Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday summary #5

It's been almost a month since I've last posted a Sunday summary post, and this is very naughty of me as I told myself I would do them every single Sunday! I've been home for Summer about a month now so all of these photos are since being home from university and all the random things I've been up to! I've been on a few mini getaways to the beach and to see friends, I've caught up with my besties and had lots of yummy food which is always nice when I'm used to student living for the rest of the year!

 Joe brought us home some lovely beers to have with our dinner! I've kept them to put flowers in after :)
My gorgeous elephant rug from the Urban Outfitters sale!
My cutie little boyfriend Joe - he made me sit on the uncomfy chair cos he wanted the throne!

I love my Juju jellies! I want to get myself some in black now :)
My Minkpink dress, gold Casio watch and some Budweiser for a roadtrip!
Me and my bestie went to London Dungeons - it was terrifying and so much scarier than when I was younger!

Starbucks almost got my name right! I actually spelt it out D-A-N-I and they still got it wrong!
My gorgeous new cake stand all ready for a tea party :) I review it here
This week I made some lovely necklaces for Waiste clothing, you can buy them here :)

Me and Joe on our little getaway at the caravan!
My current sunshine read - it was only 99p in the charity shop :)
I finally went ahead and deleted Candy Crush! I got to Level 102 and realised how sad I was!

I ordered some gorgeous new bits off Little Teacup Jewellery - go check it out, everything is so cheap! 
Gotta love having some Pimms and snacks in the sun!
Cameo and crochet!

Some lovely little carboot sale finds from last weekend - crochet and paisley!
I need to try some of these Monsters Inc cereal!
The other night out, we ordered a pitcher, and they gave it to us in a giant duck! :)

My lovely black (fake) nails! I will definitely be reviewing these as I loved them!
Yummy 'Sex on the beaches' with ice and strawberries in the sun :)
How lovely is this Waiste jacket?! I'm absolutely loving my internship so much!

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P.S. I promise I'm not an alcoholic, these were taken over a month ;)


  1. I LOOOOVE your elephant rug!
    It's sooo prettty.
    Great pictures

    Kelly ||

  2. my instagram is @LaurenGemmaHay :3

    love your cake stand and your elephant rug!

  3. Looks like you've had a fun month! I love your jellies, I really need to get some! x

  4. I'm so jealous of your elephant rug and your minkpink dress! Are you interning at Waiste? If so, that's really cool I love their jackets xx

    1. Yes I am interning at Waiste! :)
      It's lots of fun!

  5. last time i went to London Dungeons (about 3 years ago) it was sooo scary!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  6. Your elephant rug is such a lovely find! It looks great against those floorboards although I'm certain it would look lovely almost anywhere. UO always have such epic sales!

    What is it with boys and 'the throne'?! :-)

    Jem xX

    1. Hahaha I know right?!
      I think Game of Thrones doesn't help, although I do love it myself too!

  7. All these photos are so wonderful!

  8. These photos are beautiful, looks like you've been having a wonderful time! ^.^ I never got onto the Candy Crush hype, but it does seem to have monopolised a whole bunch of my friends time..!!

    flawedfairytale fashion blog ^.^


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