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Photo round-up of my year in 2013! :)

I've got to say that 2013 has probably been one of the weirdest years of my life! There have been particularly high highs but also some horribly low lows, so I'm kinda happy to close the door on 2013 and look forward to all that 2014 has to bring! I know for a fact that this year I shall finish uni and graduate (unless something terrible happens), I shall move back home and have to find myself a job, maybe move in with Joe, maybe move to London, earn money, dye my hair blonder and get some more tattoos! The next 5 months at uni are probably gonna be the hardest of my life, but I can't wait to see my finished collection of clothes and see what the future brings my way!


January always start on NYE/New Years Day with a kiss from Joe wherever we are! It's times like this that I really appreciate Instagram and Facebook, because otherwise I would definitely have forgotten what happened throughout this year, let alone just January! I went back to uni after Christmas, dyed my hair ombre using the L'Oreal home kit, it snowed! I also did my huge amounts of January sale shopping and we went to a fancy dress party as Trollz, which made me want pink hair in real life!


This February I celebrated my 4 year anniversary with Joe! He came down to visit me at uni and I had bought us this cute little gingerbread couple, and he made me the chocolate heart cake, what a cutie! I also had very ginger hair at this point, and was addicted to my denim jacket haha! I also got my hands on the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler (you can see the full review here) so this is probably the first time you've ever seen me with curled hair!


Half of March was spent at uni going for some fun nights out, doing lots of uni work and helping out with Norwich Fashion Weekender, and the other half was spent back at home for Easter. How funny is the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves fancy dress we did?! I was Snow White, then my boyfriend and his family went as the seven dwarves! I also found my studded bumbag in Primark which was used loads through out Summer!


April was definitely one of my most favourite months this year! I celebrated my 22nd birthday, and was totally spoilt by my family, friends and boyfriend! Judging my the amount of pink, you can see they know me very well ;)! It was also Easter at the beginning of the month so lots of yummy chocolate, some of my best friends came to visit uni for my birthday, and my best friends birthday is 6 days before me so we celebrated together! I also started watching Game of Thrones, met Proudlock from Made in Chelsea in London who was lovely and went on the Winnie the Pooh trail. My best friend did my birthday make up for the night out, and I started collecting Disney DVDs/ reliving my childhood! :)


May is always a nice month at uni because it's the last month before we all go back home for Summer! We hand in our last project of the year and appreciate the warm weather with chilling on the balcony and lots of alcohol and BBQs! I was very happy with my magazine project I handed in, visited Amy in Essex and went for a night out there for the first time, bought my beloved Topshop pinafore and found lots of lovely bits in the local charity shops!


I spent the beginning of June at uni with a few fun nights out, then packed up my stuff and went home for Summer. I had my interview to be the intern at Waiste Clothing, and I got it! I was so nervous to even apply, so to get it made me very happy! It was so much fun, and Sara was so lovely to work with, you can read some more about it here :). Not only was it great to work behind the scenes, but I have genuinely always loved her stuff and it was fab to see it all being created and to help out myself! This was also the month everyone found their names on Coke bottles, but I couldn't find mine so I made a DIY one ;)


 July is usually another one of my favourite months because it's super sunny and Summery! It's Joe's birthday month too so we always do something fun :). I continued with my 3 month internship at Waiste, went on a road trip to Nottingham, stayed in a caravan near the beach with Joe, hosted my own BBQ, went to a bloggers event called the Vintage Set Festival and went to The London Dungeons with my best friend (we definitely held hands the whole way around!)


I can't really remember what happened in August, and I don't seem to have many photos from this month either! I'm pretty sure I just spent it chilling with my family and friends, enjoying spending my time at home, going to and from London for my internship and appreciating the sun! Me and Joe went to the carboot sale most Sunday mornings so I picked up loads of gorgeous things for around £1, and Joe found this lovely Coca Cola mirror for our future home! We also helped Joe welcome this tiny puppy Darcy into his family, he has grown so much already!


September was the month that my internship with Waiste came to an end which I was really sad about, and Sara treated me to lots of lovely Waiste denim pieces, I cannot wait to wear the dungarees most days this Summer! I also went to a festival called Brownstock which was the first festival I had been to in about 4 years so that was fun! It wasn't the biggest festival but it was so fun to just get really drunk and have no worries for a few days! I also got my hands on some little cacti and cut out boots which I had wanted for months!


I love coming back to uni in September because we all haven't seen each other in 3 and a half months, and we always have lots of fun nights out! This October was the start of my third year though so we all had to knuckle right down almost straight away so lots of experimentations and sketchbook work was done! We all went mental at Halloween though because we knew it would be our last here :( I went as a dead nurse, and carved my first ever pumpkin! I also treated myself to the Motel star and moon two piece eventually, you can get 20% off using discount code 'floraldanielle' :)


November was pretty much the same as October in terms of constantly sitting in and doing uni work, but I've come up with lots of new ideas that I love, and my final grade was a good one so I'm really happy with that! We can never really go a month without a fancy dress themed party though, and this one was a Kevin and Perry/90s themed one! This is also the month that I became addicted to American Horror Story, I'm almost finished series two, and I'm loving it!


I absolutely love December and the Christmas spirit with all the lovely lights and cheery songs! I was so happy to go home for Christmas this year as this first term of third year has been so stressful, but unfortunately I only really got to go home for just over a week as I decided to come back to uni for NYE! But I made the most of it and saw as many people as I could in that time! I loved giving everyone their pressies, having a yummy roast dinner and spending time with my family :). I got some lovely presents myself, including this bear dressing gown with ears from Joe! We hosted the NYE party back at uni, and it was so lovely to spend the countdown with everyone as this time next year we'll all be off doing different and exciting things!

Wow, this blog post ended up taking a lot longer to make than I actually realised! But I'm so glad I've done it, so I can look back on it in a years time and see how much everything has changed! I honestly thought this year had been pretty crap as it felt like I'd spent 99% of it slaving away at uni or in my room, but it turns out I have had a pretty fun year, and I can't wait to enjoy 2014! :)

Thanks for reading :)
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Hope you all have a happy and healthy 2014!
Love Dani :)


  1. Great post. I love all of the pictures :) looks like a fun year. I hope 2014 is even better for you!

    1. Thank you Sarah! :)
      I hope you have a fab 2014!

  2. I absolutely loved this post. If I tagged your idea would you mind if I did my own. Lovely pictures and great writing to accompany it :)

    1. Yes of course Claire, go for it!
      I look forward to reading your one too, let me know when it's up!

  3. And I'll be living near you!! weeee! x

  4. Wow I can't believe you packed in so much in a year- you with curly hair!! This reminded e of my past year and I never found a Jodie coke bottle either :(
    Thank you for the kind comment sweetie :) I can't wait for you to share the rest of yiur time at uni (although I ended up leaving uni) I loved my time there.

    1. Haha it does seem like so much when you put it all together like this!
      Have a good year lovely :)

  5. I love your blog! It looks like you had an amazing year :) good luck for final year-i'm in mine too gahh
    Kat x

    1. Aww thank you so much Kat! :)
      Good luck for your final year too!

  6. Sounds like a great year! I also started collecting Disney dvds (last week haha), still 50 to go :D

    1. Haha there are so many to collect, but they're so worth it! :)


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