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Style crush: Peaches Geldof

I've realised that I never really post about my style crushes. To be totally honest, I don't really take much style inspiration from celebrities, and much prefer to take inspiration from other bloggers, but there are some people who I love and feel deserve a blog post. My first style crush is Peaches Geldof. I haven't loved her style forever, but over the past few years photos of her keep popping up, and since following her instagram she seems really nice and down to earth! I love browsing her photos to see what she's up to, what she's wearing and how her cute little family are getting on! :)

I love this outfit with her little bump on show. I wouldn't have thought that a dark pink dress would look nice with red lippy but I actually love this look!
 I love this collar-less coat and her little floral tea dress. These pictures also really make me want to go back to being blonde again!

I need to get myself a cream coat to go with all my little girly dresses, and I love this collared dress with black tights and brogues.

 I really like tattoos in general - me, my boyfriend and most of my friends have them so I'm always looking for tattoo inspiration! I love these small tattoos she has on her legs in particular, and she has a lot of nice little tattoos around her body! They're not too garish and I can't wait to get more little tattoos like this! :)

 (image source)
I think she looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day. She married Thomas Cohen in September 2012, and wore a beautiful lace dress with a floral head crown and lovely veil.

(image source)
I took this photo straight away when I saw it in Hello Magazine - how cute is this idea for a wedding dress?! Getting the name of you and your husband embroidered into the wedding dress! I will most definitely be doing this for my own wedding! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Do you like Peaches style too?
Who is your favourite style icon, other than other bloggers?
Love Dani :)


  1. Ive never really thought of Peaches Geldof for inspiration but I love all these outfits. I want that boat shaped bag as well, so cute!
    Julia x

  2. I totally agree, I love Peaches's style, I think she's really come into her own. LOVE her blue collarless coat :)



  3. I love Peaches Geldof! Her style is amazing and her tattoos are so cute :-)


  4. I do love Peaches, though I've not really seen alot of her outfits all in one post before I think I may like her even more now. Also the wedding dress idea is cute x

  5. Love that pink dress in the first pictures. She really is gorgeous


  6. I feel like I've grown up with Peaches' style, admiring everything along the way! Such an effortless, timeless beauty. Also Astala and Phaedra are the sweetest! Wonderful post, cherub.
    Sophie xo


  7. I hadn't realised Peaches Geldof was so chic! I literally love all the pictures & the ideaof the embroidered names in her wedding dres is just soo cute! Aha if you still have a blog by the time you get married be sure to post the pics aha. And I really get it when you say your mostly inspired by other bloggers style because after I read that I literally asked my sister of one celebrity's style which she loved and she couldn't name one aha but bloggers and youtubers she could name like 50 but after lots of thinking I remembered I actually love Kourtney Kardashians style and have for a seriously long time this post has actually inspired me to do a post on her aha Beautiful blog darl I've been reading your other posts and loved every single one definately following xox


    1. Thank you for such a nice long comment! :)
      Haha I won't be getting married for a long while, I wonder if I'll still have my blog then!
      I read blogs every single day so I always get style inspiration :)

  8. she is amazing, love her style too:)X


  9. she's pretty perfect

  10. great pic choice! :) www.annpiraprez.com

  11. ah she's so so stunning! she looks so different to what i remember

  12. I love Peaches too! I constantly stalk her Instagram, her boys are so cute! I've always admired her style, even in her teens when she went a bit off the rails.

    Amy xx

  13. Ahh I've always loved Peaches' style! She looks so beautiful in the photos you've chosen xo

  14. She has such a great wardrobe!

    Jade xx



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