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Vivabox Perfume Selection Box 2014 :)

This time last year I was lucky enough to team up with The Perfume Shop to review a lovely little perfume beauty box called the 'Vivabox'. The box itself was designed to be a miniature set of drawers where the top drawer contained 7 sample perfumes, and in the bottom drawer you received a voucher to claim a full sized bottle of your favourite scent. You can read my full blog post about it here, and it was a lovely idea for a Christmas present! I was delighted when they asked me to work with them again this year. The concept is still the same, although the perfumes are different and the box design has been changed.

I definitely prefer the packaging for the Vivabox 2014 version! How cute is the little pink bow detailing?! You slide off the cardboard packaging and then the box opens in half to reveal the 7 mini perfumes and a little envelope saying 'For her'. The voucher itself is valid until 30th June 2016 so you don't need to worry about it running out anytime soon! I just feel as though the design has been really thought about and is so lovely this year. It is also a lot more environmentally friendly as the drawer idea last year was cool but it used more cardboard than was necessary to create it!

The perfume inside this years box all have a black, white and pink theme to them. I feel like every single piece of the box has been selected to match and it is the perfect gift for any girl. You get plenty of information about each perfume inside the box so I'll just let you know which samples have been included this year - Hugo Boss 'Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme', Carolina Herrera '212 VIP', Jimmy Choo 'Jimmy Choo', Nina Ricci 'Nina', Paco Rabanne 'Black XS', Juicy Couture 'Viva La Juicy' and Kenzo 'Flower By Kenzo' :)

Joe has been a supportive boyfriend in regards to my blog since the very first day, so I was really pleased when Vivabox asked if I'd like to give a men's box to him! It's always lovely when company's take the time to see that you have a boyfriend and offer something for him too, so obviously I snapped up the chance as he deserves a little pampering some days too! :) As you can see below, the box has the exact same design for men as for women, although the colouring is blue instead.

The mens box is just as classy as the women's, with the colour blue reoccurring through-out the box and a lovely little 'For him' envelope including perfume details and the voucher itself. I do think this is such a great gift for men and women alike. If you're not sure what to buy someone for Christmas, you know that everyone likes scents! Then if you don't know exactly which perfume would be their favourite, you're giving them 7 to choose from, and a bunch of minis to use through-out the year too! :)


Just like the women's box, you get plenty of information about each perfume inside the box so I'll just let you know which samples have been included in the men's Vivabox this year - Hugo Boss 'Boss Bottled', Paco Rabanne '1 Million', Paco Rabanne 'Invictus', Montblanc 'Montblanc Legend', Carolina Herrera '212 VIP Men', Paco Rabanne 'Black XS' and Issey Miyake 'L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme' :)

Thank you so much again for the early Christmas gift Vivabox and The Perfume Shop, you've made us very happy bunnies! :) How cute do the two boxes look together?!

If you purchase a Vivabox in the next 3 days (before 30th November) they are £37.99, saving you a few pounds and making them the exact same price as last year!

Thank you for reading :)
Would you buy this for a family member or a friend?
Which is your favourite perfume choice?
Love Dani :)


  1. Always thought this was a really good idea. Just hate that The perfume shop shut down in my local town centre after a few months of being open. I recently ordered some aftershave from them online, the free delivery makes up for it not being in town. ;) x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. I have seen these pop up a few times throughout the blogging community and I think they are absolutely fabulous! I love the whole concept of trying out a range of perfumes before committing to the full sizes etc. Plus, I love mini samples to throw in my bag on the go :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. I really need to try this, it's such a cute box. I have far too many samples around though.

  4. I saw something like this online recently (although not this one) and was disappointed to see that I'd already tried several of the fragrances! I suppose that's good in a way because you have a travel size to take around with you, but this box really appeals to me since it's 7 new fragrances to try and eventually one to buy! Might end up on my Christmas list ;)
    Megan x

  5. I wish we have cool perfume boxes over here, the for her one looks amazing!

  6. Ohh this is such a lovely idea! ^ ^

  7. Those perfume boxes are too cute.. :) Have a great weekend

  8. I love these little boxes, quite a quirky present x

  9. Love the idea of it, but wouldn't get it myself just because I already have too many fragrance testers at home.

    Pink Frenzy

  10. I like this idea, as all of the perfume smells different on our body than in the bottle. Great way to try out new scents. x

  11. This box is better than the fragrance shops box, I much prefer the presentation of this x

  12. Love this idea!!! It reminds me of the Sephora Perfume Sampler that comes with the voucher to get one full size perfume but this is a lot more affordable!


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