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My favourite picks from Waiste Vintage :)

As most of you will know, I had a lovely little internship at Waiste clothing last Summer. Ever since then, I've been wanting to be back in the studio with Sara, sourcing vintage gems and sewing dungarees, instead of being back at uni non-stop stressed and tired. Saying that though, I am really enjoying making my final collection - it's just the stress and written work that I'm not enjoying! Anyways, at the beginning of my internship, Sara mainly stocked denim and reworked it, adding her own little Waiste signature daisys, dye and paisley prints which was really fun. Through-out the Summer we saw Waiste take a change in a different direction. That change was into more of a bohemian style, which Sara herself wore on a daily basis anyways and I honestly think it was one of the best decisions ever -Waiste Vintage has really taken off and I'm in love with every single thing uploaded to the website. I love browsing through the pages of flowy kimonos, vintage blouses and gorgeous trinket boxes and jewels, so I thought I should share with you some of my favourites :)

Silk 70s Geometric Shirt - £25.00
I've always loved peter pan collar shirts, and the print on this one is gorgeous. I particularly like it with the milkmaid braids and the layering of necklaces.
Celestial Treasure Box - £8.00
I needs to get me one of these boxes! I've promised Sara I'm gonna make a little homeware order when I finish uni and go back home, and these boxes are top of the list! They're such a mega bargain at only £8 too, I may have to get a few of them!

Lucky Buddha Head Ring - £8.00
I've already bought myself one of these Budda Head rings, they are simply adorable! I've become obsessed with layering silver rings on my fingers (including many of the Waiste gem rings too) and this one is a solid winner everytime.
'Howl At The Moon' Wolf T-shirt - £20.00
You've gotta love a vintage oversized tee to chuck on with some highwaisted shorts in the Summer, or wear under a kimono at a a festival. 

Waiste Vintage Floral Dress - £21.00
This dress is really my style. I love vintage shaped dresses that come in really tight at the waist and still have the big shoulders too. The floral print is simple gorgeous too, all in all a perfect dress if you ask me!
Blue Celestial Moon and Star Throw - £20.00
How cute is this throw?! I'm so in love with moon and sun celestial print, and this throw can be used in so many ways - as a wall hanging, as a chair cover, as a bed throw etc!

White Lace Throw - £10.00
Literally the Waiste homeware range is just to die for. I want a home full of cacti and Moroccan lamps and these lace throws look so gorgeous on top of a patterned table cloth.
I need to get myself some new floor length kimonos. I've got my fair share of short ones, but these are the ones that I really love the look of and this Summer I intend to invest in a few! I love that this one is both sheer and has a paisley print too - perfection!

Sheer Paisley Dress - £28.00
Yet again I'm loving the paisley print on this dress and especially loving it with the milkmaid braids hairstyle. I love the oversized-ness of this dress and it looks so comfy!

Circular Om Necklace - £14.00
Shop Dixi is a brand that I've always had a little soft spot for, so when I found out that Waiste were doing an exclusive 'WAISTE X DIXI' collaboration, I was so proud of Sara! The pieces are simply gorgeous, and this circular om necklace was definitely one of my favourites! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Have you managed to get your hands on any of Waiste's one-off vintage pieces?
Which is your favourite item out of the ones I've posted?
Love Dani :)


  1. I love the kimono, I also have a few short ones but absolutely love the look of the longer style too, I agree...this one is perfect!! X

    A Blonde Moment

  2. I'm loving that moon and star throw! Looks incredibly soft and comfy!!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pieces, I love EVERYTHING! :) Thanks for sharing.

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

  4. In love with these patterns and prints at the moment, my moon necklace and mood ring are constantly on my fingers and neck, I love all your picks, the trinket box is adorable, you're so lucky to have had an internship there!

  5. I adore everything, especially the moon and stars throw x

  6. I love the throw!

  7. Such a fab site! I was trying to decide whether to treat myself to a jewellery box from there and this has persuaded me, so excited to receive it xx

  8. I love the little Buddha rings!


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