Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Gift ideas for a girly girl: Sass & Belle!

For a floral and shabby chic lover like myself, Sass and Belle is the perfect store. They sell everything from biscuit cushions to unicorn ring holders, and they're all at reasonable prices so they are the perfect place to look for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers! You can find them online at Sass and Belle, or you can find them in their little shop in London! I was lucky enough to get asked to review a few bits from their shop, and I will definitely be adding their pieces into my future wishlists as there is so many lovely bits I'm lusting over! :)

I wasn't actually sure what would be sent over to me, so you can really tell that the lovely people over at Sass and Belle took their time to look over my blog and see what I was into as they've managed to find goodies exactly to my taste! I love a good inspirational quote (I'm constantly pinning them over on Pinterest), and I'm currently turning my sisters old bedroom into a studio which will be full of inspirational quotes on the wall, including this cute little sign! :)

 Another inspirational quote in the same style as the plaque, but this was in the form of a little trinket box. I was thinking about using it to store all the buttons I seem to have collected over my years at uni, but at the moment it's being used to store my favourite rings! It makes the perfect little addition to my desk and it makes me smile when I see it :)

Lastly but definitely not least, is this cute little floral notebook! As a blogger, you are always jotting down blog post ideas, things to buy yourself and the dates of meet ups so this is just perfect! I love the pink colour scheme and the floral print, and at such a cheap price it's the perfect gift for any girl! I've already added it to my handbag so I'm excited to start using it :)

Thank you so much for all my lovely goodies Sass & Belle! I will probably be doing a wishlist post just of items from their shop as there really is so many that I'd like - especially all their Christmas decorations on the site right now!

Thank you for reading :)
Which is your favourite item in this post?
Would you buy your friends Christmas pressies from Sass & Belle?
Love Dani :)


  1. I've loved Saa & Belle for years now - my rooms back in uni years were full of their stuff :D

    Style Sunrise ☀ // Giveaway!


  2. Awww these lil gifts are really cute!

    Emily x // EmGrace

  3. That tin is stunning! I love it <3 xxxx

  4. They are so lovely :)


  5. I have never heard of sass and belle before but these are so cute, I need to go check their website out now! xx

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  7. These look cute! Specially the notebook :)

    Pink Frenzy

  8. Absolutely love these, especially the tin x

  9. The notebook is beautiful! Definitely gonna check them out :)

    Jess xo

  10. So cute. I really like the box, I could use that for so many things!

  11. Only just discovered your blog! In love!

    Char xx

  12. i love the plaque! definitely a stocking filler if its not too big to fit XD

  13. What a set of gorgeous gifts - I love the notebook!

  14. This is so cute, loved it. Especially the floral notebook {:



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