strange taste the first few times also, but after the filter being used fully it soon went. I can definitely taste the difference from drinking normal tap water compared to tap water that has been filtered through this bottle.

I feel that the pricing is really reasonable, and even though the filter needs to be changed once in a while, I have had mine for around 2 months and I don't feel like mine needs to be changed yet! Saying that though, you would end up saving money from all the singular bottled waters you buy instead! The company itself are very green thinking and hope that people will invest in a bottle you can keep refilling safely rather than buying many bottled waters which end up strangling our sea life and littering our sidewalks.

I love that there are so many fun colours to choose from, and the pink is definitely my favourite! I think the the bottle itself has a lovely design too! In general, I am very happy with my bobble bottle and I will continue to use it everyday, and replace the filters when need-be! The only downside I have found is that you can't gulp the water as it comes through quite slowly, but I can't complain because obviously the water is being filtered so it can't fly through really quickly otherwise it wouldn't be filtered properly! You can buy these bottles on Amazon, but make sure you check which bottle size you click on as my housemate accidentally ordered a teeny bottle!

Had you heard of a Bobble bottle before?
Would you buy yourself one?
Which colour would you pick for yourself?
Love Dani :)


  1. Great review! It's such a good idea especially because down south, the water is 'harder'.
    I saw these in a shop but I didn't buy it because I wasn't sure if they were worth the hype or not. Now, I think I might buy one because one of my 'healthy' New Year's Resolutions was to drink more water and they're eco friendly in comparison to buying lots of bottles.

    ~Hannah xx

  2. oooh i've seen these in Whole Foods, they are such a cool concept! I kinda want one as i dont drink much water when i really should! xo
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  3. I have one of these and I love it but the noise it makes when you suck too hard (couldn't have said it in a better way hahah) is horrendous! Like screaming babies xx

  4. I have been using one for about 8 months now, and i can honestly say i love it. My water has never tasted so good! Also my local boots had the filters on sale for £2 each so i snapped 3 of them up to keep me going for a while!

  5. I had one like 2 years ago but I left it somewhere and never got it back! I really did enjoy it! love the pink one!

  6. This sounds awesome! I drink so much bottled water as I know it sounds stupid, but if it's in a glass I just forget to drink it! May have to get one of these, it looks so handy xo


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