Saturday, 10 May 2014

Guest post: Cheeky little eBay finds with Ellie from Ellie's Favourite Things :)

Hey guys, Danielle here :) as some of you may have seen, for the past few weeks I've started having some of my favourite bloggers guest post for me every Saturday until I finish my uni course! I'm so busy right now it's ridiculous, but I don't wanna absolutely forget about my blog, so I thought the perfect thing to do would be to let them take over Floral Danielle so you guys still have some lovely posts to read! If you'd be interested in taking part too, please give me an email at! Today's post has been written by the lovely Ellie from Ellie's Favourite Things :)



Hellooooooooooooo. These are my favourite pieces from eBay, it was pretty tricky choosing only five but these are some items that I've either already bought or will......soon. I've been on the hunt for a new sweatshirt recently and I've always liked the American Apparel ones but never liked their prices, luckily, someone's selling them wholesale online so they're a lot cheaper. Result! I've also chosen some funky hand cream because I think packaging is far too important and there's something really exciting about ordering things from South Korea, forgetting you've ordered it, and then having it suddenly arrive 2-ish months later. Or maybe I just find that exciting.......? I've also chosen an ASOS shirt which is super super cheap and a cat jumper. Because everyone should own a cat jumper. I hope you like what you've chosen and if you wanted to, you can have a quick look at my blog. Ellie x


Thanks so much for reading and thank you Ellie for guest posting :)
Which of Ellie's bargains is your favourite?
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Love Dani

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