Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snow, yankee candles and mini bottles of wine! :)

 Hey guys :) yet again, another apology as to why I've barely been blogging! Second year of uni is already stressing me the hell out, literally God knows what I'm gonna be like next year in my final year :( so thought I'd do a little instagram and life post to keep you in the loop!

 Putting my Christmas sweets pot to good use, it's now my cotton bud holder :)
Some January treats - Soap & Glory products and a Yankee Candle!
I eventually lit my teacup candle along with my Yankee :)

Something to keep me occupied during these snowy times!
My hand has gone very gingery, but I like it :)
Procrastination = caviar nails!

Been appreciating my piggy socks during these cold days!
Yummy percy pig cookies :)
I forgot how much of a cute/ amazing film Babe is!

Been eating healthy since I've been back at uni this term - tuna salad omnomnom!
I love how colourful my trolly is looking! :)
One naughty treat on the weekend doesn't count right ;)

Snow outside my window!
Matching footwear for the snow!
Herbal and berry tea :)

I've been a very busy fashion student this term - my first ever cross stitch! :)
Some weird 2am fashion illustration!
My gorgeous new vintage pin-up diary to keep me organised!

Me and the teeniest bottle of wine ever! :)
A good uni night out despite the snow outside!
My gorgeous hamsa bracelet - I'm giving one away in my giveaway here!

Thanks for reading :)
Sorry these aren't the most interesting photos, I've been stuck in my uni room doing work for what seems like so long now! :(
Did you get much snow?
Love Dani


  1. lovely photos! we had tons of snow and it's only just (finally) gone x

  2. I love your piggy socks and I am so addicted to percy pig biscuits (have you tried the Hello Kitty ones?)


  3. Cute socks :) I love Yankee candles! X

  4. Yum, I also love Yankee Candles! I really need to ombre my hair, yours looks lovely!

    The Style Rawr!

  5. I love any post that has candles and caviar nails in it! xx

  6. Amazing photos! I cannot wait to buy and try out heel genius! How are you finding it? And I love Yankee Candles too <3

  7. Percy Pig cookies?! Wow they look amazing haha. Jealous of your candles too xo

  8. Oh wow, where did you get the sugarskull mug? It's wonderful.

    Picked your blog up from the #bbloggers chat, now following.

    Much love,


  9. Such a good idea for the cotton buds! Got a jar like that with a candle in so once that runs out i'll put it to good use :) xxx


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