Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013! My January sale finds and my New Years Resolutions :)

Happy new years guys! I can't actually believe it is 2013, this year has literally gone so quickly! :) Hope you all had a fun night last night with the ones you love! Here's a picture of me and Joe last night with his new fisheye lens :)

I went sale shopping on Boxing Day (yes I was one of THOSE people) but it was the first time in five years where I wasn't working on Boxing Day, so I thought why not?! I'm still doing my 100 days no spending (it finishes on 24th January) but these things were bought with Christmas money or vouchers!

I love having new DVDs to watch, especially around Christmas time and when I'm with my boyfriend (we don't see each other much as we're 2 and a half hours away from each other when I'm at uni). I got all these bargains for £3 each, and the behind the scenes The Hobbit book was for Joe as he's obsessed! We watch Babe the other night, and I forgot how friggin cute it is! I suggest you all go get it, and relive your childhood :)

Topshop crochet shirt - £16.20 in the sale with student discount.
Topshop  crochet shorts - £18 in the sale with student discount.

Topshop frilled socks - All 3 pairs for £7.20 with student discount.
Topshop cherub earrings - £2.90 in the sale with student discount.
Topshop buddha earrings - £1.35 in the sale with student discount.

Topshop cross studded shorts - £16.20 in the sale with student discount.
Topshop burgundy rose hairband (I put it around my hair doughnut)  - £2.90 in the sale with student discount.

New Look peplum tops in black and burgundy - £7.00 each in the sale.

Primark embellished high waisted shorts - £7.00 in the sale.
Primark cordroy burgundy shirt (I kept stealing Joe's one) - £5.00 in the sale.

Matching hamsa hand t-shirts for me and my sister - £7.00 each in the sale.

And a few bits for Joe as he had to work on Boxing Day!
Primark speckled beanie hats - £3.00 each.
River Island paisley boxers - £7.00 in the sale.

Now onto the New Years Resolutions:

- Lose some weight and eat healthily.
No more sugar or sweets, a lot less pasta and bread.
Buy more fruit, vegetables and salads.
Do exercise DVDs when I have time.
Fit back into my favourite shorts again!

- Save money.
I finish my 100 days no spending on 24th Jan, but continue after unless I literally LOVE something.
No more eating out with my friends.
Start making packed lunches every day for uni.
Actually put money aside every week so I can see it being saved.
Enter more competitions everyday. (I have been lucky enough to win quite a few recently, will make a blog post about my years winnings!)
Every time I have a £2 coin, put it in my terramundi pot!

- Blog more.
Do more eBay finds posts.
Do my favouries of each month.
Do lots of outfit posts once I'm happier with my weight.
Use up products before starting a new one, and do empties posts.
Read my favourite blogs every single day.
Set up my 300 followers giveaway!

- Concentrate more on my uni work.
Don't watch TV/movies until I've done my uni work.
Do at least a full hours work after uni everyday.
Consider getting rid of Facebook until the Summer.
Visit the library more often.
Try out new techniques once a week.
Read my fashion books.
Go to more exhibitions.
Save up for Photoshop and Illustrator.
Practice my fashion illustration in my spare time.

- Beauty resolutions.
Take my make up off every single night.
Stick to my cleanse, tone, moisture regime.
Have at least one early night a week.
Always have nice nails, if not take the varnish off. 
Only straighten my hair when it is necessary.

Thanks for reading :)
Did you get some sale bargains?
Do you have some similar new years resolutions?
Happy new year :)
Love Dani


  1. Happy new year! :)
    You bought some lovely lovely things from the sales, I don't know how you do it, I'm so impatient and usually come home with nothing haha!

  2. I went Sales shopping on boxing day and got basically nothing ): Great find though and great goals and resolutions!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Wow! I love the Topshop crochet shorts! So pretty!

    Your resolutions are great! I can definitely relate to the blogging ones!


  4. Those everything you picked up in the sales, I got a pair of docs for £70 and I love them so much. I really enjoyed reading your resolutions too :) x

  5. Happy new year, I love the peplum tops you got. I'm trying to save loads this year slim really limiting my shopping plus m wardrobes packed xxx

  6. great haul and good resolutions... positive energy to you... Happy New Year!

  7. That topshop shirt is so pretty! Goodluck with your resolutions xx

  8. great finds love the lace detailshorts. I need to copy you cleanse and tone resolution

  9. Can't get enough of topshop socks! Hahaha x

  10. i love this post! my resolutions are pretty much the same as yours ;) and you got some loooovely things in the sales!xo

  11. New Look peplum tops have to be my favorite here.
    Good luck with your resolutions for 2013 & Happy New Year!

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  12. really nice things, i swear i must be going to different sales to everyone else! x

  13. Great sale finds, I may have to look on hmv and newlook now! :)


  14. Love your Topshop goodies.
    I definitely need to stop straightening my hair too.
    Imogen xx

  15. Wowza, so many bargains here!! Competition wins get us through the month, I hope you stay lucky! <3

    The Style Rawr!

  16. I looooove all of your clothing finds - especially the peplums and the crochet shirt!

    Good luck with all your resolutions!

  17. love what you brought, especially the white blouse! x

  18. love that the topshop top and shorts have a vintage twist x

  19. Our resolutions are pretty much exactlyyy the same! good luck - I'm hoping i actually stick to mine this year xxx Absolutely love the primark cord top too xx

  20. ahhh I so love everything you got! the beanies are mega cute. hope you had a lovely christmas & new year! x

  21. The shorts from primark are gorgeous! You got some really good buys! X

  22. So many new goodies! I love the shorts and the beanies are beauts x

  23. Love this post you have some great resolutions!


  24. I really love the clothes you picked out.. love your style! The cross shorts are my favorite!

  25. The Hobbit is such a good book! :) xxx

  26. Oh wow, the shorts are gorgeous!


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