Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Valentines day gift ideas for you and him :)

Valentine's Day is fast approaching (and it's also my four years with my boyfriend too!) and it dawned on me that I hadn't even started thinking about presents yet, oops! Here I have complied a list of both gifts for him, gifts for yourself... for him, and gifts for the both of you :)

Words literally cannot describe how soft your legs are after using this product. I cannot believe I used to live without it, it just leaves legs feeling so silky and smooth! Soap and Glory always seem to have the '3 for 2' offer on, so why not treat yourself to a few bits :)

Percy Pig Toy - £6.00
So the Percy Pig sweets from Marks and Spencers now do toys... need I say anymore?!

I really love these pillows! They're cute, funny and true all at the same time! :)
Unfortunately this is sold out online, but keep your eyes peeled in your local store! It's reduced from £14.00 so it's a total bargain, and I really hope I find it! I love the burgundy and gold together and it would look so cute under a shirt collar :)

Heart Egg Mould - £6.00
Imagine how cute breakfast in bed would be if your fry up had a heart shaped egg on the side!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has collaborated with Marks and Spencer to create this gorgeous collection of lingerie. This set is cute yet sexy, and the pattern and lace is adorable! :)
Yankee Candles smell absolutely gorgeous! Why not use Valentine's Day as an excuse to invest in a new one?!

Scratch Map - £8.92
I have literally wanted one of these maps for so long! You scratch off the places you have been to once you've been there like a scratch card, and then it turns into a colour. It would be so cute to have one of these as a couple and scratch off all the places you've been together :)

Heart Balloons - £2.50
Okay so they're not really necessary but they've very cute! They would be nice if you were surprising someone, or if you haven't seen them in a while! :)

Thanks for reading :)
I hope I've managed to give you a few ideas!
What will you be getting your other half, or treat yourself to this Valentines day? :)
Love Dani


  1. Great post! I love valentines :) Even if it makes me skint!

    Love the soap and glory flake away! :) and the bra is lovely!

    F xx

  2. The cherub necklace is gorgeous, I won't rest until I track one down! I see Yankee Candles everywhere but can never decide on a scent, I'll definitely check out True Rose next time I see them :) xx

  3. Those pillow cases are so good haha! Lovely list! xx

  4. Love those pillows! Wish they were cheaper :(

  5. Aw, I love the idea of the scratch map so cute!

  6. I got a heart shaped frying pan from the poundshop, I'm thinking of doing pancakes in it too. I got the scratch map for he other half for Christmas, he's traveled loads more then me so we are gunna stick with scratching off places we visit together xxx

  7. I love the pillows but they are so expensive :( x

  8. Man I hate buying valentines gifts never know what to get! Love these pillow cases though :)

  9. aw these are actually really nice not just mushy, i like the pillows x

  10. Such lovely little gift ideas! I need those pillows! xxxx

  11. great gift ideas..thanks for the post

  12. Dani I absolutely love those pillows! :) According to Kane, I'm always hogging the bed (and the duvet, haha) :P oops! And I was just wondering if that Soap and Glory stuff is okay for sensitive legs? Great gift ideas!


  13. Love the Percy pig toy, super cute!!

  14. ah I have to get those my side/ your side pillow cases, so cute!

  15. the pillows are so cute !!
    I would love for you to check out my blog
    Hope to see you soon
    Ashley x

  16. I love the pillows, and they are soo true!! I've been lusting after the Rosie for M&S lingerie for a while now, but just can't justify spending out on gorgeously decadent underwear at the moment. My boyfriend & I aren't exchanging gifts this year, we're going out for a meal instead :) xx

  17. I've asked for a yankee candle - I do hope I get one! They smell sooo nice!!

  18. I got my mum flake away and she loved it!:-)


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