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Pinspiration #2 - Studio & Sewing room decor!

Pinterest has become my obsession recently. I've used it on and off for years now, pinning my future onto online boards, but recently my addiction has come back and every spare second I have, I'm adding another pin to another board. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, as I've come across some lovely home decor inspiration and it's really motivated me to get my sister's old room/my studio and sewing room into shape and decorated nicely! I'm going to try and start writing these posts more regularly as I do love writing about something different on my blog, and although I write a lot of wishlists including homeware, I don't post much about home decor styling! You can follow me on Pinterest here :)

(Image sources: Pinterest & Pinterest)

I don't know if you can tell already, but my plan for the room is to be white and clear. You need things to be uncluttered when you're working, and a bright white workspace sounds so lovely to me. In the first image, I love the bulldog clips being used to hold up the images. I also love the Muji acrylic storage being used for stationary, and the white wire chair covered by a nice furry throw. In the second image, I love the simple copper pot. I'd like the room to be majority white with small pops of black and copper.

(Image sources: Pinterest & Pinterest)

Keeping with the clinically white theme, I'd also want everything to be coordinated in a way so that if I wanted to find something, I'd know exactly where it was. I love these simple shelves with black and white files in the first image. Somewhere to file my clothing patterns, my important documents etc. The second image is just so cool. I have hundreds of fashion magazines so they'd probably be piled up on the floor, but this would be fab to have this month's issues on, or my absolute favourites.

(Image sources: Pinterest & Pinterest)

I've seen these wire panels being used in quite a few Pinterest photographs now and I've decided that I need one in my life. They're such a quirky alternative to pinboards and you can use cute little pegs and bulldog clips to attach photographs, magazine clippings and important notes to them. I think the black and white versions both look really nice against the white background and would be lovely in any studio or bedroom.

(Image sources: Pinterest & Tumblr)

The wire house in the first image is so unusual but would just look nice on a shelf. It's a bit like those white tealight houses that I like so they'd all look cute lined up next to one another. I also really like the piled up fashion books with a little pot of flowers on top, and the big framed images. I'd probably rather have inspirational quotes instead, but the layout of this image is so lovely. Lastly, I also really like these peculiar little copper lightbulbs on a long cord and would love something like this above my desk. In the second image, I really like the contrast of the white mannequin to the wooden desk and the images on the wall. My mannequin takes up quite a bit of space so it's nice to have it dressed in an outfit.

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  1. gorgeous! absolutely love Pinterest too!
    Please check out my blog- lots of interior design and lifestyle posts-
    www.rosegolddream.co.uk x

  2. I love the copper light bulbs, so pretty. The magazine rack is a neat idea too! xx


  3. Gorgeous pictures! We've definitely got the same taste in decor, I love monochrome, minimalist workspaces! I'm also really into copper at the moment (especially paired with marble). xo

  4. I'm obsessed with pinterest too! Love these pics xxx


  5. I love using Pinterets for home decor inspiration! I'm getting my room decorated in the next few months so I'm definitely going to be on it more often now.


  6. I joined pinterest after it was suggested to me through a Twitter chat and I have to say I'm hooked! I love the home decor on it, and since I'm decorating my bedroom this year it's the perfect place for some inspo!

    At the moment I'm really loving minimalist themes with pops of colour i.e. copper (which I am also obsessed with) haha :) I hope your organising / decorating goes as planned x


  7. i adore pintrest. i love it SO MUCh. nice picks

  8. Nice decor !


  9. So pretty, I need to get back into Pinterest.

  10. I get so much envy from pinterest and these photos are always my favourite x

  11. Pinterest is so addictive :) Nice pics! x

    Pink Frenzy

  12. OOh I spend hours on Pinterest, I would need a huge LA Mansion to fit in everything I drool over x

  13. Some real home decor envy here! xxx

  14. Love all the Pinterest pictures, I'm addicted to Pinterest lately.


  15. Gorgeous!!!! Oh how I would love to decorate like this but I'm horrible when it comes to home decor.


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